Dominos Headquarters

Domino’s Pizza Headquarters.

This page lists all corporate contact details for Domino’s Pizza and can help you with the different ways to contact the company’s head office and other departments, including the Customer Service department, Jobs and Careers department, social media representatives and more.

Furthermore, we have included a list of ways that you can provide feedback in Domino’s services or products. We also welcome you to submit praise or complaints in the comment section.

About Domino’s Pizza.

Domino’s is an international pizza chain that was founded in 1960 in Michigan under the name DomiNick’s. In the early 1980s, Domino’s expanded internationally with the opening of a store in Canada, and by the late 1990s the company was present in five continents.

Domino’s Pizza operates a franchise model and currently has more than 13,000 stores worldwide, including over 5,000 outside of the USA. Domino’s product range includes pizzas, sandwiches, salads, pasta dishes, and desserts, although their menu varies from country to country.

Domino’s Corporate Office Contacts.

You can reach Domino’s Pizza Michigan headquarters by phone, written mail, and fax, as shown below.

Domino’s Pizza Headquarters Phone Number:

Domino’s Pizza Headquarters Switchboard Hours:
Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Eastern Time Zone)

Domino’s Pizza Headquarters Fax Number:

Domino’s Pizza Headquarters Address:
30 Frank Lloyd Wright Drive
Ann Arbor, MI, 48105

Dominos Headquarters
The Domino’s Headquarters is located in the Domino’s Farms Office Park in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Domino’s leases around 232.000 square feet in the complex (Lobby F).

Domino’s Pizza Executive Team.

The complete Domino’s leadership team is listed below.

  • David A. Brandon, Chairman
  • J. Patrick Doyle, President & CEO
  • Richard E. Allison, President (Domino’s International)
  • Eric B. Anderson, Executive Vice President (International Operations)
  • Troy A. Ellis, Executive Vice President (Supply Chain)
  • Stanley J. Gage, Executive Vice President (Team USA)
  • Scott R. Hinshaw, Executive Vice President (Franchise Operations & Development)
  • Jeffrey D. Lawrence, Executive Vice President & CFO
  • Timothy P. McIntyre, Executive Vice President (Communications & Legislative Affairs)
  • James G. Stansik, Executive Vice President (Franchise Relations)
  • J. Kevin Vasconi, Executive Vice President & CIO
  • Russell J. Weiner, President for Domino’s USA
  • Judy L. Werthauser, Executive Vice President (Chief People Officer)

Domino’s Pizza Board of Directors:

  • David A. Brandon, Chairman
  • J. Patrick Doyle
  • Andy C. Ballard
  • Andrew B. Balson
  • Diana F. Cantor
  • Richard L. Federico
  • James A. Goldman
  • Gregory A. Trojan

Domino’s Pizza Careers and Jobs.

Visit this page to browse all the opportunities available at stores, at the company’s supply chain, or at Domino’s Pizza corporate headquarters.

If you are a college student or a recent graduate and are looking for suitable job opportunities with this company, take a look at their University recruiting page.

Domino’s has dedicated social media job pages on Twitter and LinkedIn. There’s also a Facebook page specifically created to list corporate jobs.

How to complain to Domino’s Pizza.

If you’ve had an unsatisfactory experience at a US Dominos restuarant, you can complain to the Customer Care team using this feedback form.You can also tweet your complaint or issue to the Dominos Twitter account @Dominos, mostly a representative will refer you to the above Feedback Email Form.

In case you want to write directly to the Dominos Cares Customer Service department, then the address is:

Domino’s Cares
Domino’s Pizza LLC
30 Frank Lloyd Wright Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48106

It is also possible to file a complaint by calling the corporate office on +1-734-930-3030 and asking to be directed to their Customer Service team. Lines are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time).

If you are in the United Kingdom, then visit their UK Customer Service page.

Other Domino’s Pizza Resources.

Here’s a list of additional Domino’s Pizza resources, which range from social media links to franchise information, links to FAQ sections, and information for investors.

Please share your experiences, praise or complaints about Dominos Pizza, in the comment section.

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43 thoughts on “Dominos Headquarters

  1. Numerous times the Dominos, on Cannon Air Force Base, has the door open letting in so many flies and no telling what else in the building. The lobby is swarming with flies, I can only imagine the food. Pretty disgusting how the employees don’t mind, but I actually run a Subway next door to dominos in the food court, and I have contacted the store manager John, and the BX concessions manager and still leaving the door open, and letting in all the flies, if you can address this problem, being that it is a food safety concern when the door with a key code to gain access but the door is open and welcoming anything or anybody in.

