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Lowes Corporate Office and Headquarters.

Everything you need to know about Lowe’s Companies, Inc and their corporate office.

We have listed allavailable contact details for the Lowe’s Headquarters, Customer Service department, their Jobs and Careers web pages, the Executive Team, and all social media contacts.

About Lowe’s.

Lowe’s is a hardware and home improvement company headquartered in North Carolina. The company was founded in 1946 and has since grown into North America’s second largest home improvement company.

Lowe’s has more than 2,000 stores and is present in Canada (since 2007), Australia (since 2011), and Mexico. Lowes’ product range include appliances, building & plumbing supplies, home security systems, tools, furniture, etc.

Lowe’s Corporate Office Contacts.

Use the contact details below to reach Lowe’s corporate office in North Carolina.

Lowe’s Corporation Headquarters Phone Number.

Lowe’s Headquarters Switchboard Hours.
Monday to Friday, from 8.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Eastern Time)


Lowe’s Corporate Headquarters Address.

Lowe’s Companies, Inc.
1000 Lowe’s Boulevard
Mooresville, NC, 28117

Lowes Headquarters
The Lowe’s corporate offices are located in Mooresville, North Carolina. The Lowe’s corporate campus, can be found 25 miles north of Charlotte and the headquarters contain a main five story, 400,000-square-foot (37,000 m2) building, plus two new seven story buildings. The headquarters house around 10000 workers, including 4000 customer service employees.

Lowe’s Executive Team.

Ths is the complete list of key leaders at Lowe’s Companies, Inc.

  • Robert A. Niblock, Chairman, President & CEO
  • Maureen K. Ausura, Executive Vice President (Human Resources)
  • Gregory M. Bridgeford, Executive Vice President (Business Development)
  • Michael K. Brown, Executive Vice President & Chief Information Officer
  • Rick D. Damron, Executive Vice President (Store Operations)
  • Robert J. Gfeller, Jr., Executive Vice President (Merchandising)
  • Robert F. Hull, Jr., Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
  • Gaither M. Keener, Jr., Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Secretary & Chief Compliance Officer
  • Joseph M. Mabry, Jr., Executive Vice President (Logistics & Distribution)
  • Marshall A. Croom, Senior Vice President & Chief Risk Officer
  • Matthew V. Hollifield, Senior Vice President & Chief Accounting Officer
  • Thomas J. Lamb, Senior Vice President (Marketing & Advertising)
  • N. Brian Peace, Senior Vice President (Corporate Affairs)
  • M. Lee Reeves, Senior Vice President, Deputy General Counsel & Assistant Secretary
  • William D. Robinson, Senior Vice President (International Operations & Customer Support)
  • Janet M. Saura, Senior Vice President, Deputy General Counsel & Assistant Secretary

Lowes Board of Directors:

  • Robert A. Niblock, Chairman of the Board
  • Raul Alvarez
  • David W Bernauer
  • Leonard L. Berry
  • Peter C. Browning
  • Richard W. Dreiling
  • Dawn E. Hudson
  • Robert L. Johnson
  • Marshall O. Larsen
  • Richard K. Lochridge
  • Stephen F. Page
  • Eric C. Wiseman

Lowe’s Careers and Jobs.

With more than 285,000 employees and 2,355 stores in the US, Lowe’s is on of the premier employers in America. The company is always looking for new talents, so if you are looking for a career at Lowe’s, they have several career pages, that list their current available jobs.

To find job opportunities at Lowes stores across the US, use the company’s LinkedIn or official careers page.

For jobs in distribution, visit this page. Call center jobs are listed here. For corporate jobs, please visit their Corporate Jobs page.


How to Complain to Lowe’s.

Lowe’s Customer Care team can be reached on +1-800 445-6937. Lines are staffed from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. from Monday to Saturday and between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. on Sundays.

Complaints can be filed via Twitter too. If your complaint refers to an existing order, you can email Customer Care at [email protected]

You may also send a written complaint using this web form. Alternatively, mail your complaint to Lowe’s Customer Care, P.O. Box 1111, North Wilkesboro, NC, 28656.

If your time is limited, the fastest and easiest way to complain to Lowe’s is their Rants and Raves Feedback Page. This official company website allows you to log in with your Email, Facebook or Twitter account. Company representatives will usually respond to your query or complaint within 24 hours.

Other Lowe’s Resources.

Additional Lowe’s contact information.

Please share your experiences, praise or complaints about Lowe’s in the comment section.

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62 thoughts on “Lowe’s Headquarters

  1. This was 2 years ago and Bill Ryan may not be at this store any more as he was a “traveling manager”. He was our
    ”traveling Angel” that day. Just wanted to give a shout out to corporate for this fine young man who represented Lowe’s in an outstanding manner.

    Well we got to Kerrville Tx on Wed., left the rv Park yesterday and stopped at Lowe’s to rig something up to get car on trailer. We got there about 11:30 and spent over an hour in Lowe’s trying to come up with solution. Bought two 14 ft boards to replace really bad ones on trailer. Then took a break and drove around a bit and had a late lunch. About 5, a gentleman came over and asked if we needed help. He was a transitioning store manager, doing nothing but moving wherever he was needed to revamp a store. Well, this man said he wanted to help us. He called an auto parts store to see if they had ramps that would accommodate us, said he would go look at them, I told him we could do that and he said no just wait there, he would be right back. He came back WITH the ramps, I asked him how much they were, he said they were free, I knew they weren’t, a price tag of $59 was on them. They were too low for trailer so he called an employee to bring some more boards to build up height for ramps to fit. That guy came out with some 10 x 14, probably 6, and a couple 10 x 8 PRESSURE TREATED boards! They stacked them up and I drove the car up on to the trailer, no problem with his guidance. The car door would not open due to side of trailer, a few inches to high🥴, so I had to CRAWL out the window, NO, didn’t get a video of that!😂😂😂 The employee helping suggested it! The manager seemed amazed that I did it!😂😂 Well, long story longer, his name is Bill Ryan, his associate is Dwayne Flores. He GAVE us the lumber and ramps! Said we would be needing a new flooring soon and since it worked to get the car on, he wanted us to keep it, so we could get it off. The 2 pieces we bought earlier was over $30! Of course I tried to object and he said he wanted to help us. I was speechless.

