Home Depot Headquarters

Home Depot Corporate Office and Headquarters.

Her you can find all the contact details for the Home Depot corporate office, a list of the full Home Depot Executive Team, career information, and other useful resources about this Georgia-based company.

About Home Depot.

Home Depot is a public US company that offers home improvement and construction products. The company was created in 1978 and currently employs more than 315,000 staff in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Home Depot Corporate Office Contacts.

You can contact the Home Depot headquarters by phone, postal mail or fax. See below for more details.

  • Home Depot Headquarters Phone Number: +1 770 433 8211
  • Phone Line Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm (EST)
  • Home Depot Headquarters Fax Number: +1 770 384 5038

Home Depot Headquarters Address:

Home Depot Corporate Office

2455 Paces Ferry Rd.

Atlanta, GA, 30339


Home Depot Headquarters
The Home Depot Headquarters at 2455 Paces Ferry Rd, Atlanta, Georgia.

Home Depot Executive Team.

This is the complete list of the Home Depot key leaders:

  • Craig Menear, CEO, Chairman, and President
  • Ann-Marie Campbell, Executive Vice President (USA)
  • Matt Carey, Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer
  • Tim Crow, Executive Vice President (Human Resources)
  • Ted Decker, Executive Vice President (Merchandising)
  • Mark Holifield, Executive Vice President (Supply Chain & Product Development)
  • Jeff Kinnaird, President (Home Depot Canada)
  • Ricardo Saldivar, President (Home Depot Mexico)
  • Bill Lennie, Executive Vice President (Sales & Service)
  • Theresa Wynn Roseborough, Executive Vice President (Corporate Secretary & General Counsel)
  • Carol B. Tome, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (Corporate Services)
  • Kelly Barrett, Senior Vice President (Home Services)
  • Giles Bowman, Senior Vice President (Merchandising & Building Materials)
  • John Deaton, Senior Vice President (Brand & Product Development)
  • Aaron Flow, Senior Vice President (Western Division)
  • Paul Gaffney, Senior Vice President (Information Technology)
  • Crystal Hanlon, President (Northern Division)
  • Tim Hourigan, President (Southern Division)
  • Kevin Hoffman, President (CMO & Online)
  • Jeanine Huebner, Senior Vice President (Hardlines)
  • Dwaine Kimmet, Senior Vice President (Payments & Treasury)
  • Richard McPhail, Senior Vice President (Finance)
  • Hector Padilla, Senior Vice President (Store Operations)
  • Kevin Scott, Senior Vice President (Decor & Merchandising)
  • Mark White, Senior Vice President (Merchandising Services)
  • Tom Shortt, Senior Vice President (Supply Chain)
  • Stacey Tank, Corporate Communications

Home Depot Board of Directors:

  • Craig Menear
  • Gerard J. Arpey
  • Ari Bousbib
  • Jeffery H. Boyd
  • Gregory D. Brenneman
  • J. Frank Brown
  • Albert P. Carey
  • Armando Codina
  • Helena B. Foulkes
  • Linda R. Gooden
  • Wayne M. Hewett
  • Karen L. Katen
  • Mark Vadon

Home Depot Careers and Jobs.

If you want to apply for a job or view career opportunities at Home Depot, visit the Home Depot career page. Alternatively, you may check their LinkedIn careers page for current job opportunities.

How to complain to Home Depot.

To file a complaint with Home Depot, use this contact form or call the Customer Care line on 1-800-466-3337. Alternatively, you may contact the Support Team via Twitter: Visit Home Depot’s Twitter Help page or tweet at the Twitter handle @homedepot_care.

Home Depot Resources.

See the resources below for more information on Home Depot, including links to their social media accounts, corporate website, customer service information, and more.

Please share your Home Depot experiences, complaints or issues in the comment section.

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30 thoughts on “Home Depot Headquarters

  1. Home Depot does not use good qualifying contractors, better off using a handy man than using Home Depot contractors I have gotten gotten bad service and Home Depot never responds have used them twice will never use them again!