  2. An incident of unprofessional behavior occured from one of your staff who claimed to be “Nadia”. It is unfortunate that you have such behavior in your store to serve customers. She made a mistake by ringing incorrect order and when I told her that she was giving me wrong order, she became and told me that unless I take what was given to me she going to cancel the order which she eventually did. All the years of purchasing Domino pizza I had not received such an insult. If you have video in the in the store counter you should have the girls behavior. I will ask that you train your workers in cross cultural training and how to behave when attending to customers.

  3. I have enjoyed Dominos Pizza for many years. I am a retired senior citizen.
    Yesterday , I was in Shepherdsville, KY. In a strip mall and needed to relieve my bladder. I went in to a Dominos pizza store and walked back to the restroom in severe need to urinate. The door was locked. I asked the kid at the counter for the key and he would no let me use the bathroom unless I ordered food first. I explained to him that I was in dire condition could he please let me have the key. He refused unless I ordered food and paid first. No one was in the store at the time(other customers). He refused to allow me to use the restroom.
    I am very upset at this person (kid) for his heartless attitude. This was cruel.
    By Kentucky law this restroom was supposed to be open and available to the public. This employee needs corrected.
    I want to hear a response from this complaint. I am very upset over this.
    If this is corporate policy, which I don’t believe it is, I will never enter another Dominos Pizza again. Heartless

  4. We was just at Dominio Kings Mountain Highway’an Edgewood road.. called in a order that we get every weekend for the oast YEARS… was next door at Food Lion.. took forever tk even get a human to pick up the phone.. then they tried to charge $15 when it’s always $8.55 for medium pizza.. but place the order.. walk next door within 5 mins… the door is locked & store is closed at 1 o clock in the afternoon! Then set in front the building wasting half a hour trying to get someone on the phone.. NEVER GIT TO SPEAK TO ANYONE AGAIN.. this is beyond ridiculous..& from now on I will go to PIZZA Hut.. maybe hire people that want to work.. an answer the phone .. when it’s part of the job!!!

  5. Hope all is well.. I have a design product design on a set of dominoes that 7 full size dominoes can be held in one hands instead of using 2 hands which will allow you to enjoy the game while enjoying your favorite beverage without having to put your dominoes down..

  6. Bot said
    Would you like to provide any more details before I start gathering some additional information for our Customer Support team?
    Pick one of the following
    No, I’m all set
    Bot said
    Let me know how I can help you today. Please select from the following options:
    at 5/29/2021 11:13:33 PM
    Pick one of the following
    You saidConcernat 5/29/2021 11:13:41 PM
    Bot said
    Are you located in the United States?
    at 5/29/2021 11:13:43 PM
    Pick one of the following
    You saidYesat 5/29/2021 11:13:45 PM
    Bot saidPlease provide me with some details about your experience. I will share these details with our Customer Support team so they are able to assist:at 5/29/2021 11:13:46 PM
    You saidBeen waiting over 2 hours n when I called the lady gone say well its Saturday so we busy n we only have 2 chefs tonight n was very rude I don’t appreciate this I order from you guys way too often I should receive some kind of gift card or something I ordered at 9:24 pm it is 12:11 am and its still not here I’ve called twice and they keep saying its on the way.this is not righy

  7. I ordered a thin crust Alfredo sauce, chicken and spinach pizza. I picked it up and it was overdone, there was no toppings around a major part of the edges and some of the spinach was burnt. I would add the picture but this site will not let me. I am rather disappointed.

  8. The lawrenceburg Tennessee store is not any they get my order wrong every single time they never get it right

  9. I’ve been a loyal customer for a few years. I ordered carryout and I called to let them know I was on my way and what my truck looked like and this would be a contactless order curbside pick up. I was told I can only have curb side pick up if I use my cell phone app. I said I’ve ordered this way before, I was told no I had to come inside and pick up my order if I didn’t use the app through the cell phone. I explained I’m disabled and elderly and I don’t have a cell, I was told I had to come inside, they would not bring my order out to me. I said fine cancel my order. I will NOT be ordering from Dominos again. I’ll go to Pizza Hut from now on, plus they are closer.

