Burger King Headquarters

Burger King Headquarters.

List of corporate contacts and facilities.

Burger King is a multinational fast food chain headquartered Florida, where it was founded back in 1953 under the name Insta-Burger King.

Initially, the company did not achieve much success, but this changed after undergoing renaming and re-structuring during the 1950s and 1960s, when the company expanded internationally, first in Canada and then in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, and Latin America.

Burger King went public in 2002, and during the following years much effort was put into re-branding and redesigning the menu.

Nowadays, Burger King owns over 40 subsidiaries and has more than 15,000 restaurants around the world, which serve 11 million customers a day.

Burger King Corporate Office Contacts.

Burger King’s global headquarters can be reached by phone and postal mail.

Find their contact details below.

Burger King Corporation Headquarters Phone Number.

Burger King Headquarters Switchboard Hours.
Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Eastern Time Zone)

Burger King Email Address.
Contact the Burger King customer service by emailing to [email protected]

Burger King Corporation Headquarters Address:

Burger King Headquarters
5505 Blue Lagoon Drive.
Miami, FL, 33126

Burger King Executive Team.

This is the full list of Burger King’s corporate leaders.

  • Daniel S. Schwartz, Chief Executive Officer
  • Joshua Kobza, Chief Financial Officer
  • Azel Schwan, Global Chief Marketing Officer
  • Heitor Goncalves, Chief Information, Performance & People Officer
  • Alexandre Macedo, President of Burger King North America
  • Jose E Cil, President of Burger King Europe
  • Jose Dias, President of Burger King Latin America & Global Development VP
  • Elias Diaz Sese, President of Burger King Asia Pacific
  • Rodrigo Musiello, Global Operations
  • Jill Granat, Secretary & General Counsel
  • Jacqueline Friesner, Chief Accounting Office & Controller

Burger King Board of Directors:

  • Alexandre Behring, Executiev Chairman
  • Marc Caira
  • Martin E. Franklin
  • Paul J. Fribourg
  • Ali Hedayat
  • Neil Golden
  • Thomas V. Milroy
  • Roberto Moses Thompson Motta
  • Daniel S. Schwartz
  • Carlos Alberto Sicupira
  • Cecilia Sicupira
  • Alexandre Van Damme

Burger King Careers and Jobs.

Burger King has created a webpage where you can browse existing opportunities at the company. Job listings are classified into campus vacancies for students and graduates, in-restaurant jobs, and professional roles.

Once you have found a suitable vacancy, you can apply to jobs online via this page.

How to complain to Burger King.

Burger King’s Customer Service Department can be reached by phone on +1-866-394-2493. Customer Service agents are ready to receive calls and handle complaints daily from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. (CST).

Burger King also operate a Feedback Page, where you can provide feedback or complaints about products, services, the mobile app, and more. Click on ‘Leave us a message’ to get to the feedback form. Product and service feedback is anonymous, whereas enquiries about the BK Crown Card or BK Mobile App requires you to leave you name and email address.

The company also has an official support page on Twitter (Twee at the handle @BurgerKingCares), where you can contact customer care agents 24/7.

Other Burger King Resources.

A comprehensive list of additional contact details and resources can be found below:

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  1. Store 12211 Hannibal MO
    Entered store no customers in line, gentlemen at register on personal cell phone, did not acknowledge my husband nor myself. Bathroom smells of raw sewage, visibly dirty, no soap. Store ventilation needs checked, so Smokey my husband could not eat his order inside. Overall the whole store needs a deep clean from the light fixtures to the floors! Positive note – husband was satisfied with his impossible whopper and fries. I have pictures of the bathroom upon request. 217-572-xxxx

  2. went to the Burger King in Yelm WA a bit ago with the wife and two kids and ordered 2 double whooper meals added bacon to both large size and the kids got a triple whopper meal and spicey chicken delux and when we got out order we pulled to the front to eat as we do EVERY Wednesday and Saturday and all 3 burger meals the burgers were cold and buns as if they just came out of fridge. Went to talk to the manager about this issue and she said there was nothing she could do other than apologize. I asked if we could get some hot food since I just paid $57 and was said no I am unable to do that and than she (manager) said, I already apologized for the mistake. I walked away and will never go back.

  3. I had just started it working for Burger King in Riverdale and I was suppose to been getting a deposit from you guys today I’m just writing to find out what’s going on with my money

  4. The Burger King on eatonton highway in Madison Georgia is hot! When I walked in and took my breath and the employees were sweating unacceptable

  5. I live in winchester tn 37398 and went to the burger King here on 5/1/2022 @ approximately 830pm. Not only did I sit in line at the drive through for 15min my order was wrong! I ordered a spicy whopper melt. And when I got my order and opened it. Well, I got a mini whopper with a bunch
    , no sour dough bread like the picture, it did have onions but they where cold! I have a picture of what I got and the receipt of what I ordered. I can promise you this. I will never be back to burger King! I did not go back due to being frustrated and the line was backed up!

  6. False advertising. The ad for Burger King your way for $ 5.00 is not valid. Went Burger King in Stoughton MA, and it was $6.00.

    Please explain why everyone isn’t on the same page.


    Wyvette Tabb
    vtxxxx @gmail.com

  7. Burger King store number 9412. I go to the place only because it’s close to home. I have a autism son that eats certain ways. This place charged 40 cents for ketchup but offer FREE packs of ketchup. I complain about the situation because I’m a regular customer. This store has garbage FILLED by food and the manager was sweeping trash with me waiting 4-5 minutes before helping me. A rude employee that ask why I eat there if it’s nasty. FIRST, my son autism and it’s close to home. That has nothing to do with the cleanest. I ask for receipt and number and was denied til I made it known I’m entitled to a receipt. This store is so ghetto each time I go. I will NEVER return to spend my money here. Oh, I had it to pay for ketchup because I left my change. That’s not the problem here. Please contact me and I’m going further with this store. The worker attire wasn’t even appropriate. I will contact news to look at this store.