  2. Sometime ago i ordered a stove and warranty, paying in full. Because it’s Alaska, it was several weeks before the stove was shipped, along with a refrigerator i bought at the same time. When it was ready to deliver, Home Depot notified that they had lost the stove i ordered but had one just like it only better, and unless i wanted to pay two delivery charges, the stove and refrigerator needed to be delivered at the same time, which i felt like i had to agree, as i am a senior trying to rehab a house fire that has taken over three years because the insurance company won’t settle.

    It turned out that the stove didnt fit, and when i went to Home Depot they kept telling me only one person in the world could even look it up and she was never there when i was able to get a ride to the store. I left notes and called, and she never called me. My son and my grown granddaughter also tried to find out how to fix this — my son wasn’t able to catch her, and my granddaughter was told she had to buy another more expensive stove, with no word on credit or how to return the wrong one.

    I have a stove sitting in my kitchen that i can’t use, a warranty on a stove i dont have, and no solution. Please help: i would like the charges for the wrong stove and the useless warranty credited to me and the wrong stove, which has never been used or hooked up, taken back st no charge to me. Can you arrange that for me please?

    I am retired, 76 years old, on a fixed income, and i dont drive. I’m not in good health,  and i don’t know what to think about a store that loses stoves and then won’t fix their own mistake or even call me back — it went through my credit card right away so i paid you for a stove i don’t have and a warranty u can’t use. i have gone to the store, called, emailed, and texted without getting any helpful response. Is my next choice small claims court or other legal remedy? I just want the wrong stove removed and full credit for what i purchased that i didnt get, including the warranty.

    E. Hayes
    Order number H893961508

  3. When Home Depot started requiring masks I decided to go to Lowe’s to make purchases to remodel my bathroom and kitchen. The fact that Home Depot decides to deny personal rights of Americans just cost them $23,000 hope other people decide to avoid Home Depot and put them out of business

  4. I want to express a good comment about an employee in store 6872 in Hialeah Florida. Mr Roberto Hernandez in dept H24, is an excellent employee, he knows how to assist a customer, and answer all questions. All your employees should be like him. He represents what your advertising on tv is about. This young man is the perfect employee, my wife and I were very happy that our problem was solved. We are a retired and we are doing things around the house. God blessings to him, you, and Home Depot. Thank you.

  5. We had a total kitchen remodel, cabinets, countertops, and floors, it turned into a nightmare. We had problems with cabinet installation excuses,countertop kept getting delayed and idly promises over and over again. The floors were a nightmare, and continue to be. The biggest problems during the remodel were the crews . They were some of the worse people I’ve seen. We have been trying to get Home Depot take care of the problems with our floors. They ignore calls, don’t follow up with with promises. Were done. Here we we come Lowe’s!

  6. Worst carpet installation service ever if I could rate negative stars I would!! 2 vacation days and work missed. 1 cancelled appt by their Romenoff installations division and then a great we can get you in early between 12-3 pm. After 15 calls they show up at 5 pm then notify us they cannot finish it tonight they would have to come back. Called scheduling and they can’t come back in the morning but I’ll call you back still no call. Now I have a baby and a toddler with no carpet in our rooms and my wife and I both have to work tomm. Never ever ever again HD!! Here’s what my rooms look like that my kids and spouse cannot sleep in again for the 7th night in a row!! Pissed doesn’t even describe it

  7. Does Home Depot in the New England area support local personal disasters? Not Non-profits or community natural disaster. My son lost his home to a fire in October of this year. We are looking to rebuild. Do the local Home Depots offer any kind of donations or assistance for the repair of such an event? The property is 90 Mount Pleasant Street, Athol, MA. The event occurred on October 14, 2018 and the owner of the property is my son, Steven Wilson. Thank you for an information and assistance you can provide.

  8. My wife and have been using home depot for years, we own several rental properties and, do some flipping so we do a fair amount of business there , they are always very helpful the associates always greet you to see if you need help and they do a very good job, however my wife bought a refrigerator at the home depot in Apex Nc and had it delivered
    july 11 2018 they installed it did not check to see if it worked when the tennat checked it was not cooling neither compartment when we called it took over a week to get someone to come check it , all they did was tell my wife it was installed correctley and would have to send a tech to check it out, another 7 or 8 days without service, when I called and ask about it after going thru ordeal to even speack to anykind of manager he pulled up the paper work on it said someone looked at it today and they wrote on the paper that is was working then they said that GE,s tech would have to look at it to determine if it needed to be replaced , that is total of over a month not to mention all the hassle we went thru just trying to even talk to someone they have more red tape than the IRS, I dont like Lowes because their associates are not very helpful nor are they friendly , but after this im not sure if I will buy appliances at home depot any more very dissapointed in their customer service!!!!!!!!