  10. My complaint isn’t with your business Necessarily but the actions of some of your employees at the Bogalusa office both while working and mostly on their off hours as I’m going to send a link of some videos of the actions I’m talking about also I’ll send videos of some of the people that they’re involved with harassing me turning in there on several occasions I guess to go discuss with them sometimes even laugh about what they’re doing to me I am seeking legal action on this group of people as it is and I’ve turned them over to the FBI do the gang stocking hacking my account email and otherwise and some of the stocking has taken place while they’re on the clock working for you! As I do not know their names I can only send you license plates and vehicles also I know the address where at least one of them reside! Actually I would prefer a call but it will provide a link with photos of these vehicles included in this but these people have been running my life quite literally so when I say prefer a call I mean I demand a supervisor to call me someone with district authority as when I get off the phone with them they two were realize this is possibly a lawsuit I have against the company if not guaranteed and I’m not wanting to go there but I do want some people to lose some jobs! 985 503 1402 i’m sending an email from the email below with what I was been going on also a copy of The letter I sent to my attorney

  11. Dominoes charged my card 2 times for sure and maybe a 3rd and when I called to talk to manager they hung on me over 30xs and it took them over 2 half hours to get my order all because of a mistake they made and we order all the time and I don’t think I be ordering from them anymore..and satisfy there customers is in the air so far. I want full refund and some..

  12. I order quite a bit from Domino’s on nursery road in Clearwater Florida. They have always done an excellent job and the driver is just as nice as they can be. Whenever I call there or I put something special request on my online order they do that for me I appreciate it . I haven’t been able to go in on my orders and compliment them and I have so many orders it’s unbelievable.

  13. Your system is terrible and the people you hire don’t understand how to to tell the customer waiting for their pizza that took 1.5hrs to get from not far that it’s on its way ! Nope it was not ! I had to call back and get handed over to someone else who said the driver dropped it off to another room ! Seriously!

  14. Steve palmer from your shermsn ams denison texas stores is illegally reducing employees wages when they give notice. My hope is someone will investigate this before I contact the dept of labor

  15. We are facing impatient staff at the Dominos Batu Pahat at Taman Setia Jaya outlet. He is raising his voice when explaining to us and very pushy and leads to unhappy customer at all. I wish you terminate and sack Syukri (male, short and dark) from this outlet. We like another staff who very patient and smiling all the way. This is our first experience while ordering our food in dominos and hosted by his rudeness.

  16. 30 years ago was blessed to work for this company. The older I get the more I miss it. With that said please grab the opportunity at hand. Papa John’s is on the ropes. Jimmy John’s and subway is hurting. Please go to basics pizza salad sandwich. Embrace the old school of service and quality. Take all the markets back . Excite your customers and employees. Spend the money take the time. Eliminate your competitors. Long term success is the goal. Not 1 day sales week sales. Take your market’s back run them all out. Looking from the outside in I know it is yours for taking. I live in vincennes indiana, worked in Kentucky, indiana, and Florida. Take your markets back.

    1. I was in Charlotte hall Maryland store rude messed up my pizza Robert talked down on me the place falling apart please fire this man or get them help.

  17. Fist of all I’d like to say, Shame on You, for making your Hadquarters and Customer Service such a hassle to try and contact anyone. I have a huge complaint from Store #5173 in North Miami, FL. Last week, after I had made an online order, I was instructed to wait 26-36 minutes. After about 45 minutes I tried calling the store. My order was placed at 7:51pm, and started calling around 8:40 pm. NO ONE IN THE STORE ANSWERED A PHONE CLL UNTIL 10:35 pm. Not only did I never receive my order but the “manager” on shift told me the driver told her he delivered it. Never received a call or a knock at my door. She then tells me I’ll have 2 FREE medium pizzas as an “I’m sorry”. I verified that she put it in my records. Three days later I call to redeem my offer for their less than stellar customer serivce and the little girl (I have to assume she’s a little girl because when I told her about my issue she giggled, along with another co-worker) She told me I didn’t have anything written on my acct about 2 free medium pizzas and said that the manager would “eventually come in”. You guys have a lot of explaining to do. But I’ll be contacting the Better Business Bureau. They’ll listen to me.

  18. I placed an order with the lithicum heights store in Maryland at approximately 11:09am the delivery time on the tracker says 20-25 minutes. My pizza did not leave the store until 11:55am and soon after I got a call telling me my order has left the store however it will still be an hour for it to get to me. This store is 3 miles away…. I understand there may be deliveries ahead of me however their region is not that big for it to take that long. My pizza arrived how to round 12:35 p.m. I find this to be unacceptable. There should either be more drivers or they should finish the store that is within my region that has been down for upgrading for over 2 months now.

  19. Please investigate/audit the store in Enid, South Van Buren under the ‘Hiring Manager’ Monica Mobley. There are questionable ethical and business practices going on and it is being ignored by the Franchise Owner possibly. This is urgent.