  8. The Burger King Headquarters on 38th and Pecos in Denver Colorado is constantly closing early. The last time I was there the manager stumbles out drunk and proceeded to tell me how wasted he was. I am in a situation where my time is not always at my leisure. This Burger King is constantly closing the Robbie early and they refused to serve customers who are not mobile. Right now it is 2:30 in the afternoon and this Burger King closed its Lobby oh, yesterday the lobby was closed at 6. I am very frustrated with the situation specially the fact that the customer service is just plain rude. I would really like someone to look into how this location its operating.

  9. Went to Burger King in Jonesboro GA 04/20/2022. It was a little after 9:30p.m when we pulled in the drive thru. Ordered our food. When we go to the window, the cashier recited our order and handed me our order. I checked the bag and quickly let the cashier know it was incorrect. I handed the bag of food back to the cashier. She returned with a small bag and not the rest of the order. I asked for the rest of our food. The cashier returned with the bag of food. When I checked the bag our order was still incorrect. When I notified the cashier, she snatched the bag from me, slammed the window close and began to argue with several employees. The manager came to the window with a attitude and stated that she place our order in the bad. I notified the manger it was incorrect and provided my receipt. The manager snatched my receipt then slammed the window. The manager then proceeded to argue with the employees and then came back with our order, so we thought. We pulled out of the drive as we had sat at the window waiting for our order for 10 mins and there was long line behind us. When I checked my Whopper w/ Cheese sandwich, it was not a whopper patty. It was 4 cheese burger patties, a handful of pickles on a whopper bun. Took a picture and threw the mess away. Returned the next day to discuss issue with manager that rude the day prior and did not apologize for our troubles and wrong food. The manager asked if I brought the food back and my receipt. I explained that the food was trashed and that you (manager) kept my receipt. She stated I know but you need your receipt and the food brought back. I showed her the pic of the incorrect sandwich. This manager stated she was aware that the sandwich had 4 patties and told me that I needed to bring the food back with my receipt. Did not apologize or show empathy. Is this the type of management Burger King employ’s?


  11. I ordered two whopper meals from the burger King on south main St Mansfield Ohio after my meal never arrived. And I used the app also so I used my credit card. The app said my meals were paid for and non refundable. So I called them on south main street and a lady named Julie said they were closing early and laughed at me. I’m offended, feel robbed,and I’m still hungry

  12. When I order my food everything was in a fast pace they got my order wrong and they just threw the fries inside the bag fries were all over the bag I felt like if they were just throwing food at an animal service is horrible

  13. Burger King in New Roads Louisiana you cannot get nothing to eat from this location after 7:30 their system is always down and this is not the first time this is happened just so disgusted with people they sit in the lobby and have a party

  14. Just came from b.king in grand forks n.d.
    On 32 nd ave south..
    My goodness your employee very rude…making childish faces, throwing her hands up in air..
    So I ask for manager and she acted like no big deal..
    Do I have to expect this treatment from your employees??and your managers?
    Good gosh…what type of people do you employee..
    And…no excuses of them being busy..
    Seriously..we were only car in drive thru and no 1 at all inside..no cars….
    So ???
    If I spend my $$$ here on a regular basis…I expect to deal with adults and normal behavior….

  15. On April 14, 2022
    Me & another coworker decided to go to this burger at 1750 E. Nine Mile Road in Pensacola, Florida. They only had 4 workers during the breakfast meal. As we received our breakfast I notice that one employee handle all the customers food with her bate hands. She wasn’t wearing any gloves while fixing breakfast items. The manager saw this employee with any gloves on and she didn’t say anything to this employee at all. The only time the manager made her put on gloves is because we said something. The employee that wasn’t wearing the gloves got a attitude, because she had to wear gloves. And she had to remake our meals. This isn’t the first time that I brought this to the managers attention. The first time I saw this same particular employee without any gloves on I was stunned. And covid19 was in a high rage during that period of time.

  16. Why do you have a store opening when you go in to order your food and no one will waiton you and the employees or hide out in the back room putting their hands on the food .But to lazy to waiton their customers at the drive tru and inside. SO WHY HAVE THE STORE OPEN IF No One wants to work.

  17. Yes your store in Shenandoah Va has worker in there but dont want to waiton the customer at the drive tru or inside But your employees or inside in the back room hiding playing with the food. IF YOU DONT HAVE enough employees to work be the work then the store should be close you’re paying them for doing nothing.

  18. To whom it may concern,

     A page of Burger King coupons came in the mail with an expiration date marked 5/30/2022. I went to the Burger King on Lantana and Jog Rd. I went to the drive thru and told the employee that I had a coupon for the family bundle for $12.99. His answer to me was “no working” “no working” I asked him what he meant by “no working”  and of course it came back with the same answer. So I guess that store doesn’t honor coupons, or the employees are inexperienced and are not qualified to be placed on a drive thru.

    Maybe someone in charge can answer that question for me. Is it your normal practice to send out coupons and not to honor them? I will look forward to an answer. “NO WORKING” ?????

    Thank you

    Lou Bianchi

  19. Re: BK, 8525 Evergreen Way, Everett, WA 98208.
    I was in the drive-thru 4/13/2022 thirty minutes before I could advance to the order kiosk. The order taker asked for me to wait. That’s what I did for almost another 10 minutes & when he didn’t come back, I drove off. This store is the very worst I’ve visited as service is VERY SLOW .. and is not getting better. I’ve experienced this several times but keep trying to patronize it as it’s closest to my home. If the service (and very inexperienced employees can’t serve customers better), it needs to be closed. An order taker I’ve encountered in the previous two weeks cannot seem to hear or understand our orders. Such a sad outcome for usually the best taking burgers. Please take action to improve this situation. Thank you.