  9. Love the friendly staff of North Myrtle Beach Home Depot but unfortunately the vendor’s they use are useless. We ordered sliding screen door 4 months ago. 1st came wrong size but labeled size we ordered, rushed delivery 4 wks later…. came no upper wheels… ordered wheels then didn’t come, stopped in to check and associate would check next day, never did, went in again and reordered wheels, finally arrived today!! Sent to the wrong address but at least here!! Original ordered in March a plain standard patio screen door. Ordered 3 appliances GE and came last fri two dented in places you can’t hide had to return and now won’t be here till this Friday. Hopefully not dented. Ordered 70 hr carpet not expensive having 4 kids… 1st took a few days for them to measure, approved it paid and then appointment made for installation for last Sat vendor called Fri afternoon and carpet not on truck. ( I asked friends to help move furniture and already started to move things) Carpet finally came in today Monday but can’t install till Sat. So much for 70 hr. I’ve spoke to 3 managers and everyone is so sorry…. 3 yrs ago I remodeled a house with same home depot and had none of these problems. Needless to say I will be taking my business and money elsewhere. No amount of cheaper price is worth so many phone calls and trips and aggravation. Mistakes happen and I certainly do know things get dented but 2 of 3? It is a shame because the people are nice and helpful but…

    The store in San Antonio TX(0586)has to be the worst store i have been too always so busy and never enough help…recently i went to the lumber area and was rudely told to wait an hour because they had orders to get for the commercial pro sales first that i would have to wait to be helped says a lumber associate and when the did get to me i was rudely given the items i was waiting for some roofing items.the only good experience i had was the friendly pro cashier that helped me and asked if i would like to sign up for a Home depot card??? i declined because of the service i received from your lumber associates..Thank you i will be going to LOWE’S from now on.

  11. I went to the Vinings, GA Home Depot during their Memorial Day sale and bought a new stove & Microwave. I was told by the sales person that was helping me that there was 58 in stock at their warehouse, so there should not be a wait on getting them delivered to me. The first delivery date was for May 25th, on May 24th at 10:30pm at night the delivery company called and pushed back the delivery to June 8th. But, I had already taken the day off from work to be there on May 25th for the delivery. Now, on June 8th the something happened to me again! Now, they have pushed back the delivery to June 26th! So I have now missed two days of work for the delivery dates that did not happen. Now, I have to take off another day of work to be here for the June 26th delivery. When I called the store to find out what was going on I stayed on hold for about an hour and never spoke to anyone! So I am out of three days of missed work & wages over this! I have always been a huge Home Depot customer and have spent a lot of money there each year, but I have to say after this experience I will not be going back there again. All of this pushed back the remodeling of my kitchen too, having to hold off on the rest of the construction of my kitchen. I am super pissed about this, they should reburse me over my missed wages from the missed time at work! I wrote an email to the corporate office, only no one contacted me back. I am ready to hire a lawyer at this point. Terrible company!

  12. Home depot customer service in general is bad, bigtime. Their customers are not important and they dont care about the level of service customers need or suppose to get. They foul up delivery orders, the are not detailed, focused, or make sure your item u order goes to the right store. it ends up in another store across town. When you complain to corporate they never get the picture right no matter how many times you detail the events. They come back more confused as ever not relaizing they are fustrating you further than u want to go. I have tried somany times and so many chances that others i have talked to others, that I have witnessed, experience the same pattern and same scenarios as I have on a regular basis.

    Its not fair nothing seems to get done about it. Its a constant problem. That is why their stock is going down, that is why their competitors and amazon is ruling over them and their sales are over the top. Even when you put these complaints in review you are probably waisting your time over and over again.

