Dollar General Headquarters

Dollar General Headquarters.

Everything you need to know about the Dollar General Headquarters and Corporate offices.

See the Dollar General Corporate Office address, phone numbers, customer service contacts, Executive Team, Jobs and Careers pages, and more.

About Dollar General.

Dollar General was founded in Kentucky in 1939 by members of the Turner family. The first Dollar General store sold wholesale goods whose prices were capped at $1, and its business model soon became a success. Today, Dollar General acts as a one-stop shop thanks to its diverse range of products for everyday use, which range from cleaning supplies to food and drinks, decorative items, toys, healthcare products, and apparel.

The company is now a leading small-box retailer and a Fortune 500 organization. Dollar General has more than 13,000 locations across the United States, along with stores in 43 states and 14 distribution centers. All in all, nearly 120,000 people work for this US retailer.

Dollar General Corporate Office Contacts.

Below we have listed the phone and fax numbers for Dollar General’s head office, as well as the company’s corporate address.

Dollar General Headquarters Phone Number.

Dollar General Headquarters Switchboard Hours.
Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Central Time Zone)

Dollar General Headquarters Fax Number.

Dollar General Human Resources Phone Number.

The Human Resources department for current, former or potential employees can be reached on:
1-855-ASK-DGHR (275-3447)

Dollar General Headquarters Address.

Dollar General Corporation
100 Mission Ridge
Goodlettsville, TN, 37072

The Dollar General Corporate Office employs 1100 people at its Goodlettsville, Nashville, Tennessee locations. The company employs around 120000 people worldwide.

Dollar General Executive Team.

The complete list of key leaders at Dollar General.

  • Todd Vasos, Chief Executive Officer
  • John W. Garratt, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
  • Jim Thorpe, Executive Vice President & Chief Merchandising Officer
  • Jeff Owen, Executive Vice President for Store Operations
  • Bob Ravener, Executive Vice President & Chief People Officer
  • Rhonda Taylor, Executive Vice President & General Counsel
  • Mike Kindy, Senior Vice President (Global Supply Chain)
  • Anita Elliott, Senior Vice President & Chief Accounting Officer

Dollar General Board of Directors:

  • Michael M. Calbert, Chairman of the Board
  • Todd Vasos
  • Warren F. Bryant
  • Sandra B. Cochran
  • Patricia D. Fili-Krushel
  • Paula A. Price
  • William C. Rhodes III
  • David B. Rickard

Dollar General Careers and Jobs.

If you would like to join the growing Dollar General team, the first step is to find out more about current job openings. You can do that by visiting this page, where you can explore the different career areas available at Dollar General.

Vacancies typically include jobs in sales, retail, distribution and logistics, and there are also corporate roles advertised on a regular basis. Military veterans can view suitable job opportunities here.

How to complain to Dollar General.

The primary Dollar General Customer Service number is 1-800-678-9258. If you have a complaint to make and prefer not to do it on the phone, you can reach the same department by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

Dollar General also has a Media Relations line open 1-877-463-1553, where representatives are available to take calls around the clock. Written complaints can be sent to the company’s headquarters in Tennessee, or you can also use the contact form provided here to send a written complaint about existing orders, returns and refunds, or account issues.

Other Dollar General Resources.

Find additional information below about how to contact Dollar General’s different departments, social media profiles, feedback forms, etc.

Please share your experiences, praise or complaints about Dollar General, in the comment section.

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46 thoughts on “Dollar General Headquarters

  1. The DG store in Abbeville, Mississippi, has had its ups and downs through the years, but a couple of years ago the management changed and I believe our store is the most well-run and clean store I’ve ever encountered in all the stores I’ve visited in this area. I don’t even know the name of the manager and her assistants, but I fully feel they deserve recognition for the excellent service they provide in the Abbeville, Mississippi, store. This is written in hopes that they can be commended for putting tremendous effort into running an attractive, well organized shop that makes its customers feel welcome and appreciated.

  2. The cashier didn’t put all my money on my cash app card. Was suppose to be $300 instead she put $200. I’m yet to get my money back or hear anything from anybody on this situation. It put me in a bad bind with my bills for the month. I spend a lot of money at this store but I do think I’m going to not shop there as much anymore cuz I shoulda done received my money back did one two I shoulda done heard from somebody but nope. I just want my money back so I can get my bills fixed I’m on a fixed income to some $100 might not be much but to me it’s a lot and hard to come by these days

  3. Attica Mi Dollar General is a disgrace! Nothing on shelves, inventory is on carts, while employees are lounging in back room! Merchandise is on floor, have to move stuff just to walk through.

  4. Your parking lot at 798 Halifax St., Petersburg, VA has a serious hazard with rebar protruding from broken cement parking blocks. Very concerned someone will trip, fall or be impaled. Numerous people have reported it and nothing is being done. This is not only unacceptable, it is disregarding the safety and well being of your customers.