  20. Re: BK, 8525 Evergreen Way, Everett, WA 98208.
    I was in the drive-thru 4/13/2022 thirty minutes before I could advance to the order kiosk. The order taker asked for me to wait. That’s what I did for almost another 10 minutes & when he didn’t come back, I drove off. This store is the very worst I’ve visited as service is VERY SLOW .. and is not getting better. I’ve experienced this several times but keep trying to patronize it as it’s closest to my home. If the service (and very inexperienced employees can’t serve customers better), it needs to be closed. An order taker I’ve encountered in the previous two weeks cannot seem to hear or understand our orders. Such a sad outcome for usually the best taking burgers. Please take action to improve this situation. Thank you.

  21. 99th Ave and van Buren location should be avoided at all costs. The general manager is horrible and they always mess up the order. Then they throw you out for trying to get it fixed. Stay away

  22. On 4-6-22 I went in the Burger King at 18156 S Torrence Ave in Lansing, IL 60438.I have never been in such a nasty place it smelled of burnt grease and the windows looked like they have never been washed you could see the grease on them and this small seat by the counter had soda sticky marks on it that needed to be cleaned badly. I wasn’t in there long because my clothes started to smell needless to say when I got home I had to wash everything and drive home with the windows open so I could air out. I think I seen a sign that said it was a franchise, well they have definitely given BK a bad name, and the staff was un-attentive. That place needs to shut down for a deep cleaning and airing out. And the meal i ordered was cold .

  23. Well first off; your company should be called Burger Squat. WHY do u have to give name? after ordering. Why do they ask ur name when paying. WHY do they NOT ask for ur name when food is given to you. Twice now this happened. THEN food and order not right after u recieved it. Guess McDonalds is food of my choice from now on. I call or recieve # to get a free burger. THATS NOT AN APOLOGY because they messed up ur order. One time also They gave MY FOOD ORDER to the car in front of me. Thats why they shoud say ur name; they just hand u a bag. Plus I called BURGER KING please leave ur name and number NO ONE CALLED ME its been MONTHS.

  24. Burger King at 3015 South Westnedge Avenue. Messed up on our food. We ordered the 10.99 whopper meal for 2. We wanted 1 diet coke and 1 unsweetened tea. The 2 whoppers with everything on it. And the 2 large fries. The fries were stale and cold. The whoppers had cheese ketchup and mayo. Nothing else. The drinks were both diet coke. I understand that they was short on staff but this was not ok.

  25. I received a coupon leaflet in the mail to get meals at a discount. I have a vegetarian diet and the Impossible burger is not a option or substitute on the list of meals listed. Even the 2 meals for $10.00 has been removed ,the Impossible burger as a substitute is no longer an option. Why is this discrimination taking place when there is a need for alternative eating for people who can’t eat animal products?

  26. I filed a complaint on the 18th or 19th of March due to food poisoning from North University Burger King Lafayette Louisiana and only person I got in contact with was Hakeem Jackson store manager for location in breaux bridge Louisiana and University and others I am looking for emails but I still haven’t got any so can someone please give me a call back due to family dying from food poison at the restaurant here. Someone can contact me at 337-573-xxxx or 337-501-xxxx as soon as possible which I already had done filled out of complaint and talk to a live chat person but I need to talk to a human being thanks.

  27. I was just at your store at 3299 Benchwood rd. Dayton , ohio 45414 . I ordered a whooper meal and another whooper and when i got home all i recieved was the meal and had to drive right back to the store to get my other one. At $4.00 a gallon for gas and the inflated prices of food , there is absolutely no excuse for this. When i pulled of the BITCH at the window actually slammed the window shut. If she’d of done her job right in the first place i wouldn’t of had to come back. ( and no i did not say one word to her , just took my sandwich and pulled off ) This is the second time i’ve had a problem at one of your stores.

  28. Upset with missing items from order then when called store employee who answered phone was rude said she will hang up on me then she gave me to a manager there names were kayla and sandy I am very mad

  29. My girlfriend & I went to a Burger King on Division st.here in Portland , Oregon,today.
    It was around 1:30 p.pm., the food was good, bacon king burger.
    The fries weren’t very hot or fresh, each table was dirty, the floor was dirty & the windows sure need cleaning.
    Disappointed for nearly 20.00.

  30. Went for breakfast this morning at your Huntsville, Texas, location. Your manager was awful. The ice machine and soda machine was not working. On one occasion, there was no coffee, she asked if I would like a soda or juice. I elected juice and was charged for it.The coupon said coffee was included.

  31. The Burger king in Rio Grande New Jersey is one of the worst ever. Food is cold, uncooked. Breakfast may or may not be served depending on staffing. Complaining does not good

  32. I’ve been working almost a year my boss and i dont hit very well .I don’t think I’ve been treated fairly she has kuds who work there to not treated like me she told me to do more than one thing to get them done at the same time when i didnt stop to do something ESLE before i finish the first she told me to leave Brookheaven pa.

  33. I like to make a complaint about the young black female forget Burger King and Ocean View Norfolk Virginia disrespectful and rude while I was trying to purchase some to eat for breakfast I asked you oh I wasn’t inside open when it it was open time for the restaurant and she got smart about it and said it would be if I had somebody here so I can open it they’re not trying to get practically snotty attitude said breakfast time was over and it wasn’t. This Burger King was on South Ocean View Avenue right across from the waterfront next to Kentucky fried chicken and Norfolk Virginia 23503 area code.