  2. Thank You for the assistance you are providing Louisiana. The showers and laundry trailers are sorely needed. We are eternally grateful !!

  3. On 8-11-2021 I bought $2,200 worth of Composite wood decking for my deck along with joist tape and the tape was on back order so I went to Home Depot to get the joist tape so I could continue my deck. After everything was done I let Tom at the pro desk know that I just wanted a refund on the 8 rolls of joist tape that came to about $124 dollar return. I was informed that someone had collected a store credit for the tape and as they did not put the credit back on my credit card that I ordered it with. I’ve been to the store 2 times and now they are wanting to get a manager to look at the video as it was not me that got the store credit. It sounds like they have internal fraud going on. Not one person has called to fix this. This is terrible service and makes me not want to shop at Lowes if this is how they treat people who spends thousands of dollars at their store. I will spend my money elsewhere next time. The manager still has not called me to correct this. This is at the Buford Store in GA.

  4. Terrible customer service! Bought a dryer, they were supposed to call day ahead to deliver. Just showed up pounding on my door like a cop while I was in shower! Told them I wasn’t ready and take it back. Called store and they told me I had to call the delivery team! Did that! They came pounding on my door again without calling first! Refused delivery – wasn’t ready. Wanted my $$ back. Store told me there are no refunds!! WTF

  5. Lowes is terrible. Have made numerous calls to get a fence estimate yet the clown who is the contact person for giving estimates has refused to return my calls for assistance. 15012 lowes store. August 2021

  6. I frequent Lowes often in the Raleigh Durham NC area.I made the mistake of thinking all Lowes Stores operates on the same policy but found this was not true when shopping at the Lowes in Roanoke Rapids NC. The customer service has been horrible since beginning this project in May 2021 and seems to get worse as time pass. The store employees appears poorly trained, hurried and avoiding customers by not making eye contact

    I had a suite of appliances scheduled for delivery. At 8pm the day before the scheduled delivery date, it was changed . We agreed on the following day.
    Upon follow up, your organization actually made the appt for 2 days later. The vanity was returned because it was broken and it’s replacement was broken. They would not accept a return and the list goes on and on.
    More staff, Customer service and product training is NEEDED in the Roanoke Rapids NC store

  7. I have a major complaint about Lowe’s that have received little to no resolution.I purchased flooring on March 22,2021 it took over a month to receive the product and almost another month for installation. On May 19th is when the install began however on May 20th in stead of experienced installers there were 2 minors installing the flooring based on Lowe’s approval. They were asking for the wifi code, sitting on our tables, defecating in our bathroom repeatedly, and wiping their hands on expensive decorative towels.When I asked to cover my things up better they refused. The dust and debris control was horrible because of lack of preparation. I have made several attempts to inform them the flooring was improperly install due to minors. There was material that was to be used based on the manufacture warranty purposes and it was not used. They assured me they would send someone out to correct the botched flooring and when the service appointment date was met they sent out the same installer who botched the work in the very beginning and he said that the material we did not use was not needed. With that being said my frustration and disappointment has lead me to the point of choosing someone else who is skillful, proficient, and qualified to get the job done correctly without the aide of inexperience minors. So I have requested a refund and I’m going to take my hard earned money to a company that truly operates in this function of flooring installation. I have had people telling me they have not gotten back to me because their mother was ill etc. This is to much I’m letting you know I won’t stop until restitution is made

  8. I can only add my complaint to the dozens I see already. I bought whole house new carpet at Lowe’s Denver in Dec. 2020. The carpet is DEFECTIVE, many fibers coming up into the vacuum bag even after 6 months. Lowes and Mohawk will not do anything but give me the runaround and lies, even though I have done all I can do to meet Mohawk’s requirements for them to honor the warranty. WARRANTY MEANS NOTHING!

  9. Bought GE Window unit for around $700.00 not used more than 5 month and it. Not working almost had house catch on FIRe And shocked my Neice and can’t get a call back from Ge to help get something done been without air around 2 weeks now

  10. I have a major complaint about the Lowe’s store in London KY. The management there is allowing people to bring in their big dogs who aren’t service dogs to walk them around the store like it’s a dog park. If one of those dogs bites a person or child. Lowes could be in a major lawsuit for allowing untrained non service dogs inside the store.

  11. I can’t see you entire website because I can’t get the Automated assistant to go away. Frustrating.

  12. I bought a new washer from Lowe’s they delivered it and it didn’t work I had a few issues but the manager at The Lowe’s on Veterans Hwy in Metairie took care of my issues. His name is Dave or David. With all issues in my life right now I didn’t have to add this problem. I have to say the guys that delivered both times where very professional too. Thank you guys very much ! I am a Lowe’s customer always!

  13. Lowe’s does not care about the customer. It had gotten above that. The person in front of me returned something over 90 days without a receipt. When I was behind that person, cashier would not return my purchase without a receipt. I listened and watched intently to see how the transaction was resolved. He received a card voucher. I was refused.

  14. I have been trying to reach some live person to talk to about my protection plans where I have spent thousands of dollars on in last year. Every time have tried to call in last 3 months, including today, I am put on hold until I hang up. Today I waited 50 MINUTES on hold before hanging up. In the past few months I have waited up to 1 HOUR on hold before hanging up. I am tired of trying to get help. I am 72 years old and deserve to be treated better than this. When I try to complain at a store, am told to call Lowes customer service BUT CAN NEVER GET THROUGH. Am sick and tired of constantly hearing recording “We are presently helping other customers and will be with you momentarily.” I do not think waiting an hour is momentarily! Do you? You should be ashame of this lack of customer service and am tired of Covid excuse for lack of help!

  15. Why can’t you get an in store credit when you can’t find your receipt? We spent quite a bit of money in store close to us, because I couldn’t find a receipt for a door knob, I’ll not being doing business with Lowe’s anymore. I’ll definitely be telling everyone I can not to shop there either.