  5. This is Ms. Kimberlie Wilkins, last 4 numbers of my SS is 9706! I need to have a Separation Letter from the DG Store that I worked at in Mouton Cove store under Amber Robertson, and a copy of my Last pay stub from the company. I would like to have this sent ASAP. to my email (Kim_wilkinxxxxx for my tax purpose. I have tried other ways of contacting Corporate to no avail

  6. Dollar general store in Kennett looks bad trash everywhere and loading carts are skatered…….letter head from EPA

  7. You are an abusive company to your employees!! I will never shop at your store!! What is it with Nashville Tenn and treating your employees like garbage???? Vanderbilt and now you!! Stay out of Tenn!! The backward republican state!!

  8. The Dollar General store in Auburn, GA needs some attention, the floors look like they haven’t been cleaned in months, the clothing area is such a mess, clothes scatter all over the floor.. I use to love shopping at Dollar General but not anymore …. THIS STORE NEEDS SOME SPECIAL ATTENTION NOW!!!!

  9. Why are the bigger stores always short staffed ? When you asked The manager they say it’s because they don’t have enough hours to run the store. The manager are working 80 to 100 hours A week. And when they ask their DM for hours he tells them they at no hours and asks for help stocking he doesn’t have no one to that leaves the manager to have to work the hours just to try to hurt their self to get it done.why is this going on? If the DM don’t want to help the store to make the manager look bad and make them cry . Get read of the Dm.

  10. One of your employees fighting in parking lot with another female Girl weighs about 250 lbs pink hair
    Cumming Georgia store #16594 she needs to be terminated this creates hostile environment at store I shop there frequently. Please let me know if she’s gone I will not shop there and gonna tell all my friends. The guy that was there said he tried to break up fight 8pm March 18,2022 My granddaughter witnessed this not me

  11. I live next-door to a Dollar General in Fremont, OH 43420 at the corner of State Street and Prospect. The outside area behind the Dollar General and beside it is littered with trash from your dumpsters and from the stores setting material along the alley. I have went over several times and complained about it. And a response has been until we can get more employees it won’t get cleaned up. This is unacceptable!! The store has signs stating that they are closed at 8 PM due to staffing shortage !!! It is still daylight when it closes and I don’t see why they can’t go out and clean it up before they leave for the night. Me and my neighbors are issuing complaints with the city of Fremont about this problem. We are tired of picking up the trash out of our yard due to not having a large enough dumpster to put all the trash in. We would be greatly appreciate iif you would take this matter into your hands very quickly. Before we go to the next city console meeting. Your cooperation in this would be extremely appreciated. Thank you for putting one on the side of town for us east side shoppers.

  12. I live in Little Rock, AR and recently purchased 13 large plastic containers of Folgers 1/2 and /2 coffee. Due to the recent infestation in West Memphis, AR I need to know if the cans are possibly contaminated.

  13. Friday, Feb 18th 2022, I went to the DG #06120 on Main Street in Columbus, MS. This was the third DG I had been to that day because the other two didn’t have what I needed on the shelves. I walked to the register and noticed the cashier had ear buds on. I said, “Hi,” and she didn’t even speak back to me. What she did say was directed to the person she was talking with on the phone which was in her hand. “I’m at the register now,” she said. She rang up my two items and told me the total. I paid and she put them in the bag, still not saying a word to me. As I grabbed my bag I said, “You can’t even speak to me but you can talk on the phone?” SHE JUST LAUGHED. I probably spend around $250-$300 a month at one of the many DGs in my town. I’ve noticed that there are only two workers at the most on any given day, and the aisles will be full of stock on huge racks that need to be shelved. There will almost always be 6-10 people in line for one register. Very seldom is a second one opened. Some people have one or two items while some have a buggy packed with items. Other times workers have a mad or overworked attitude about them and it’s obvious NONE of them have been trained on what great or even good customer service is about. But this incident of not even greeting me or thanking me while obviously talking to a guy or a friend on her personal phone is just the worse.

  14. Dollar General Store located 9840 Liberty Road Randallstown Maryland 21133 ,the customer service is bad the store is not stocked very well. Will not go to this locate again.

  15. In Octobe or November rOf 2020 we recieved a new store manager who wouldn’t lock employees file. So all the employees files were left unlocked. I soon found Out that every employee knew everything including my grandmothers maiden name was and my social and my age. I soon received a letter from the IRS saying my identity was stolen. Now everything has been stolen from my accounts. I’m pressing charges on dollar general as well as the manager. The ADA is investigating fraud. Trees I believe it was the fault of the manager because she refused to lock the files. My lawyer will be in touch. The store number 17902 in south Fork and the managers name is Cara Yund. She will also get investigated and brought charges against her

  16. The dollar tree address 23 East Highway nine business Loris SC 29569. The manager there at nine Terry has a very nasty attitude to be in charge of a store she don’t have the attitude to deal with the public she has a smart mouth no smiles negative comments and a lot of people is complaining about her .