  34. Shame on you Burger King . I still remember the first time I went to Burger King . I was somewhere around 10 . When I was a teenager I worked at B. K . in downtown Charleston S.C. I LOVED IT ! I worked as much as I could . So many great memories . I even sang the B. K. song on the intercom . I loved seeing the regulars come in every day . We were trained well for all positions . I ended up as at the front counter . It saddens me to see all the B. K. Shutting down . You could see it coming though . The employees were rude . Waiting on customers was the last thing on their mind . So many times they closed early ( just because ) . You would be ignored while trying to enter the establishment before closing time ( they would be sitting on the counter . Another problem would be they ran out of burger meat . Really ? This is B.K. , a BURGER JOINT . How do you run out of burger patties at a burger place ? I understand that with the problems going on right now the prices had to go up a little but $6.00 for a Whopper, no cheese , you would think they would have put a reasonable amount of condiments on your burger . My husband drove around 10 miles to find a Burger King that has not been shut down ( yet ) . When I worked at Burger King you would put 2 slices of tomatoes , 4 pickles , enough lettuce that you could actually see it , onions , smooth amount of mayonnaise on the top bun and a small amount of ketchup on the patty . Today my Whopper ( no cheese ) had the patty , 3 pickles , 1 SMALL piece of tomatoe , and I do mean SMALL , lettuce , what lettuce , it had 3 little pieces about the size of a quarter , then to top off with a PILE of mayonnaise on one side of the top bun . I’m not sure if there was ketchup , I didn’t see any . All that for $6.00 . Are hamburger patties that expensive ? I have spoken to others who have had issues . What a shame . It’s sad to think of Burger King not being around much longer .

  35. I went to BK #11282, 2713 Ocean Gateway, Cambridge, Maryland 21613. You advertise on TV the 2 for $6 deal and every time we go to that location they always say they don’t have that deal so we are charged full price. The burgers are usually cold. I want to know why they never have the deals that you advertise on TV.

  36. Why doesn’t y’all come out with a gluten-free bun. There’s a lot of potential people out there that would love a whopper gluten-free bun . You would be the first one .

  37. The having the customer wait before they pull up to the window is not how do I say this it doesn’t work. If a customer is sitting 5 to 10 minutes to wait before they pull up to the window it does not show progress so therefore I am sending this complaint because I’ve sat behind a car that waited five minutes before they pull to the window to pay and get their food and now I’m sitting another 10 minutes which will be 15 minutes and it’s not working that the workers need to move faster and get the people their food and whatever they order sooner

  38. Hi I come in Burger King every day well on this night 02-05-2022 the manager woman on duty was VERY VERY RUDE AND there was a group of kids that always come over from skyline next door too eat and she told them “he’ll nah I ain’t taking none of yalls orders that and yall can leave” I witnessed this and as parnet I was very very upset. Something different needs too be done too this lady. Very very !

  39. I have going to burgerking for a long time the burgerking in sayre pa and the burgerking in North towanda pai have never seen such bad service and food quality has gone to the dogs hamburgers are thinner weak for pickles and some onion a ton of pickles and no onion sandwhich is warm at the most o ion rings are everything but cold and the cooking area is not clean by no means and the prices are out rages sandwhichs are of poor quality dont like to complain but enough is enough

  40. Burger King at Transit and Broadway in Depew New York her a very unprofessional team if you’re going to terminate someone you terminate someone on the spot not make them sit in the dining room for two hours and then fire him then you hire teenagers as managers guess you would hire everybody and anybody . This person wanted to quit prior to them talking her into staying promising her the world which was a promotion and a raise which is never followed through with it once again she looks for another job and they try to get her to stay now at this point they are upset that she is leaving cut her hours not to mention she does not drive had to go in 2 hours early sit there until her shift started and then decided to terminate her while they knew she was sitting there to start her shift that was a scumbag move very unprofessional in the manager medicine and the GM McKenzie need to find another career because they ain’t built to be in their position

  41. They charged me 18$ and I didnt get what i played for. Its pathetic and we waited 30 minutes ….what a waste of my money an time. I’ll go somewhere else

  42. On July 10, 2021, we were only trying to get 2 coffees, in Louisburg, KS but we had our camper & couldn’t go through the drive-thru safely. It was lunchtime, but all the doors were locked and the lights were off. The 72 year old man with me was told to order at the drive-thru. After interacting with a line of cars trying to pick up their lunch orders. He got scared and came back to our vehicle. I went into the adjoining gas station and knocked on the door. A young man unlocked the door and told me to go to the drive-up window. I explained about the camper and why his suggestion was dangerous. When he walked away, I thought he was going to get the coffee. Instead an adult woman came to unlock the door and she stated that she was not supposed to unlock the doors. I again repeated our situation & she walked away. I waited, thinking she would return with coffee, instead the boy came back and said the coffee machine was broken. I decided to just get coffee from the gas station. As I was leaving, I learned the same thing happened the day before, except it was the coke machine that was broken! I believe this shows a lack of honesty & integrity to treat customers this way and that it’s very dangerous to expect people to put themselves in competition with vehicles at a “DRIVE-UP WINDOW”. I also wonder what the ADA would have to say about this policy under Title III which sets standards for accessibility to provide Accommodations for people with disabilities!

  43. My name is Colette Ruffin. I went to Burger King on a Tuesday got a Whopper Meal. I told them what I wanted on it when I got home it was the total opposite of what I ordered. So I called back talked to to manager she explained that she had trainers and was deeply apologetic. I decided to go back tonight to get my food that was owed to me. The manager that I spoke to was not there but she told me to tell them that she put my name in the book. Well low and behold the guy at the window taking the order was very rude and seemed to be a little Obnoxious. He said I don’t know what you are talking about and we don’t have no book with your name in it you will have to wait until the manager that told you that to come in. Needless to say I left without my food and still don’t know the managers name or the guy at the window. Very disappointed I have never had such bad service with Burger King ever.