    1. I am employed by Domino’s and EVERY ingredient is supposed to be weighed so customers get what they pay for….i haven’t seen a scale on the make line in months

  20. I remain disappointed from the Domino’s Rowlett store. Never again will I participate in any promotions, Food, drink,water,pizza, chicken nor even the air to breathe from the store in Rowlett Texas.

  21. I quit ordering from Domino’s probably 8 years ago and have not missed it a BIT! Reading these posts only reinforces my firm directive to not return. Guess what? They obviously do not miss me nor my money but my directive remains in place.

  22. Dominoes employees are very rude and there’s only a few drivers that are good and then are nice. The rest of them have attitude especially the managers and I talk to you and a B Willder you like you’re a little kid Domino’s. Went downhill and the pizza is one of the worst pizzas in the world, it is nasty the chicken wings that are dry the boneless chicken is nasty, specialty chicken is gross and the only thing that’s really good on the menu is the Philly cheesesteak. 516 Overage Domino’s the owner has to go there and straighten the store out, it is a disgrace.

  23. I called Domino’s on S.College ave. In Newark,De 19713 on 7-17 and ordered a vege-pizza. Called back and hour later and asked “where is my pizza”and they asked me for the address and room# and called the,delivery driver as I was waiting on the phone. Came back on the phone and said,the delivery driver would be their in 5. Hung up and waited a half hour and still no pizza. Called again and asked “where is my pizza? They said “we will make u another pizza this one is cold no charge for pizza. They never brought my pizza . I called them back and asked are you going to bring my pizza? Then they tried to tell me I gave the wrong address . I had the address in front of me when I ordered. The pizza was ordered on a Visa card on 7-7-17. Please e-mail [email protected]

  24. Was in a dominos in the Albuquerque NM area. Witnessed manager tell employee to clock out before giving him more tasks to do before he left, said it was mandatory. Isn’t that illegal? Considering submitting a better business bureau against that store on Juan tabo and Montgomery

  25. I order food. About twice a week,I was putting my coupons in that you had 50 percent off on you order this order was placed for delivery my order came up to around 27.00 well this was on Sunday the 9th my coupons would not work so I called and talked to the manager and she told me there was nothing she could do to help me.she said she was not aloud to put any coupons threw that I would have to do it myself,well so I cancelled my order,but I lost my free pizza that I had 60 points ,she also told me that I can’t have that either I lost it to why can’t the coupons work on line to get 50 percent off code pso4 she the manager would not help me at all I did order but still no free pizza was offered​ Paige is the manager,I don’t know why I mean I have been a manager for 30 plus years this is the stupidest thing I have ever been through ,I love your pizza but why is this lady so unfriendly ,and why does your coupons not work I’m just trying to get my order through but I don’t no what I have done wrong,you had a domino’s pizza in London before I always ordered,then you went out of business,now you guys are back and I’m glad.

  26. I pretty much am done with Dominos after yesterday. The rudest and most unprofessional staff I’ve ever had to deal with. I complained and of course didn’t hear back from the store at 1436 Atlantic Blvd Pompano Beach, FL 33062. I eat out about twice a week and usually my go to is Dominos. A few weeks ago I get this driver and my bill is like $21 and I have two 20’s. I asked for change and the driver kept telling me she didn’t have it. After arguing back and forth I became furious and told her to take the food back. All of a sudden she was able to find $15. So, fast forward to yesterday. I place an order at 1:44pm and track it with the tracker that I love. It shows she leaves the store at 2:12pm. I live 5 minutes from there, but it takes her an hour to get here. She arrives at 3:08pm which I believe she did that on purpose knowing my food would be cold and disgusting. Needless to say it was and I ended up throwing $43 worth of food in the trash, but that’s not the worse part. She knocks on my door when I open she doesn’t say hi or anything just says “licence and credit card”. I’m like for what because this is a first and she rudely replies and pretty much says do I want the food or not. Yeah, I paid it alread…are you kidding me. So I tell her I’m going to call the store and she starts to rattle off the number and the name of someone that started with a T more or less being like go ahead nothing is going to happen. So, I’m pretty upset at this point with this woman’s attitude I sign the receipt which of course I did not tip her. She looked at me and says “um the pen”….i just became furious because it’s my pen to begin with and why is this woman being unprofessional and bringing me cold food that I believe she purposely drive around for so long. Her name is Kathleen and from all the reviews online she isn’t the only unprofessional staff member there. I myself will never eat at another Dominos food chain after this. I can go on Grub Hub and order from Vitos, there is an Anthony’s near me, I can order from Ann’s or even Papa John’s. So, that ends a very long customer relationship with your company because I can’t tolerate unprofessional customer service like this. Just Google this locations reviews on Yelp or Google they aren’t good.