  17. I was hurt at dollar store march 24i have a case number going for therapy every week no one will contact me are take my calls.could you give me a call.or I will look further

  18. I tripped and fell over a bunch of rolled up carpet that was laying in the aisle way I’m elderly and have severe osteoporosis and I hurt my knee and my hip the worker was standing right beside me when I fell how long will it take for you respond

  19. I tripped and fell over a bunch of rolled up carpet that was laying in the aisle way I’m elderly and have severe osteoporosis and I hurt my knee and my hip the worker was standing right beside me when I fell

  20. The store at
    10555 Florida blvd., Walker la 70785

    This is the ONLY DOLLAR GENERAL I WILL GO TO!! I love the store I love all the employees they are great they are all friendly help you all the time their employees that are great :Tammy cashiela Brandy Rika Dakota Ashley!!

  21. No complaints. I would like to speak to someone about being a consultant for your company. I worked at Walmart 30 years. In operations , merchandising, store planning and high volume super centers. Was a buyer for the small stores. Bought merchandise to compete with dollar general. I said then this company was the one to watch. I know I could impact your stores. I am an expert in managing inventory and generating profit. I’m not looking for a job just to help you in the future. I know what to do and when to do it. Let me know if you’re interested. My number is+19548298699

  22. I am 83+ year old. Just terminated with DG effective 2/8/19. 22+ years with DG. I loved working at DG. Question: In order for me to get on Medicare Part B, I need a DG employer to fill out the “Request For Employment Information”. I live in Gordo, AL. Please let me know ASAP who I can get to fill out the employer part ASAP where I can meet with social security and not be considered a late enrollee.

  23. I’m trying to get into my account. I was recently hired and needed to fill out some paperwork online so they can do a background check and such. I did it on my phone more than once but it never went though and is now saying my password is invalid.

  24. I had a woman in a store of yours in north zulch by the name of sandra young put her hands on my friends child..she is the manager there and the guy kevin who is over her would not do nothing about it and the girls there who work under her lie for her to cover their own asses…i need to speak to someone who is in charge because this woman is on drugs and lukes to hit children and she murdered my friends first un born child a few weeks ago she was pregnat by a guy who she had a no truspassing charge on there at the store…it has also been said she has been stealing from there also…please someone contact me

  25. I am sending a complaint regarding my local Dollar General store located in Wofford Heights, Ca 93285. This store has 3 cash registers. Most of the time, only one register is open, and the line is way too long. It seems as though this location does not have enough employees. Also, there have been several thefts, and a car window broken. The store has several security cameras inside, but none outside. In my opinion, this particular area has a high theft/crime rate. Having cameras should be a “must”. I also believe that this particular store has under stock on staples. Delivery comes on Tuesday, by Wednesday it’s all gone. Very frustrating. Can you help resolve these issues?

  26. Hello, my name is Jonathon Clark, I am a former employee with Dollar General. On the 12th of November I made a mistake. I returned some items that were not bought, amounting to 105 Dollars. It has been a terribly hard month, I am 20 yrs old with a lovely wife and a 2yr old son, I didnt have a whole lot of hours and about 300 hundred dollars I didnt have for lights and water. I feel terrible for what I did and I regret doing it. I can pay it back I just dont want jail time or at least mess with my other job. Please reply back or call me at 254-485-xxxx. Thank you and have a blessed day!

  27. Dollar General in bovina mississippi closed store with parking lot full of people so they can go to convient store to use the rest room it was 2 African American women didn’t have name tags but time was 5:25pm on 11-2 when I said u can’t do that there to many people here trying go in she said I just did and they locked doors got in car and left. Will never go back

  28. Our grandson was told to fax DG back a form and it will not go back. We have sent a fax before and it now say Disconnected when we try. They unfairly terminated our grandson and he was sent a form a week after a letter was sent and a fax but they will not receive it. We have been disconnected after several calls stating please hang up and try later. We have been hung up on 3 times by a secretary when we tell her what we need. When does it stop.

  29. Pictures. Every isle is full of carts of merchandise. A safety hazard to customers. Many customers upset , I c alot of people just leave the store rather than shop.

  30. Why do you NOT use your PARKING LOT LIGHTS at your Melbourne Florida Store 4290 Babcock St.? I asked in the store and got no answer back in December 2017. I feel this is a safety issue and you have had time to fix the problem..