  16. I just purchase a whirlpool washer and drawer for my Granddaughter and was told by sales person that I could use my military discount. When I checked out at register I was informed that I could not use military discount because items were on sale. So where is the discount is given to honor the military soldiers. I feel the military people should not be penalized because the item is on sale. If so, military is no different than any one purchasing an item.

  17. I purchased a refrigerator and when it arrived it had 3 bad dents. I refused the delivery. When the driver backed into my drive, he drove under the power line coming into my house. He also knock down a cable wire. The power wire, the truck did knock down, thank Goodness because I was standing under it. When I asked who was going to pay to repair the cable, the driver did not say anything but got out of truck and went where the cable was hanging down and cut the wire. I was mad. If I knew any dirty words, I would have said them. The other man with the driver, said their dispatcher was calling on my house phone. She said someone contact me concerning the cable. She ask if I was going to refuse delivery. I told her yes. I was not paying for a damage refrigerator. That was the begging of my dealings. The managers have treated me very badly. One said they had 70 refrigerator in stock in the warehouse and it would take 7 working days to get one to Opelika. I waited 8 days and went back to the store and asked where my refrigerator was. It had not been ordered. I told them to cancel the order I would go to another store to buy one. When the one I ordered from another store was delivered, Lowe’s truck showed up with a refrigerator. I told them to take it back because I had cancel the order. I call customer service in North Carolina was the lady told me she was cancelling the order. I did not sign for the refrigerator. It has appeared on my statement for 2 months. The cable the driver of the first truck cut down is still in my yard. I will never buy anything from Lowe’s again. I have been a customer since 1980 and have spent thousand of dollars on appliances and building materials.

  18. I love Lowe’s. I go to Lowe’s for most of things that I need and I can usually always find what I’m looking for. I have a Lowe’s account and I use it throughout the year and I feel A Lowe’s account is a necessity if you own a home, business, or property. With that being said what is also a necessity is being able to enter the store and move around through the vast isles in the huge store. My husband is disabled and our last four trips to Lowe’s he has had to sit in the car as I go inside to do the shopping via FaceTime with him so he can see what he wants. This is all due to the fact that Lowe’s in Crowley La. does not have adequate scooters for disabled people. You see providing disabled people a way to navigate the store is a NECESSITY. Today when I went to Lowe’s there was a scooter in the parking lot with a dead battery. When I walked inside to see if there was another I was told that was the only scooter they had. Times before there had been at least two scooters available but usually they are broken or not charged. I would like to continue to be a Lowe’s customer however this is beginning to feel as though Lowe’s does not care about our handicapped and disabled citizens.

  19. Hey
    I went to the lowes stores in Oakland Park, Florida and i paid for an online order. my total was 930 dollars and the date for delivery was May 29, 2020. From that date I never received my order. Te company claim I got a refund but never did.
    phone 242 646-xxxx

  20. I purchased 2 stoves from store #0553. I received no emailed confirmation stating when they would be delivered. 5/6/21 at 3:10pm I received a call from the delivery drivers that they were on their way. I purchased the haul away service, but they were initially refusing to haul away my old stove. I purchased 2 but only received 1 stove. I contacted store #0553 and spoke to 3 different people before being told that even though I had them as the selected store, that the delivery came from store #0522. Between yesterday and today I have tried to contact someone at store #0522 13 times. No one is answering the phone at the help desk or back at delivery. I tried calling the appliance dept, but no one answered. Plumming and Paint depts put me on hold and then the line got disconnected. I tried calling the corporate number 3 times. Each time the line disconnects. I want to know where my other stove is. If it is not being delivered it needs to be refunded. I understand stores are under staffed due to people not wanting to work, but there has to be a better way to do this. I need someone to contact me about my missing stove. Thank you!

  21. After reading the comments from prior customers, I have realized that my thoughts about Lowes is directly on point. Lowes has lost all confidence from their customers and will eventually pay the price. My story started back in May 2019 when I had Lowes provide me with an estimate to have a chain link fence installed in the rear yard of my new home. The fence is needed to protect my dogs from running out into traffic and to keep them safe from whatever wild animals might be lurking around. I met with the salesman at the Lowes store in Waterloo, NY in June 2019 and signed all the papers necessary to move the project forward. I had explained to the salesman that we were making settlement on our new home at the end of July 2019 and would like the fence to be installed by that date. The salesman explained that the supplies for the project should arrive by July 26, 2019 and I would then receive a date for installing soon after. I waited till August 5, 2019 after never receiving any information from Lowes and finally spoke with a Lori Harris out of Lowes project rep’s office located in the state of Indiana. To end my story, the only work done was having 40 deep holes in my yard and contractor cannot finish my project. Lowes has made a fool out of me and I have to find my own contractor now.. THANKS LOWES FOR NOTHING. Your company should be ashamed of how you treat customers.

  22. May 25, 2019. My wife and I purchased a new kitchen from Lowe’s store 0696 in Melbourne, FL. Three people were involved and need to be recognized. Barbara Caulkett delivered a flawless effort in designing, paying meticulous detail and stellar customer service, meeting with my wife no less than five times, spending hours ensuring the job would be done right. Jennifer Huxley, a head cashier who knew of my project, ensured I was given a 30% discount document for the best price, and Patricia Ritenour, another head cashier used her knowledge and experience to pull the payment options together, taking no less than 30 minutes to get it right. this kind of customer service is a shining beacon that Lowe’s officials at the highest level need to be aware of and ensure proper recognition for such service. Additionally, the store management staff needs to know they have this kind of professional and caring concern for Lowe’s customers. Please take necessary action to ensure recognition is achieved. Thank You.
    Elbert R. & Mi Young Coleman