  27. Called the Dominos on Lorain Rd in North Olmsted Ohio 44070 to order a 2 medium pizza with pepperoni and sausage. My boyfriend was using his American Express card the lady asked for the card number. She had asked for the 3 digit code on the back she than said the card was declined so my boyfriend said this is a American Express card maybe you need to use the 4 digit code on the front. She said, well it’s declined and was very rude she hung up on us and than my boyfriend got a alert that the purchase went through. We called back and was hung up on again we were calling to tell the that it went through and we didn’t want the purchase on the card because they had rudely hung up on us well this is bad customer service and I will never eat dominos from that restaurant again.

  28. I ordered a delivery order tonight and this steak sandwich. It was the grossest steak I’ve ever eaten with the roll full of grease. I threw up after eating 3 bites. The delivery guy was so high his eyes were hardly open and red as can be!! He walked off with my 20.00 bill and gave me no change when my bill was 12.00!!!

  29. Very rude manager. Our 8 large pizza order was delivered wrong, even the delivery driver said so too. When we confronted the manager about it she said she personally made the pizza and that it wasn’t wrong. I ordered it online and she tried to say it was my fault my order came out wrong. I even heard a guy in the back ground say, and I quote “xxxx, the order was right” very rude service and we didn’t get our order fixed. This order wasn’t for our customers at our business and my customers did not get the right order. Usually Dominos does a great job, I’ve never had an issue but wow, this manager was really rude. She should not be in charge if that is how she treats her customers. We were really nice to them too. I don’t get it..

  30. I ordered a veggie pizza. When I got home and opened the box, it had sausage and pepperoni on it.
    I called and the manager said he would credit me for another pizza.
    The next day, I ordered a veggie pizza. When I got home and took a piece, I bit into raw dough. I brought the pizza back and waited in my car for twenty minutes for another pizza to be cooked. An employee came out and said, “this pizza may not be cooked that well,
    either. I asked why and she said that the ovens weren’t hot and that if I did not want a doughy pizza, I should order after two o’clock P.M. Why were they open, taking orders, and putting pizzas in the oven, if they knew the oven was not hot enough? Why would a business sell their customers pizza that wasn’t thoroughly cooked? I’ve never heard anything as ridiculous as that statement!
    Then, they don’t were gloves so after handling money, opening doors from the outside, and scratching their heads, they prepare pizzas. Hey, the flu is rampant in this area, they are putting us customers at risk because they are too lazy to wash their hands after every order. There was a time when Dominos was low on the totem pole and they tried their best to get a better reputation. Well, they are beginning to go back to their old ways, and it won’t be long before they start losing business again. I won’t return after what happened to me and the things I saw.
    Another thing, why would I have to solve a math problem in order to comment about my experience.

  31. Hello I would like to be contacted about customer service at one of the Alabama stores. The manager was very sarcastic rude to us when they messed up our order! They forgot to cook one of the pizzas and we had to wait for 15 minutes while they cooked the other one and they messed the entire order up both pizzas were wrong and one was cold. When we tried to ask for another pizza in place of the wrong and cold one he refused to work with us. The call was recorded and I would like it to be reviewed.

  32. Very disappointed tonight! Went out of my way in the freezing cold to actually pick up my pizza & paid dbl what I cld have @ multiple other places bcuz I was craving ur Philly pizza. I get the pizza home, it was hard and cold! Tasted like I was chewing a chz covered piece of cardboard! Like they pulled it out of the oven & left it out on the counter till I arrived! Every possible link to the complaint site isn’t working & didn’t get an answer when I called the store! This is absolutely ridiculous! It really easy for us 2 give u our $ but when there’s an issue, there’s no one around! I will NEVER order from that store again & if this is how it’s gonna be, may never order from domino’s period!

  33. Your Paris, Tn Pizza Place has the worst customer service, worst delivery, rudest General Manager, and the least trained staff of any business I have ever dealt with. I will never order from Domino’s again.

  34. I have ordered from you guys so much. But I learn I’m charged a delivery fee but it’s not the drivers tip so I half to pay extra plus tip plus ur expense prices when usually my orders is messed up. Shame on Dominos. Worst ever

  35. Good Morning
    I will be faxing a letter to your corporate office. I have emailed several times, unfortunately the Customer Care Team has not gotten the job done. I have not heard anything further after “We have passed your concerns on to the appropriate department.” Case # 2652132

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