  31. store #01230 Moberly,Mo My husband purchased a Randolph Scott dvd that was to have 6 movies in it. Got it home and only had 3. Had receipt and took back next day only to told he could pick out same movie ok no problem except they did not have it after we pulled every movie in store. I know some people try a fast one but I guarantee my 72 year old husband did not. The lady who said she was head honcho said nothing she could do and very cold hearted about it. So $7.95 down the drain. Looks like we are done with your store.

  32. This the 4/5th time I have written to dollar General store Corp offices,trying one more time. The dollar General store i go to is located at 7618 Dayton road ,fairborn ohio. This store is a big joke!!! you can never,never, never get down the isle. you can never find what you are looking for because of back to back carts with stuff to be put on shelfs,WHY!!!,it stays on your web information page that in 2015, the company made 20.37,billion billion, dollars,with that kind of money you should be making sure that there is enough staff in every ,every store to do the work!!!,so very tired of going in the sto r listed in this complain and have to navigate an obstacle course. If you not care about your customers,which it appears you Don t,to me it just shows how greedy you are.make the district managers get out there and do there jobs!!!.tho I know by writing this will not change a thing at this store I am and have found another to shop,and telling everyone i know to stay out of this store!!!!!!!

    1. This seems to be an issue with all the stores I have been in. Wonder how that is ok with the fire department and egress system.

    2. The reason they made $20.37 BILLION in 2015 and is here it is 2022 is because they hire very young kids and don’t pay them what they should. I’ve never seen more than two employees at a time and usually one is a manager who has so much paperwork and deposits that they stay in their office trying to get THAT work done while the entire store and one register is in the hands of ONE young kid who has had no experience much less proper training. On top of that they are suppose to stock shelves. They lure you in with low prices and then don’t pay their workers a decent wage. With all of the BILLIONS they make their workers should be paid higher wages and there should be many more workers for each shift. And I would be willing to bet they don’t pay for them to have health insurance. I am retired, but everywhere I worked in my 20s, 30s and 40s provided all employees with health insurance. I have decided I am NOT SHOPPING WITH THEM ANYMORE. I’d rather pay more somewhere else than give these corporate people who abuse their employees just to make more and more BILLIONS.

  33. My name is Pamela Mclaughlin and I am from Waynesboro Ms 39367 I am a faithful dollar general customer and I do coupon. But lately it is truly horrible to coupon in the dollar generals in my area. To use certain pg coupons you have to print them but the dollar general in my area will not take printed coupons. The Dis continued items they will not mark them down when they use to do it before. Most of the workers get the products for themselves. If they know that it’s a coupon for a certain item they will not put it on the shelf until the coupon has expired. It’s beginning to be ridiculous and some of the workers are very rude. If the dollar general stores are gonna have rules tall the stores should have the same rules. Each store has different rules and I can’t understand that.

  34. I hope you open a store in Salem New York. You offer quality products at a fair price, that is something we don’t have now.

  35. Please help stop Dollar General from being built on Apollo Beach Blvd and Fairway!
    Here in Apollo Beach we pride ourselves on our support of local businesses and we love being a family friendly, locally focused community. We believe that a Dollar General store moving onto Apollo Beach Blvd could have a negative effect on the local business owners.


  37. Tour McDonald PA store is very dirty, a disorganized mess. I’ve been there when there are no shopping carts to be found, was cashed out by a young lady who had a horrible cold, with all the lovely symptoms evident now I am home from work 4 days later with the same. Love your Hickory PA store but McDonalds needs serious help.

  38. To whom it may concern. SIMSBORO ,LOUISIANA would make an excellent location for a new Dollar General Store . Zip code is 71275..It’s right on I-20 just west of Ruston,La. and Grambling ,La. and 6 miles east of Arcadia,La. all of which have Dollar General Stores located in those towns .The Mayor of Simsboro is Mrs. Sybil Foster.I just built a new Radio Station that is licensed to Simsboro..The population continues to grow with over 2,500 employees at industries in Simsboro ..Excellent school ,very low crime . Please just take a look . Thank You !

  39. The Lovingston Va. Store has box in the isles and bugs with stock in them. My husband is blind in one eye and they have a box with shovels in it in the isle and he run into because it was on his blind side. I have complained about this before it get fixed for about a month then it is back to the same. This is so un called for if a fire was to break up and u was at the back of the store u would die because of the box and bugs in the way. It is so bad two people can not pass each other in the same isle. Something needs to be done!

    Thank u

  40. Your store on 49 down from the new NEA hospital in Jonesboro Ar is nasty my sister and I was very very disappointed when we went in there expecially the bathroom!

  41. I love Dollar General, but they need to work on their in-store signs and pricing. Often I cannot tell which item is on sale and which price sign belongs to which product, etc. Still, I love that there is a Dollar General in my small town!

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