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12 thoughts on “All Headquarters and Corporate Offices

  1. Who do I need to speak to about legal charges? I have a friend who’s locked up over a rental truck ……. I need to speak to someone asap so this can be taken care of..

  2. My survey code is 8904-6033-0903-3026
    They have the best customer service
    They only had 2 people working still had my order fast
    And then when I had to take something back They made it right with a smile and friendly service
    On a skill from 1-10 the customer service experience is 11
    Thank you for your time
    And thank them for their fast and very friendly service
    The time I was there is 8:12 am

  3. Hey my name is Janelle phifer. I am a currently employee at your local regal movie theater and I would like to make a compliant about how regal movie theater in Greensboro,NC has wrongly written me upToday. This afternoon my manger Mr.Mark asked one the females to go to the females bathroom and to clean poop off the wall. Me.Mark didn’t specifically ask a certain person he just asked someone. One of my employee locked the stall with the poop to specify that this certain stall was out of order. My manger Mrs. Ashley goes and see that the poop was still on the wall and cleans up the stall and goes tell another manger name Mr.Rankin that we didn’t clean the stall. Rankin has written up every Female up who didn’t clean the stall. My concern is the mangers didn’t specify who they wanted to clean the bathroom and they just said someone and the mangers didn’t specify how to clean it . They wanted one of us to lock the door and put a sign on the stall and because my co-worker didn’t put the sign on the door the manger has decide to written us up for not cleaning the stalls right.

  4. I bought 2 gift cards with 500 dollar’s on them when I tried to activate it they said they were not activated and when they went to get it done they said they were locked but they still had my money on them told me I had to get ahold of Walmart froud department and they would take care of it two days I have tried to get ahold of anyone to no luck I have called every number and still no luck

  5. This is about WayUp Corporation which provides internships for college students. I am a business owner with a disability. Because we r having financial difficulties in this time, we cannot afford to pay students internships. So instead we provide college credits for any course they choose like Marketing, Business, Education. WayUp Manager refused to advertise our business for offering nonpaid internships. So I explained to him of my disability and that I thought that they were discriminating based on disability and financial matters.

  6. worked there for 20 hours and only received two check one for 4.42 hours this was the 8 hour of grammer school orientation. Then second check was for 3.75 hours and this one is for 8 hours and 4 hours. Its a run around trying to get someone to get your check and of course its not any coach , team lead, people lead, ect….. that you know and no one knows nothing about nothing. and of course the people lead are on a leave of absent now. .

  7. Walgreens refuse to listen to Medicaid on how to refund my money I been going thru this since the end of July 2021

  8. I only have a problem with store number 17902 in south Fork Colorado. She did not lock employees files and most the employees knew everything about me even grandmothers maiden names name this was turned in to you the regional and district managers did nothing. In January I was notified that my social security number has been compromised and Monday i was taken for everything. I am turning this in to Dept of labor a and employment, BBB, and the ADA since no one wants to address this. It was also turned in by two other employees and nothing was done

  9. Refused service by manager Miss Cunningham at McDonald’s located at exit 9 on 575 , truck is oversize not able to fit through drive-through , very rude . Said she didn’t care about policy

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