  44. Cha king Huge disappointment! I took a picture the chicken was so hard and so dried up we didn’t bother tasting. Broke a piece off just to see hard as a rock. Called the restaurant they offered no apologies. Did take my name and said I could have another sandwich but who really wants another bad sandwich? Person who answered the phone also said he was the one that cooked the sandwich. Really..

  45. I live in Lawrenceburg ,Tennessee and i have a big problem with the Burger King in my township. I had placed an order for 2 breaded chicken sandwiches and had to eait 25 minutes and when i finally got them and got home we found they where half raw and frozen. Now i dont know about anyone else but that is dangerous to a person’s health. I will never go to that place again and have told everyone at church about it. (Something needs to be done about this.)

  46. Horrible experience today. Well not at first. The ladies in the drive thru are always soo nice. But today i had These things missing from my order so i call And try to go back before 1(when this store closes for the day) understandable! But when i called The woman who answered the phone and wouldn’t give a name… said she didn’t know what i wanted Her to do about my order being wrong. Huh? I’d like to come back and get my double whopper that i paid for…
    She then tells me I’ll need my receipt ( which they didn’t give me bc “their printer is broken” so all i had Is this paper…
    i also Asked to speak to who answered the phone bc I’d like to put a face with the rude person but she refused to come around and the workers said she was RIGHT there. That is not customer service. I come Here often even tho it’s understaffed the food is cold half the time but it’s usually a nice experience at least. Not this time. That lady left a bad taste in my mouth… ohhh and i can Not do a survey bc it says “my receipt”is no longer valid?!!! Where is my receipt? Did someone void my order and pocket my money?!?!?!
    I also Work in the food industry and manage a pretty big restaurant. We all need workers but not one with bad attitudes.

  47. This is a complement the team at the warrington location was be very patient we three complaints a head of me and greeted me kindly and my food was fresh l would have bought two of them the team needs to be appreciated some how maybe gift cards or something like that I think thanks

  48. The local B K has had a help wanted on main sign I have been trying to get a job for a week now I went in to apply they said go on line I did
    Name William Burger
    Email w.buxxxxx @att.net

    I called and even went in to see manager she said she will get back to me she was too buzzy to hire me.

    That just don’t add up. the people wait for up to 15 mints to get a Burger and I have Noticed a dramatic loss of people going through the Restraint. With the Door locked to stop your Clients from going in to sit and enjoy their meal!

    It is as if they are trying to destroy the Business in todays world.

    Please what does a man need to do to get a job.

    I am W M S and over 66 and I feel I am being discriminated against.

    Please reply

    William Burger

    Name William Burger
    Email w.burxxxx @att.net
    PIN xxxxxxxx

    xxx meadow Dr. Monticello Fl. 32344

  49. The Burger King on hatch in modesto California is very unprofessional they take their time to get orders out due to the fact we can not enter the store we sit in the drive thru for over 30 minutes I use to work at a Burger King do I know how it works they need better people thank you for youartention to this matter

  50. The burger King in Rayne LA
    I have never been treated so unprofessional in my life!
    The girl at the window was very rude , even lifted her mask to voice her rude attitude !
    We actually drove off without our order cause we were such in shock ,
    Feel free to call to get the whole story, too much to type .
    Needs immediate attention seriously

  51. I purchased a bacon cheeseburger for my lunch on 1/19/20. I only have 1/2 hour for my lunch break so I had no time to lodge any complaint. BUT the product was barely warm and the taste was awful. You should be ashamed to be serving such garbage to your customers.

  52. Due to the treatment of the policemen who were refused service the week of June 24, I will no longer eat at your establishment. EVER.

    1. I live in Lehigh acres Florida I have a suggestion I think it would be nice if you offered a burger in the morning I think you can do well maybe the long fish and burger at the one on colonial just open thanks

  53. Greetings Reader:
    I’m taking my quality time to convey my message about the awful experience I had at the Burger King
    on 288 West Airline Highway in LaPlace, LA. 70068. Store # 8081.
    I visit this restaurant frequently! Additionally my clients & I dine in often, because of the space available
    to sit & discuss our business affairs. On Tuesday March 20th 2018, 5:36pm, I walked in to order a bag of ice.
    The ice at Burger King taste good, doesn’t freeze up and get stuck plus the quantity given is appropriate.
    My office personnel also purchase the ice for themselves, & we get it mainly for our meetings occasionally.

    I asked the male service person for a bag. He seemed unsure about the sale of ice, so he asked the Manager.
    Immediately she said NO! I then inquired about the availability of it and she stated Burger King does not
    sell ice. Note: I’ve asked for ice before but it does not seem to be a well-known item to sell, so at times I have to relay that “I’ve brought ice at this location.” The female manager belligerently said, No we don’t sell ice.
    I said Miss, y’all do sell ice because I’ve purchased it here, time & time again. Her attitude got more ferocious
    and loud aggressively saying we do not sell ice. Then I began to describe the bags height using the counter as a example. She uncompromisingly over talked me as she got louder stating her case! I backed down because
    I was embarrassed because of the people staring, inside the restaurant. Then my heart & spirit decided to tell her that I was sorry for upsetting her and asking the question concerning the ice. She then brutally said to me, “Well I Answered You-Didn’t I.” Mann-Oh-Mann was I humiliated, shamed, and mortified by this person
    belittling me like I was a dog or inhumane!!!! ☹ 1 of the Burger King female workers that was on a break got
    up and came to me stating “Sir, I’m sorry-That Was Uncalled For, from our manager.”
    I glanced @ the cantankerous manager’s nametag but she had it, TURNED AROUND. I then asked and got her name -→ Shantrell. I’m taking valued time to relay this because of my occurrence. Never in my 59 years have I ever, ever, experienced such disrespect. I’ve informed my clients, customers, etc. so that they may shield themselves from this volcano explosion possibility.