  23. Worked with a corporate customer service rep this morning attempting to explain my problem. We purchased a $1000 bath vanity from Lowe’s. First problem, under mount sink arrived at store broken. Took numerous visits to store to get someone to pursue getting a replacement sink. Working with managers did not help. I believe that it took two weeks to receive the replacement sink. Next problem, under mount sink was supposed to fasten to top using screws that were epoxied into holes in the vanity top. No holes in top; only brass screw inserts. Obviously could not epoxy a hole that was not there. Lowe’s was of no help with this matter. After working directly with their distributor we found that there was a recent change in the vanity tops, no more holes only brass screw inserts. We also found that two different types of fasteners were sent, one correct one wrong. After finding the second set of fasteners, we found that these would work with the new brass inserts. Absolutely no one at Lowe’s followed through with me on any problem. I spent my time checking with people at the store to no avail. Finally called corporate but not sure what if any good that did; not sure the rep understood what I was trying to explain. Myself and the customer service rep at Atlas resolved the problems that I encountered with this Lowe’s product. I should receive at least a 50% refund for all the time and effort that I put into this. (St Charles, Illinois)

  24. So I had my windows done by LOWES- CHESTER. I requested a copy of my Purchase Order, since I had misplaced the original.
    First I send several texts to the salesperson in Lowe’s with NO RESPONSE. I decided the best bet is to see the Store Manager and told him my situation but also with NO RESPONSE. Therefore, I called a week later and spoke to another Store Manager at Lowe’s and again with NO RESPONSE. They sure know how to make a sell but there is noone to help me. I give this store a Zero for communication and I won’t be shopping at LOWES-CHESTER. So I suggest if you need any supplies or any home improvements go to HOME DEPOT. I hope that I get a response because I only asked for something that would have taken less then 5 minutes. Thank you!

  25. I actually went to the store on my lunch trying to find some wood boards which I would need cut for something for my home. I walked around and could not find the size I needed and also some were up high I couldnt even see the measurements. After wasting the majority of my lunch looking for what I needed passing multiple employees who never offered any help. I ask one guy if I could ask him a question and he never stopped walking to hear what had to say and said it’s not normally his section so he cant answer any questions. Nor did he ask anyone else for me he left. Then I noticed him flowing me through the store up and down each aisle. I told him you told me you said you cant help me so I dont know why all a sudden your following me
    I just left since I was so annoyed. Guess u need to be a man to get help here. Thanks. I wont shop here again.

  26. The disability department service they keep me jumping through hoops to go back to work after surgery and been cleared by a doctor to go back to work and want the dates of my leave and told them the dates from September 26 to January 04 2019 i have been released by the doctor to go back to work i want to go back work this coming Fri at Lowe’s 0569 in Leesburg fl after 10 and a half years.

  27. Has Lowes ever consider re-purposing their retired and disabled employees as door greeters and personal shoppers. My husband had 15 years with the store when he was diagnosed with COPD 4 and had to take disability. He loved his job and knew the complete store. If Lowes were to restore these types of past employees on a part time bases it would benefit the store and the person and most important the customer. My husband has had several calls from customers asking when he was coming back and if he knew where to find something or how to fix something. And if it was on a part time bases it would help restore the past employees dignity. Thanks for listening to me, Sheila Clark

  28. I purchased 4 appliances at Lowe’s—which should qualify me for a $250 rebate. However, they had to put two of the appliances on a separate invoice for installation purposes. Now I only qualify for a $75 rebate?! Seriously. I have already tried working with the local store. They cannot fix it. YOU set it up this way regarding installation. I should not be penalized for this. I expect this to be resolved soon as I’ve been dealing with this for over a week.

  29. Lowe’s vero beach 9:30ish – after being on hold with unanswered ringing nasty male who said he just arrived answered. I inquired if there were any 50c poinsettias left and he says “I have no idea I just walked in” and hung up. I called back as he had not answered my question. Rudely informed they were gone half after opening. My thoughts are the store had a very limited amount of the plants. I am not surprised Lowe’s are closing stores when the person in customer service is so rude. Comments from management please.

  30. Wow, what an experience! Let’s play a game, guess how long it took for Lowe’s to install a 210 ft. brown fence at my house, go ahead guess! If you guessed almost five months and it was still never finished, then you win the prize! There is really no prize, just the information on how incompetent Lowe’s really is! It was a total horror story with lies upon lies,upon lies,over,and over again, not by just one person but every person I spoke with. I was given their word, promised over and over that they were coming out,but never called or came! Wait, I guess I have to contradict myself a little, in the almost 5 months they did come out about four times, each time with the pieces missing that was supposed to finish the fence! I ended up with a very large dead area of grass, black pieces of fencing to finish it instead of the brown rust on the fence, scratches and dent all over the fence and peeling color on the gates! They never came out to finish it but after 5 months of waiting we received a compensation and told to finish it ourselves! They have yet to come and pick up the remaining parts that was not used. I will never, let me repeat, never purchase anything large from this company again! We should have hired someone else to do it!

  31. i ordered Choice Decking material and was told it would be two to three weeks, well it turned out to be over a month and all i got was a run around. then a said it was still at the company who makes it and they were waiting for Lowes to pick it up and Lowes was waitintg for them to deliver, they delivered and i paid for delivery and they sent twenty one boxes of ballisters and we only need two,so i had to send nineteen back. then part of my order was not even ordered so i had to reorder. i got the same runaround as before, supposed to be delivered in two weeks got it a month later. that is not good relations. I lost my first man who was going to install because of all the delays. so i got another man and he charged me to pick up material, he waited an hour and they couln’t find it, so that cost me more for his time and gas and he is charging me more to install the deck.i should be reinburst for the time and extra cost. i’ very dissapointed in the management of this lowes store and the runaround i got. i’m 86 years old and on a fixed income and it’s hard living on social sec. Shame on your company.

  32. I ordered a bathroom makeover December 2017.I paid $20,000.00. As of date nothing has been done. I called LOwe*s corporate office and spoke to Kim Anderson and explained my problem to her and also told her that the mgr of the store in Boynton beach florida yelled at me when I asked him when they were going to do my bathroom, after she said, She would call the store. She called me back and said it was the fault of Florida. Florida was holding up permits. It does not take forever to get permits, They did not send the application to the county. I am a old women . I hope I live to see the bathroom being done. I will be 81 years in Sept. Taking advantage of an old person.