    They have screwed up one order after another with me, my neighbors, and other customers walking out of the stores making harsh, high level comments of disgust for everyone to hear. Should tehy be allowed to continue working there? Should these stores be allowed to operate under such stress they put on the consumer.

    when does it come to a point and some corporate official, public official, media official, say things have to change for the better. They know alot of people depend on them and to perform acceptionally and they kknow they wont get in trouble, that is why nothing ever gets done. And anyone reading this knows how inportant communication, corporation and good customer service should be.

    Thank u for reading.

  13. In the latter part of 2017, I purchased a kitchen cabinet from the above location. At that same time, I ordered and purchased a counter top for the cabinet.
    I delivered the cabinet home. However, I was told that the counter top ordered would be delivered in three weeks. After three plus weeks, I called the store and was told that it would be delivered five to six weeks. Again, I called after six weeks and was told that the countertop was scheduled to be delivered on that day. I called the next day and was told that it was enroute and should be delivered on that day. After a couple of days, I called again and was told that it was in, but it had to be delivered to another area and I would get a call after the countertop was put together.
    After a long wait, the countertop was delivered and placed in my home. It was then that I was told that someone else would install it.
    Weeks past, I heard nothing pertaining to the installation. I called Home Depot; I was told that they would call back. I received the call, after several days. Installers came to install the countertop, but did not. It was then that I was told that the counter must be already mounted to the wall. Mind you, if I had been informed of this, the counter would have been installed before their arrival.
    After many days, I called Home Depot. Then, I was told that the installation was not charged that Home Depot was doing me a favor. I went to the store and waited/standing being sent from person to person and was told that this matter would be checked in to because of the experience and knowledge of the young lady who initially took my order. I was told that someone would contact me. They did-after a few days. The verdict was –I needed to pay for the installation.
    My concern:
    1. Why was I told that installation was included in my payment at the time of the order?
    2. Why did it take almost three months to complete the process?
    3. Why was I not told that installation was not included when I called inquiring about the Installation?
    4. If I did not pay initially, why were the installers sent?
    5. Why I was not informed of the prerequisite before installation?
    6. Why was the result of the investigation contingence on the worker who took my order?
    During the renovation of my home, I have spent of $10,000 at your stores. Needless to say, I am very disappointed in the nonprofessional manner of your associates. However, I will continue shopping at Home Depot. Shopping not because it is the only store, but because your prices are good and customer service is normally commendable.

  14. In Dec. 2017 Jim Armstrong decided after 3 years of battling cancer , even when he was receiving radiation he worked , sick , tired ,he went in as a loader in pro area . at that time his manager was Bill Gunnoe , super great guy who had sympathy and empathy for Jim’s illness , because Bill was caring for one of his two sisters with terminal cancer. Jim did his job of loading so well that all the contractors would ask for him and even offered him a job . Bill lost his sister two years ago , and his other sisters cancer worsen and Bill cared for her plus did his job the best he could , still helping Jim , knowing how difficult this illness can be and financial aspect , Bill and others would hand Jim gas cards , packs off Boost. One Bill was manager , next after over twenty some years he was fired . new manager came inn life changed for some , many older ones fired , or pushed out , tolerance for some none for others. One employee came to work with cat ears on and paws , would hiss and play around and many did it back. Jim , at 72 decided the cancer had ravaged his body , he was tired . Jim walked into worked , told Mike he was putting in a two week notice , Mike said wait a minute , then told Jim he was fired for inappriate behavior with Gabby the cat girl , for hissing back at herd. Again , weeding out the older people. Oh, and Bill’s other sister succumbed to her cancer.