    I’m asking for this situation to be addressed. I regret NOT RECORDING the occurrence for multi-media proof.
    Then it could have been shared & the warning could go forth beforehand.


    March 20th 2018 7:11pm Central (Minutes After Dreadfulness)
    LaPlace, LA.

  54. Hi good day I am Dane Brown A participant from last year’s J-1 programme, I am writing this email with grief in my heart. I have worked with burger king last year, the experience wasn’t so bad but I am totally totally perturbed by the issue that I am now experiencing with my W-2 Form. I have worked in Myrtle Beach at the 1215 Branch South Kings Highway, 29577 , the name of the General Manager at the time was Fran and Anthony, I have requested this W-2 Form from January and now is March, that money that i was suppose to get after filing my W-2 Form is to actually pay someone back in Jamaica by the end of the month. Now my life is at risk because of the District manager which is Jason, I gave him my information last year to upload to the system unfortunately this is not the case as confirmed by the general manager which is Fran.please to assist me as soon as possible i will provide the necessary information so i can get it by Friday. Thanks its long over due and the General manager has been given me a run around from last month. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

  55. I was at burgerking12525, off 88th avenue, we live less than 5 minutes down the road, but when we got home the burger and fries were cold. I phone at about 6;00 pm and complain over the phone, the lady I spoke with was ver pleasant and she told me to bring in my debit receipt and she would give me a gift card or a coupon for a free mea. but when I went in this morning a lady named Simi was quite rude and impatient with me.

  56. I was at burger king on sunday 1-21 18 I brought the special deal 2whoppers for 6 dollars fries and a medium coke one sandwich was for myself and one for my son …during the early morning I was waken with sever stomach pain …FF I HAD FOOD POSION ALSO MY SON HAD THE SAME SYMPTOMS….I been calling the corp office and have yet to get a person to talk to I could have died it sure felt like it. this was in Memphis,tenn

  57. I know there is no smoking in the buildings but does the employees have to smoke in front of the building? I stopped in before work on 01-18-2018 store# 16257 at 3715 victory dr. Columbus ga. Before entering the store at 10:41 pm, I noticed three black males (all employees) standing at the entrance smoking cigarettes. I am not a smoker and I feel I shouldn’t have to walk through a cloud of smoke to enter a building. As I got to the counter, assistant manager “Jessica” approached me and just looked at me without welcoming me here or asking my I help you. I thought that was rude coming from management. I went to the drink area to fill my cup after placing my order and noticed the drink station was not in acceptable condition also the floor was extremely dirty and sticky. I found this odd. I frequent this store at least four times a month and it is always in a somewhat fair condition. At this time, I am uncertain if I will continue to spend my money at this location but if I do, I will be sure to take pics and post on social media.

  58. I have a very unusual request – and I have looked and looked for the proper place to ask, but I’m still unsure..
    I have just purchased a hot air fryer at the age of 79, and am looking for a place to buy onion rings that are made from chopped or diced onions., I am tired of taking one bite and pulling the whole slice out. Every time I go to Burger King, I always get an order of your onion rings. (love them)..
    –My question is – I would like to order a package of them from one of your establishments now and throughout the year..
    Is this a possibility?? If so, what would I need to do to get a bag from our local Burger King,(in Sequim, Washington 98382) I’m sure I would be laughed at if I just walked in and asked. Thank your for any help.

  59. It’s sad but it’s true 3 different times I visited this store an the GM was very unprofessional an rude all because I wanted my food freshly cooked she even went as far as to curse at me in front of other guests told me to get out her store I’m new here n NC crew were very nice though she really set a bad example to be in mgnt I could of been a secret shopper,corporate she would have really failed her store visit people like her are the reason why businesses lose customers something needs to be done bout her

  60. I am not sure if this site is for complaining only. I would like to commend the BK restaurant at 586 Spears Creek Church Rd, Elgin, SC 29045. I have one BK near my home and one by my sons middle school. We drive 15 more minutes to 586 Spears Creek Church Rd, Elgin, SC 29045, because their customer service is outstanding. The employees at the drive through are 99% courteous, friendly, and very patient. Their drive through lines 99% move fast. Other BK’s should follow, and stop charging for a cup of water. I think this is outrages. I think this BK should be commended. My family, family members, friends and I eat at BK more than three times a week. I have two young boys, they always tell me that the nuggets, chicken fingers and fries are always delicious, and fresh. If this is the wrong office can you please forward this to the correct office, so BK at 586 Spears Creek Church Rd, Elgin, SC 29045 know they are appreciated for their outstanding food and customer service.

  61. I have decided to eat a fish sandwich meal today for lunch and to support burger king so McDonalds will not run Burger King out of business…however, BurgerKing on South West Street in Wichita Kansas is going to run themselves out of business with the preparation of their food. I have never placed a complaint before but someone needs to train the cooks there. … Apparently with the grease soaked fries and the fish sandwich that tasted like nothing except old oil, was put into the fryer before the temp was up to where it needed to be in order to absorb that much oil… Seriously over $7 for something that was inedible and I had to throw in the trash …. today 12-4-2017 at 11:30 AM… besides waiting for quite some time for the food, would not have been so bad if I was able to eat it…. When I got back to work, late, I looked for the receipt and no receipt …probally because they dont want a complaint made about them? no wonder there was nobody in line except for me.
    Hard lesson learned and unfortunately if this continues, this store will be out of business…

  62. I would like to be contacted about 4 separate issues I have with Burger King. You advertise about them,but I have had wrong orders paying for things I didn’t get and rude service. Please contact me.