    1. I am canceling my order of $2000 dollars in appliances. I ordered online. Delivery company continuously misled me on time delivered. Checked on delivery with Lowe’s no one at Lowe’s could give me a an answer. My order was lost and mysteriously appliances were back at plainville, ct store. They want to reschedule delivery, how do I ask my son once again to stay home from workwhen I don’t trust Lowe’s to deliver. If Lowe’s wanted my business, they would have used some common sense, rent a uhaul and deliver it today. Then they decided to pour salt on the wound and email a “congratulations for the completed delivery. I hope my charge card is not charged. An incident report was initiated by me.

  33. On April 9, 2018 I was shopping in one of Lowe’s store for landscape light fixtures. I had notice this particular type about a month ago. Today in your store, the price listed on the tag describing that fixture said one thing but to the contrary it was another. Such as, the listing was for four (4) fixtures in the box for $24.96 (Sku # 3607100633 / Model # 0884499); I asked the store service manager (SSM), Richard about it and he said the listed tag and price was correct. Once I was ready to purchase the fixtures mentioned (4 fixtures in the box for $24.96), the SSM Richard then told me that the listing and the price is a mistake and I can’t get the fixtures for what’s listed. I talked to both the SSM who’s name is Richard and the ASM who’s name is also Richard. After much conversation about this matter, neither the ASM or the SSM would honor the listed price. I was told to contact Lowe’s Corp. Headquarters. I want to know what will be done about this matter of Lowe’s False Advertising. I am a very dissatisfied customer. The stores in reference is #1545, located at 3645 East Hammer Ln., Stockton Ca. My name is Vernon Crayton my contact number is 404 xxx-xxxx. My email address: [email protected]

    Thank you for your immediate attention in this matter.
    Mr. Vernon Crayton

  34. This better reach corporate. My loved one works for your company in Oklahoma. He is not just a ‘stock boy’ either. I want to say I am VERY disappointed and disgusted at your scheduling and policies. I am encouraging him to leave your company that he is dedicated too. I belong to the healthcare field and if our policies and schedules were as bad as yours your loved one would NOT get taken care of they way you think should be expected. You need to treat your employees with ethics and respect. I hardly have any time with him and that is just unacceptable. Your managers change schedules overnight and it is just completely disrespectful and unacceptable. I just talked to a friend of mine who is repairing her house and told her to start going to Home Depot. It would be way easier and most cost effective if you would use regular hours vs hours pulled out of your pocket or whats convienent at the time. My sister does a lot of home improvement and just recently purchased some acreage to build a new house and I will encourage them to use Home Depot from here on out. I have always liked Lowes, but I will not tolerate the way your higher paid management employees are treated. You get to go home at the same day and time to see your loved ones……do the same for your employees.

    1. I totally agree with you! They have no respect for our personal Timex that we have scheduled according to the schedule that was posted, already.
      I have been with Lowe’s for a number of years. Because I am not willing to move up in the company, I HAVE NOT HAD A RAISE IN 5 YEARS!!!!! They a re now hiring new employees in at a $1.00 more an hour than myself!!!!

  35. Never in my life have I ever been so disgusted with a purchase/experience. My experience with your service is why we need to support more Mom and Pop stores and not the “big man” because you just DON’T CARE anymore.

    I made an online purchase (Order No.: 346437454) to be delivered to your Mt. Olive, NJ store on March 4, 2018 with a pick-up date of March 11, 2018, well in advance of my March 20, 2018 deadline for a bathroom repair on March 21, 2018 (Oh I have major water leak if you care).

    On March 9, 2018 I called to confirm the status of my order because online said it was still processing and I was interested as to what that meant. A cheery and very nice customer service rep tracked and advised my ordered was delivered and I should get the call any day now for pick-up.

    March 13 rolls and around and no call so I decide to follow-up as I found it odd to have not yet received a call. I called customer service AGAIN and she as well could not understand why I hadn’t been notified. Upon her investigation I was advised the order was signed for by “Joe” and on the on the dock. The rep followed up with my pickup store and everywhere was searched high and low and no package….and the kicker is the vendor was closed and no one could help find out which dock. Oh and I sat on the line for 45 minutes.

    Now past frustrated and remember I need the tiles for Wednesday, March 21, 2018 I call again for the vendor to be contacted. Another customer service rep looked into the situation and after an hour I was told my order was not processed and no one knows why and there is no paper trail. JUST WOW…So at the end of this fiasco I will not have my tiles until the day of the job and I’m not even confident in that. No expediting no courtesy no nothing!

    I will NEVER purchase from your company again. I may be one person complaining to you but multiply that by the others that just throw their hands up. I am just so taken aback by the lack of courtesy and care for your customers.

    If I don’t tell you, you will never know….

    Chauna Davis

    1. can not get any help with printing a receipt from 02-02-17 tried finding phone number to speak to someone at corporate. the lowes in greenville Texas told me they can not print receipt that far back.
      I need the receipt to warranty toilet. there seems to be no help at lowes and old receipts are black and unreadable.