  15. Attn Craig Menear…I am a very frustrated customer I live in Illinois and have a property recently rented in Sarasota. Our refrigerator stopped working Feb 5, 2018 and I went on The Home Depot website and placed order W917728594 for Frigidaire refrigerator and ice maker. We received order confirmation with delivery date of Feb 9,2018 that we would have 4 hour window the day before no later than 7pm….on Feb 8th I finally had to call at 6:30 pm to find out the delivery time at which time was told computer glitch items never shipped and they would reschedule shipment for Feb 14th again on the 13th no call concerning delivery so I again picked up the phone called and was told the delivery window was 1:30-5:30 (keep in mind this means our renters have to sit around all day)….on the 14th I was waiting for the 30 minute delivery call and it was now 5:00pm no call….I again called to find out the item was never shipped and we would have to wait for the 3rd delivery another 7 days Feb 21, 2018…(KEEP IN MIND THESE RENTERS HAVE HAD NO REFRIGERATOR AND LIVING OUT OF COOLERS)…My real concern is will the merchandise finally be delivered on the 21st because when speaking to Home Depot Resolution Team, Delivery Team and Manufacturer no one will guarantee me delivery this time they again did say merchandise was shipped on the 15th however this does not mean it will get delivered!!!! We had to compensate our renters and already paid them 160.00 and most likely lost them as renters because of this horrible customer service….You can locate my cell phone info on my order if you need to reach out which I feel would be the honorable thing to do….


  17. My experience with Home Depot is this; I purchased some security doors for the side of my garage and for the front double doors, had the installer through HD come out measure and explain that we would need to exterior mount do to the handles being to close to the door if we went with the flush mounted, which wouldn’t work. So ok I went back to store made final choices and got the single door correct with exterior mount but the double doors came as flush. Needed to send back to supplier through HD and that took the same amount of time 4 weeks as the 1st round. (no expedition) So then received the double doors 8 weeks out from original date bur did not come with correct hardware, the bolts. You would think those would have been expedited as well bit no normal 3 day delivery. then needed to wait once again for installer to set a time that would work with my schedule, but once again no expediting had to wait. so I’m now just waiting another few days which will now have been 10 weeks to have these security doors installed. This is very bad customer relations no one seems to be bothered but me the customer. Thank you so much Home Depot I think I will start to buy product elsewhere. Just maybe I will get satisfaction there. 🙁

  18. I guess I need to work for Home Debot in the corporate office, god knows I can’t do anymore of the boring jobs than y’all are doing

  19. I have a protection plan claim it has been screwed up from the beginning first they gave a store credit that I didn’t want when the 10 day I was told that I would receive a check was.up.guess what,?; So I was told that November 13 was day 1 but no it get better your people said no the check mailed on the 18 10ore days now your time is up Its almost Christmas and enough if I have to wait 15 n
    More days we’ll.im telling everyone this story

  20. Robbed by Home Depot and they seem pretty proud of it. Home Depot has the poorest customer service I have experienced in FOREVER. Purchased two A/C units last year with install through Home Depot. Shortly after install the downstairs unit wasn’t cooling properly. They charged for a service call at that time unit only 4 months old. Last month the A/C began dripping water then pouring water flooded my downstairs bathroom. A/C folks contracted by Home Depot came out turned the unit off, walked around the yard a few times, sat out in his truck talking on the phone, came back in said the water problem wasn’t theirs. Said the unit needed a new fan motor and he would order it and be back out to install it. Said he thought the problem was a random pipe in the wall. Not their problem. Also said don’t run unit until part is replaced. He left and we tore down the back wall behind the A/C unit. He was right it was a pipe the pipe to the A/C unit. With the wall down you could see the problem crystal clear the A/C was never seated into the platform correctly. To hide the some of this problem they used a ton and a do mean a ton of foam sealer. The pipe wasn’t correctly connected just foamed together. Oh what a nasty mess we uncovered however we did take a ton of pictures for our friends at Home Depot.. We had to build a new platform for the A/c to sit on because the old was complete mush and water logged, gutted the bathroom floors and 2 feet up the bathroom walls and 4 feet around the A/C housing unit all walls were damp and moldy.. This was all done with our funds and our hired help. Home Depot charged my card for a service call and for a part I received no service just a body making excuses and no new part. They took no accountability, and provided no new part. We fixed the damage flipped the float and the air works fine. A/C guy said unit wouldn’t work without the new motor. It gets even better Home Depot changed my card twice but say they can’t refund us the monies they stole from us. Here is where they get shifty, their contracted A/C service has to refund us. What? Really? My bank account clearly stated Home Depot pulled the funds. The A/C service that took no accountability for the poor install, the damages, the flood or for a part they say they ordered and never returned to install. Be very careful people Not only will Home Depot Rob you but they shift the blame off on their hired contractors. We have spoke to and waited and waited for resolution. They say someone from their escalation team will call and get this settled. Three weeks of calling and calling and my bank account is still empty. Customer Service at it’s finest same day Home Depot debited my account twice but after three weeks they can’t refund us our money ! We have been robbed! We want Justice and our money back.