  63. I went to burger king #1004. Had to go to the ladies room well the ladies room door was swollen and couldn’t close the door it was a one person bathroom I had to ask someone to stand outside so no one would walk in. I said something to the manager and her and another employee just looked like I had 3 eyes. One customer told me it’s been like that for weeks. That is discussing that you sit on the bowl and see people walk by. I was there at one o,clock in the afternoon and the food was cold and they took the gambit out of drawer. Not even fresh. Just wanted to let someone know because the manager said nothing to me but said something to the employee instead of to me with dirty looks. I never complained but not having a bathroom you could feel safe when you have to go. I will never go back to that burger king. Thank you

  64. I pulled up to drive thru and asked for chicken nuggets. Employee told me to come inside. I said excuse me and she said come inside. If I wanted to come inside I would have. I go in and order nuggets. After I get the nuggets I ask for ranch sauce. We are out of ranch. I took the nuggets home but did not want them without sauce. I understand small mistakes do happen but this is a management problem. On other occasions I enjoy a shake from same location. In more cases than not the machine is being cleaned. If upper management would look at past records it would be easy to turn this location around. The location is 70043.

  65. I went tonight to the burger king in simpsonville, sc and I order my food, i’m standing at the front counter watching the ones in the back prepare the food, and i see a guy that is back there with no gloves on,wiping his hands on his dirty looking uniform and handling everyone’s food. Not to mention that he had long bushy hair that was not put up on his head, no hair net, not even a cap to wear, and he is shaking/ slinging his hair around all while preparing the food for customers. It’s nasty and so disgusting. Also he was talking about things with his fellow coworkers that everyone could hear that would make you not want to eat period, as if you could get past the first disgusting part to start with. Not eating there anymore. Asked the manager for corporate number and she got to having an attitude. She definitely is not running that location like she should. I will take my hard earned money elsewhere.

  66. On 11/1/17 I went to burgerking on Southboardway and Nepperhan Ave in Yonkers. It was a mess as uasual, the food doesn’t taste right, a lot of times the soda machaine not working, i had to ask for ice to get something to drink from popeyes… they didnt have drinks or ice either,tables always dirty. the cashier uniforms are dirty, THEIR attitude is not customer service … and there’s always people walking around asking for money or food. There’s should be a surecuity guard at that location. I’ve have seen not so nice stuff go on there. Bad enough the parking sucks. The children are happy but the parents NOT! someone needs to come out and inspect this location, I don’t understand how it pass inspection. This is the only burgerking at this location please come fix it. THANK YOU

  67. My local burger king has left a sour taste in my mouth over visiting a burger king restaurant again literally !! My boyfriend and in received black burnt chicken sandwiches their a month ago..went back manager apologise gave us new food .OK one time can understand .but oh no this g
    Has not been only one time at thus place .gave another chance a few weeks ago ..went drive thru we ordered two whoppers and med fry well the idiot forgot the Fry’s I had drive back ..itbwas dark I was hungry grab one from the bag without looking and .bite down and feel my front tooth break ..get home dumb the frys on a plate ..they. Were hard has hell .wouldn’t want give them to a dog ..the person who served these needs to eat these himself is what I think he needs be fire for even serving them to. A paying customer I got no apology from the corporate owner office …total waste of time. something needs to be done so this didn’t happen to anyone else..

    1. I just left the Burger King just outside my subdivision and I will never go back. Pulled up to speaker to order started reciting my order employee said nobody ask you to order just a minute please. I said ok then minutes later they came back said are you ready to order now? I said I have been ready. Placed my order got to window to pay they handed me order I got money out started to check order they asked for it back. Then employee reordered it. Obviously order was incorrect) she placed order but I didn’t hear her say plain. I said better be just meat and bread. Employee cominced to tell me I was rude and didn’t talk to her like that. I asked for manager she said she was manager I said what I thought about that and asked for her boss. She told me I had attitude and gave money back.
      First off they started the attitude at speaker. I work as customer service manager and I would never speak to my customers in that manner unles they were cursing at me. I intend on investigating and finding who owns franchise and carry my complaint as far as I can.

  68. Stopped at Burger King today and had such a sad experience ( I actually felt sorry for the poor guy at the counter ). Made a point of calling Customer Service, only to have a conversation – no make that, TRIED to have a conversation with female in Miami who was CLUELESS. Ask for supervisor and was finally told ‘ they are all busy. Asked for a call back . Would like someone to respond. Thank you.

  69. I have a complaint about Burger King, again, which most likely go ignored, AGAIN. We live in a small town, with only one BK. My husband and I both must watch what we eat, but we love the grilled chicken. The last two times I have purchased the meals, including tonight, WERE HORRIABLE. Both times, I ordered grilled, got crispy. Ordered mustard on one, other as norm. Onion rings, not ff for both. On both occassions theborders were wrong. Our sandwiches (CRISPY NOT GRILLED BTW) were absent ofcany flavor, VERY LITTLE mustard ob kne, nothing on second, and smattering of kettuce The chicken was all but cold. I got french fries even though clearly on ticket my order looks right. Asked for ketchup, twice, was told in the bag, NOT. The first incident I called corporate to complain. Was to send ne coupons and have the local mgr call me. Neither happened. I was leary of giving another chance. BUT AGAIN was disappointed.

    1. Same here. My local Burger king sucks too.. Broke my tooth on fries ..got oh was u tooth already comprised oh usually its a foreign object complaint try twist it around like was my fault. I have been served burnt food before too in the chicken sandwiches. I got no apology letter or coupons either. Burger king has really gone done !!!McDonalds could really teach them some lessons ..