  36. March 3,2018
    My husband and I special ordered a gas stove and hood on February 2, 2018 at a Lowes in Alexandria, LA. Paid for both of them. Was told they were on back order but would be in on March 3, 2018. I just happened to call a few weeks later on a Friday to see if my stove and hood was there. To my surprise it had came in on February 13. I asked the guys about the hood and he told me that it wasn’t in but he was waiting for the hood to come in to deliver them both on March 3. I told him that we could come get the stove and he told me no that they would deliver it on the following Saturday. I asked him if he was sure because I didn’t want my stove to be sold out from under me. He assured me that “Maam, I can’t sell your stove because you paid for it. It will be safe here.” Called a week later to see if the hood had come in. Guess what? They sold it!!!! I was livid!!!My husband and I both went to the store. We spoke to the manager. He let us go to the back to pick out another stove. It cost more and he ate the difference. He told us he’d deliver it the following Friday. So that was yesterday. They call me yesterday morning and tell me they cant deliver it because one of their drivers is out. I was more upset that I asked to speak to the manager. He tells me he doesn’t think he’s in and hangs up. I call back and speak to customer service. Guess what? he is there and I tell him what’s going on. He tells them to bring me my stove that morning first delivery. Which I’m very greatful for. I forgot about the hood so I call back in which I’m told by their customer service department that both “MY” stove and hood came in on February 13, and they sold them both. I asked to speak to the manager again at that time. I was told they were at lunch but would call me back. Never got the call. Now, they had been telling me that it hadn’t come in all this time. So not only did they lie to me about selling my stove but they lied about the hood as well. How can you sell something that’s not yours? I paid for both of those items. Don’t you think they should have marked them SOLD or put them in a place where SOLD merchandise should be held? Never got a phone call that they were in. I made all the calls to find out they sold my merchandise. After I found out they sold my hood as well. My husband and I both went back to the store for the second time and got my money back. Best part is, guess who shows up at my house this morning? LOWES, with the original stove I had ordered. LOL Told him to leave it on the truck. I already had one. Told him the story and he just shook his head. So what does that tell me? I will never buy anything from LOWES again. I am remodeling my house and I was looking to get other appliances there. But not anymore. I found out later from my mom that they did the same thing to her. She bought a dish washer from them special ordered. They lost it at first. They had sent it to a store in Mississippi. When it finally came to the store and they called my mom. My dad found out he had cancer and had to go in the hospital for two weeks. Mom had called them and told them to please hold on to it for her. Now she’s 76 yrs old and can’t move a dish washer by herself. So they told her okay. My mom went home from the hospital to take a shower and there sat the dish washer in front of her door. She was furious. She couldn’t get in her house. Thank God her neighbor was there to move it. She called them and someone told her that she told them to deliver it. Why would she do that? She couldn’t move it or install it. They also are done with LOWES. After this experience with them they have lost my business. If you cant get it together why would I want to buy from you?

    1. If you bought the extended service wait till you have to call for service. Its Sears service center. They have the worst service ever. that’s why I refused to buy from Sears.

      Sears. $162.00 to change a light bulb on microwave. was asked to sign a waver if they damaged anything, told him no way!
      $76.00 for the burner because it wasn’t lighting. He used a paperclip to fix.
      refrigerator returned after water in the door was dripping. Tech clip the water tube.

      now lowe’s

      I told tech there was a problem with the computer on Samsung front load washing machine. he said it was fine.
      washer locked and won’t open still locked in Washer.

      Refrigerator the icemaker quit. parts ordered. no icemaker for 8 months,

      every outdoor and indoor piece of equipment exchanged at least once.

      last snowfall of 10 inches tried to used the snowblower and the pull start broke.

  37. November 2016 at Lowes in Hot Springs, Arkansas, I purchased a Frigidaire Gallery for my daughter and family. It was on clearance and I was assured that it had been returned for a faulty ice filter that had been replaced and was under full warranty for one year from the purchase date. From the beginning, the ice maker did not work properly. It backs up and then spews ice all over the kitchen floor. This problem has been ongoing and happened twice yesterday with cubes and then crushed ice. After numerous phone calls and no help, I wrote a letter to CEO Niblock for help. I finally received a phone call from “Brenda” in Executive Customer Service.” For ONE YEAR, we have had two repairmen, per Brendas instructions about what must be done, from different places look at this frig. The ice maker has been replaced as has the filter, and it still malfunctions. This frig is faulty. The ice cubes it makes are too large for the hole that they must travel through. The years warranty is almost up and I will be traveling 4 hours to my daughters next Monday, November 20th. I have written a second letter to Chairman Niblock and after repeated calls from “Brenda” …. who says she will return all call within 24 hours… she called me back today, November 17th. My first call to her was on October 25th….. I have now been told that she needs the name of the repairman so she can report to, I guess, the manufacturer. My daughter and I have gone above and beyond to try and settle this matter, get the price of this poorly engineered refrigerator refunded to my charge card and be allowed to shop for a new frig while I am in Hot Springs the week of November 20th for another refrigerator….not manufactured by Frigidaire. I will continue to ask for help until we get this resolved. However, in this ongoing nightmare with Lowes, whose executives seem unable and unwilling to refund the price of this appliance so we can return it and go shopping for another refrigerator with them, I have heard story after story of other customers problems with Lowes and faulty appliances.