  21. I ordered a shower door through HomeDepot.com on September 9th. It’s November 7th and after three attempts I’ve still never seen the door.
    While the customer service team has been pleasant and tried to be helpful, clearly I’m getting nowhere with them. Despite offering to compensate me (discounts) for the time and frustration, I’m still paying something and have yet to receive nothing … but a seven week delay in the finishing of the bathroom remodel. I’d take my business elsewhere, but the other major home retail stores have the same two week shipping and I wouldn’t get the compensation, just still be out the time.
    I don’t totally blame Home Depot for the issues, however when I spend my money at their store and they choose to operate with with crappy vendors (Wet Republic) and Podunk shipping companies (Cagne (?) Global) that “misplace shipping labels” and won’t return calls, it still reflects poorly on Home Depot and receives the negative word of mouth each time the story spreads about how they can’t seem to get a customer the product they paid for.
    Hopefully some VP, or someone higher up the ladder sees this, because despite their attempted efforts the call center isn’t getting me anywhere as I’m growing more frustrated and on the verge of taking this experience with these companies to the Better Business Bureau or someone who will hopefully get the last piece of my bathroom remodel done before company arrives for the holidays in a little over two weeks.

  22. I purshased 4 kitchen appliances in aug 2017
    It was a nightmare in the palatine il store!
    The salesman Mark Buldak definitely needs some training. The salesman that corrected the mess I had was great. His name was Sid Edwards. He fixed everything that mr buldak had messed up.
    I just wanted to tell corporate what a great man and good job he did. I do not know this man but would definitely go back to him to help me. Home Depot has a great employee. I wanted you to know. Hopefully you will do something for him!!
    Thank you

  23. I just interviewed at Home Depot in Hawthorne, NY for a job I was on time for the interview. The customer service people paged the person who was supposed to interview me. They called her. I was kept waiting for 15 minutes. When they took me back to her office she told me I was late. I told her that I was on time. She repeated herself. I said that they had paged her and phoned her. She said she heard nothing. This does not leave me with a good feeling about working at this Home Depot or any other Home Depot. You don’t begin an interview with an accusation.

    She was not prepared for the interview. I was told that I have to be available on weekends or the interview was over. I should have been told this before I agreed to the interview. Needless to say I feel that I wasted my time on this interview. The initial combative attitude of the woman who interviewed me leaves me wondering if this is a place worth working at when the pay is so low and it’s only part time. Hint to Home Depot: you are not going to get decent people if you treat them like this at an interview.


  25. I have contacted Hoe Depot more than once about the Home Depot in Berlin MD. and their delivery company. I am not going to go through this story again. I am simply going to say Home Depot and the delivery company both OWE ME MONEY !

  26. A chronic illness prevented me from responding to a special offer from Brandon C. Hayes in a timely manner.the offer of 18 months interest for free expired on the 7/31/17. I called Home Depot customer care to request an extension,and was denied. i was unable to appeal to mr. Hayes directly,as i could not locate his contact info. as a long time card holder,in good standing,i am very saddened by this. I was told about 6 months. free interest,a pedestrian offer afforded to anyone. How insulting,as i have been a very loyal customer,and card holder,for a long time. can someone please help me?

  27. I’m a small business owner who has on more than one occasion been a victim of larceny at the Detroit Home Depot Meyers store. The last larceny has cost me over $2,000 in tools, time and money spent on buying some of the tools needed to complete the current project I’m working.. Poor security for us small business men and women who spend thousands of dollars each month.

  28. I’ve been waiting more than 72 hours for my refund on two appliances that I purchased and when i call homedepot in Yonkers there’s always seems to be a problem with them answering the phones. I need help getting back the money if someone can please contact me back.

  29. I’m having a bad experience with Home Depot services and contractor involved with home remodeling. I need Primary Customer Care to step-in ASAP.

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