All Human Resources

All Human Resources Departments.

List of all Human Resources (HR) Departments, and payroll processing portals. These are typically employee portals, that associates must log in to, in order to gain access to online paystubs, direct payment management, work schedules and more.

For other company information, including Customer Service contacts and Corporate Office phone numbers, please use the search function.

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7 thoughts on “All Human Resources

  1. 21770 subway in Walmart is dirty, were the food is it’s dirty. The list is long on this one. I will never go back

  2. Good morning sir/ma.
    I have invested with this noble company for a year and a month now, (1/3/2021 till date) and i have never been paid a dime from the agreed investment. one Mr. Johnson (who called himself creditor) was playing with my money and that really tarnish the image of this company on my side because it is not what the company is known for i have seen on my investment today. now, i need my money to be paid back to me. i am long over due pls. the agreement was 1,000,000 for 3,000,000 and i have balanced up my money, to pay me my own is now a trouble and is playing over it. so i am appealing to the management of the company to “as a matter of urgency” look into my issue and pay me my money please. thank you. achem ibrahim alaji (0808194xxxx)

  3. I Praise each and every person that was involved in making the decision to remove McDonald’s from Russia. Everything helps and this is certainly a stand showing you are upset with what is going on. I praise you I praise each of you!! We feel so helpless to help. Thank you for doing this for us. We will eat at McDonalds more! XXOO ???❤️

  4. Megan Rapinoe a disgrace to our country. You can keep her and your foot longs. You just many customers.

  5. Store 8880 in Nc are rude when they make a mistake,, I was on hold for 15 before hanging up and calling back managers name was angle wouldn’t give last name she said good luck…..disgusting way to run store… in Huber Nc on 172!!!! Never again

  6. I wanted to compliment one of your employees Raven at store #435. I have been shopping at this Kroger for about 13 years. A few years back Raven was transferred to another location and just recently she was transferred back to this store. She is so friendly and helpful I was so happy she was back. She goes out of her way to help you and you can tell she is proud to be a Kroger employee. She is such a hard worker and is always in a good mood and makes you feel glad you’ve shopped at this store. Well done Kroger for hiring such a wonderful associate. Thank you Jadean Jourden

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