  38. My situation is with Lowe’s in Vegas. Terrible code of conduct with the employee’s not being trained to handle the public . Instead of them being thankful for your business. They act like they are doing you favors! I went to order supplies for my kitchen. I was not helped by one associate nor asked. I then put a toilet seat on the self as I went to the line to pay for my 300 dollars worth of kitchen items. Right then one of their associates says really loud. Miss you don’t want that toilet seat!!!! In a really nasty attitude. I said no I changed my mind. Then she goes in a frenzy with her attitude more and says well it doesn’t go there. And I was pissed at her behavior and told her right away well put it back. Thats your job! With my sore neck and back being in your store having to find each item myself maybe I don’t feel like walking it all the way back to the back of your store! She then gets the item to put it back. Mumbling the whole time. Then we take the garbage disposal and try and get that working. It’s missing a ring that holds it into place. Lovely just lovely. So we take it back and instead of swiping a new box they do a return. The hard way of course. Anything to make it drama. I wanted the six month no interest to pay back so I told the customer service to make sure that happens. I then go back to the section to get another garbage disposal. The idiot working that day at his desk ignoring me and I go up to his desk as he is doing paper work and ask if he could help me with the garbage disposal and explained to him that we had one that was missing the ring. I didn’t have a box cutter on me and knew he would so he is still doing the paper work and I am waiting on him instead of him waiting on me. I stand there and he finishes his paper work before even helping me and we go to where the garbage disposals are. He then grips I’m not opening all those boxes! My reply to him was I didn’t ask you to pen all the boxes just one to see if all the parts are there. Then he does and he looks annoyed. Oh well. You can tell they love customers at this point. Get over it! I then after seeing all the parts are in the box tell him the okay I will take it. Instead of him walking it for me to the customer service he goes back to his desk with it and sets it there for me to pick up from his desk. No help to walk ti to the front for me nor a cart. I thought this was rude and I took it with my back back to the customer service to make my purchase. Then I remembered I needed the connectors. So one nice lady working at the customer service elected to go back for me to get them. She brings a whole package up with a cord too and I told her I didn’t need the cord only the connectors. The man back there didn’t help her at all get them nor offer. So the manager at this time comes up and says for ten more dollars I should buy the better one and he will throw in the package for free. DEAL> Then I saw they had tile. Porcelain tile on sale for 60 cents a sq ft. I told the tile guy I will take it. He then says store is out and checks other stores for me. He gave me the number to the charleston location. I called and got a snotty girl on the phone and she acted like she didn’t wish to even place the order nor look for it. I then explained to her the guy at the store said she had 15 boxes and what it was called but she harassed me for not having the number of it which the man didn’t give to me. I only had the name of it. I then told her the name and told her she should find it because it was the only tile that was for 60 cents a sq ft. She then puts me on hold for up to three times every time I asked for her name. If I didn’t want the tile as bad as I did I swear with that attitude I would of definitely changed my mind. She then places my order after I repeatedly insisted she do it and then I told her I wanted it added on with the six month no interest plan since I earlier bought 300 of kitchen supplies. Being the lazy person she was. She said they can do it when I pick it up the following day. So the following day I go to pick up the tiles. No receipt when I asked them for one. Which I found odd. No RECEIPT that I paid with a love’s card over the phone the following night? Really so the guys that loaded my jeep offered me theirs with all he information on it and said I don’t need this one. Well I took that. Then they loaded my jeep and loaded it all wrong. I came home to find my jeep middle part over the tire sunk in and damaged. One extra box they sold me over the 15 all broken every piece and them three more. I called the following day to show the manager there the tiles to get a credit and also before I forget they asked me for my receipt from the other store to add to the six month no interest which I didn’t have on me and no one told me to bring that in to them. They made a call to the other love’s that didn’t have the tile and the girl there told them she went back three days and didn’t find that I ordered 300 of supplies which really upset me.
    What. I was just there last night. The girl that made the call then gives me the phone number like you handle this. I made a call and the girl was like you need to speak to a manager. I then spoke to the manager and he said bring your receipt from that store to ours and we will handle it. They should be able to but if they don’t wish to. Bring it here and I will handle it. I felt why should I go out of my way to the other store. It’s a waste of gas and time! Why can’t it just be done. WTH! I felt if anyone can make it difficult why is this store making it so difficult for the clients to place orders and follow thru without all this drama added on to it. So I then the following day after speaking with Michael their manager about the damage to my jeep tell him the whole scenario. He then says he has to retrain the guys and says come in we’ll take care of it. Then he says any manager can help you. I told him I don’t feel like telling this novel to everyone. Just make sure when I come they know who I am. He assures me he will send out a memo to all their managers. I got there that day and of course Michael is not there and the manager on duty that was didn’t know anything. He comes to my jeep looks at the damage. More then I expected they cracked the whole bed of the jeep with the way they loaded all that heavy tile in it. Sunk it in deep. Well he brings another manager with him and he offers me 50 dollars! I said no. It was damage that exceeds that and I only want what is fair. My car in the condition it arrived there in. Before loading the tiles. He then says we don’t know if this was already like that. I told him right away. Don’t go there with me. This is from your guys loading the tile wrong that did this and don’t even say it’s not. So he says give him time and then ask for a few days. A few days gone by no word. I called and got JD a nasty manager that said same thing. We’ll take care of it. But let him handle it. I also while there asked the girl to make sure it was on the six month plan for no interest. She then has the receipt and over charges me for the extra garbage disposal that I returned and never gave me the full credit for the broken tiles. Another drama issue. I then called their corporate office and got the billing and she said we will just do a dispute on the charges and it is going to take 60 days. Don’t go back to that store. But what about the damage to my car!

  39. I am writing in hopes that someone will be able to help us. We purchased wood floors from Lowe’s (Jackson Rd. Ann Arbor, Michigan store) on June 16th and now, a week into October our floors are only half finished. Our house has piles of wood floor pieces, and boxes of new wood ready to be installed that my family of five has been tripping over and working around for over four months now. We are living in a construction zone and desperate to have this nightmare project finished.

    I think it’s important to note that we are now on our 2nd fixer upper home in our marriage. We spent roughly $40,000 in supplies on home #1 and around $70,000 in supplies for home #2—all purchased from Lowe’s, including our appliances. My husband is a painting contractor and spends thousands of dollars a year on supplies from Lowe’s. We love Lowe’s and have had nothing but positive experiences…until this project.

    We purchased our wood floors in June. Normally, my husband—who is very handy—does the installation, but we had saved enough money to cover the installation and because we have two sets of stairs we decided to have everything professionally installed.

    The first red flag came after the estimate when we were charged for things like excess glue (like a gallon for every two steps), and the removal of shoe moldings (we didn’t have any shoe moldings). My husband went into the store and explained all of this and had the estimate fixed.

    We paid and scheduled the installation. I took our three kids out of town during the installation so we wouldn’t be in the way and because we weren’t going to be able to use our steps for 24 hours, which means no bathrooms. I came home from our 3 days away and the floors were installed, but not the steps. Long story short the installer had no idea how to do steps. He had put the step end pieces on top of the bullnose piece at the end of each step. So each step… #1 looked horrible, the wood pieces not going together as they should and #2 the end of each step curved up like a ski jump because of the way the end pieces were laid atop the raised round end. He should have extended the round wood edging out past the bullnose so that the wood pieces on the floor would lay flat, but he told my husband he wouldn’t do it that way. My husband had him remove it. However, he only removed the end pieces. He left the back piece of flooring nailed to each step, with the protruding padding showing before there was just the original wood. So, each step in our home (for two weeks) had three different levels. My dog, who has bad knees actually fell down the stairs because of it. I tripped on the multi-leveled steps and fell as well. We had to walk up our steps side ways so that we wouldn’t trip. Because of this we couldn’t put back any of our upstairs bedroom furniture since the steps were unsafe to walk on. For two weeks we had to sleep in the dining room and kitchen on our mattresses. Nightmare.