  70. I have a simple request. In order to compete with McDonalds Grand Mac I think Burger king should bring back the Whaler. Its the big fish sandwich Burger King made back in the 70s. It was as large as the Whopper. It was a lot better than the fish you have now. I loved it with cheese.

  71. To who it may concern,

    Yesterday,  (Sunday, June 25, 2017) my daughter (Stephanie Hebert) and granddaughter (Samantha) went to one of your restaurants for supper and play time.  (Hwy#24 Cambridge)  
    After purchasing their food, they went to the playroom. 
    When finished and leaving, my granddaughter accidently opened the metal playroom door over her foot. It dragged across her large toe  and ripped the nail from her toe.  
    Immediately my granddaughter was screaming and crying.   At no time was there any confusion about her being injured…she WAS! 
    My daughter ran to the counter to ask for bandages as my granddaughters toe was obviously hurt and bleeding. 
    My daughter also was  evidently upset. The person at the counter asked her to wait and told her they would be with her in a minute to which my daughter replied with NO, I need bandages NOW.   The counter person said they would first need to get their manager as the first aid kit is locked up!!?!?  
    I’m sure Health and Safety would have some concerns over that! 
    My daughter then told the person on grill to go get bandages now!!! 
    An employee returned to the counter with 1 (ONE) bandage and handed it to my daughter, without saying a word, turned around and walked away.‎
    This is disgusting!  
    A patron that was eating in the restaurant assisted my daughter by holding the door and helping her take my granddaughter to the car…
    I am besides myself with the lack of concern and care of your restaurant and employees.

    Why would this interior metal door that does not sit flush with the floor not have a rubber/vinyl door sweep under it?

    My granddaughter is missing her kindergarten graduation celebration this morning as she can’t walk on her foot and is in extreme pain.‎

    She will also have to miss her dance recital at The Dunfield Theatre on Friday this week. ‎ (costume $75.00 /tickets $85.00) ‎
    She will obviously not be dancing for a while (Meyerhofer Dance Academy) and that’s another financial loss as you pay in advance.

    Irregardless of the financial loss my daughter has incurred because of this, my granddaughter was injured on your property and NOT ONE employee was concerned!

    This is absolutely unacceptable and neglignent.

    Nancy Herbert

  72. The location in Hickory NC on Springs Road , I had the worst experience ever in the food industry! The “manager” not sure of first name, pretty sure last name is Wilfong has the most nasty attitude. She was so rude and disrespectful when asked for an extra napkin to wipe off a drink she handed to me and an additional sauce. So I told her that she didn’t have to be rude & where is her customer service? After going back and forth with her, I told her how rude to argue with me over nothing at all, why is she so unhappy at work? She is alive, damn. stop being so bitchy.. She then told me ” your mother”. I recently lost my mom. She didn’t know this. But as a “manager” why be so rude initially and then be childish and mention my mother who happens to be deceased. I went inside & told her about herself. I cannot believe this happened! I cannot believe she would have a position in management at all!
    I will never spend my money there! I will spread this until she is GONE! Social media, news!

  73. Thursday evening i visited the Fortuna Road store in Yuma Arizona that evening i suffered an extreme case of food poisoning lasting all weekend. A group of about 20 students from buckeye jr high basketball team were in line behind me, hoping none of them got sick. You must check your products or the oil, i always loved Burger King but it will probably not see me again as the experience was not pleasant. I dont like being sick or hospitals, horrible experience.

  74. I usually like BK whoppers, I went and got one today on my lunch at work and actually couldn’t even eat it when I got back. It was so disgustingly wet with virtually no lettuce the amount of Ketchup and mayo and water that ran out of this thing made the bun completely inedible, it was literally disgusting. I threw it out, that burger cost me 9 dollars without the meal.. It wasn’t feed to feed a dog, I totally wasted 9 dollars, I could have went virtually anywhere else and been satisfied. Has BK gone that far downhill, Come on. I really hate the thought of not having a decent burger from BK again but my common sense must prevail here, was it all an illusion? Mountain Rd Moncton , New Brunswick Canada store outlet, burger purchased at 12:00 Atlantic time on 3/5/17..wow. too make this even better , your website won’t even let me submit the form on “the official website” ,lol..nice..so disappointed in Burger King. Bye Bye BK 🙁

  75. I would like to be contacted for a major issue that has been going on recently with my employer, (Burger King, store #18614). I feel that I am being neglected as an employee, I have not had any disciplineary infractions and I do everything that I am told. They are taking away my hours and ignoring me when I ask what days I am scheduled to work. I feel as if management is trying to get rid of me without actually terminating me, for fear of legal repercussions. Please take this into consideration I would greatly appreciate your help, thank you.

    1. I an trying to find out the same thing I am an employee for bi n I’ve only been the e but so long was thrown in all positions n told I was very productive fast worker always on time do everything I need to do before leaving n I had to miss my one day of work n I just have major questions to how the policies don’t apply to me but everyone else can do as they please it’s very unprofessional I hope u have gotten ur point across to someone if so can u give me advice of who I can address on this treatment

  76. I work I burger king on 411 eustis fl.32726 my dm boss yelled at me because tell her I can’t work past 10pm I have baby satander watch my two month son while im working. She needs be fired.

  77. I visited one of your burger king in Danville va, the food was great and the people behind the counter was great, what made me mad ,was they had the tv on CNN , and I’m sick of the fake news, and CNN bashing are president , I couldn’t eat fast enough to get out, I will not go back to burger king for that reason, maybe you should put on the weather channel,

  78. I would like to comment that I have been trying to get my w2 forms and the store manager at sore 13065 in Derry Nh not very helpful. When I called and asked about it i got hung up on.

  79. I would like to be contacted ASAP about a issue I’ve had with store #23300 since Jan 14 about customer service and food.

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