    Finally, after my husband talked to someone at Lowe’s (in person in the store) almost every day for two weeks straight, we got new flooring guys to come out (same company, different installers). The new floor guys told me that they couldn’t believe that our steps were left in that condition. They said it was clear that the guy completing the installation had no idea what he was doing because #1 you don’t nail bamboo, you glue it because it shreds and cracks when you nail it and #2 because you don’t put padding down on steps, you glue them. He said that the way they installed the floors are completely against code. He then told me that that he doubts they knew what they were doing with the rest of the floors and he’s sure we’ll have issues with them at some point. Seriously? This is not what one wants to hear when they just spent $7500 on floors. He couldn’t salvage what was there, so he removed all of the pieces and ordered new. He said they’d be back in a week to install. Clearly, that didn’t happen.

    My husband had to sand and caulk the steps because there were nail and glue remnants. He spent a couple of hours making the steps “safe.” They look horrible, but at least we can walk on them. The entire point of paying someone to do the floor is so that he didn’t have to work on the steps and yet, there he was working on the steps. The 2nd group of installation guys that came removed the pieces of random wood on the steps and left them in piles on the 1st and 2nd levels of our home. We were told to leave them there because they might need a couple pieces when they came to install the steps the next week.

    No one ever called the following week to schedule the installation, so my husband went into the store. My husband has gone into the store every week since then trying to get this resolved. It’s become a part time job. He has taken hours out of his week to drive to Lowe’s and talk to someone about this. It’s completely ridiculous.

    It has been one problem after the next. The incorrect replacement flooring was delivered. We actually got someone else’s order. So, my husband drove the boxes of wood that weren’t ours into the store and turned them in. Ours had to be found. They were located eventually, but now it seems there is a major break in the communication chain. From what we can gather, Lowe’s and the installation crew work for different companies communicate through a computer program that has major bugs. The installation crew marked our job as complete in the computer. So, every week my husband goes into the Lowe’s Ann Arbor store and tells our whole story to an employee, they always have a hard time finding our information, when they do they tell my husband that the job has been completed according to the computer, he shows them pictures, they can’t believe it and seem empathetic towards us and promise they will look into it and get it resolved. YET, IT’S NEVER RESOLVED. I can’t for the life of me figure out why. It’s as if the second my husband walks out of the store, the person he spoke to never follows up with our project.

    Believe it or not, I’m trying to make this relatively short by just highlighting the main points…but, long story short—this project has been a nightmare and we can’t get anyone to follow through with getting the wood flooring on the steps installed. We’ve had to cancel activities at our house because we’re living in a construction zone.

    My husband went into Lowe’s again today and was told again that it would be taken care of next week. I’m so incredibly disappointed in this service. We have names of people we’ve spoken to and pictures of the steps, but really…we just want the service that we paid in full for in June to be completed. I don’t want my husband to have to spend any more of his time telling our ordeal to yet another Lowe’s employee that isn’t going to follow through.

    Please help us get the remainder of our floors installed. Please train the staff at the Ann Arbor Lowe’s to follow through with customers. It might also be a good idea to look into the computer system you’re using because every employee that my husband has spoken to has blamed the computer system. We paid a lot of money for these floors and the reason we go through Lowe’s and not independent contractors is because your work is guaranteed. Well, this time we’ve been extremely let down.

    Thank you for reading.

    Angelin Howard

  40. Atta Boy Lowes Orchard Park NY! What do you do when your only toilet won’t flush suddenly? You could call a plumber and throw a $500 at him and he picks your unit out with his own agenda. So, after a befuddling 2 hours
    online, I called Sales associate John Knoll at our Orchard Park Lowes in the plumbing department. I got the inside skinny; bang for buck answer in one minute from John Knoll who knew what I wanted, on sale, in stock, all in one box solution, easy peasy. After pick up and 2 hours later the mission was completed. All these issues have been flushed away ever since talking to John who I think knows every nut, washer, pipe, and seal, sink, toilet, and fixture on every shelf ever sold at Lowes. I think Lowes is my new hero for having a guy like John Knoll on staff ready for answers on a complicated bewildering home improvement subject. Thanks John, and Lowes!

  41. It is a shame a company of Lowe’s size shows such ignorance towards it’s vendors. I’m here at your Cheyenne Wyoming Distribution center dropped loaded trailer yesterday at 3.00 as of Sunday still no empty I’m calling on a Monday morning to see if it’s possible to file a lawsuit to holding our trailer hostage and me losing revenue. I have 2 loads book which I will have to cancel on account of your incompetent actions out of Wyoming center. That said myself I will ask where load going I will refuse any all loads going to a Lowe’s distribution centers. Honestly I wouldn’t care if your company actually goes completely out of BUSINESS all together if this is way you operate.

    1. they should go bankrupt can’t keep satisfied customers or get product that is not damaged 5 times still not satisfied

  42. I purchased 19 kitchen cabinets, and the accompanying finishing products on 5/4/17, making the purchase eligible for the 10% Rewards Visa card for the purchase price. I tried to enter the product/receipt on the online rebate site and couldn’t get through the edits requiring a department number. As it was not present on the receipt, I called the store. They didn’t know of any dept. number and suggested I call the rebate number. I did, but it was closed for the weekend. I called Lowe’s customer service and although the representative was very supportive, neither she nor her supervisor could help me after a length of time. Today I called the rebate number but to my dismay, it is an IVR with information only prompts and does not allow for a live person interaction. I called Corporate but after ringing for 15 minutes, hung up. Each person I talked to regarding this seemingly small problem had no idea of how your rebate program works, other than to fill in the blank.

    Honestly, given I bought a product that THD carries and offers a more attractive deferred billing program, (and some discounts), and the fact I normally do shop at the Orange, this experience will certainly not convince me to change my buying patterns. The only redeeming contact was from my sales representative, Elane Wahler, of the Clinton MD store. You need to give her a raise for even convincing me to buy from Lowes, but it was her expertise and helpfulness with the design that sold the deal. But not these headaches. Why don’t you just make the Dept # optional, or have exception coding for those items like cabinets, which don’t have a dept code? FYI, invoice #84400 for $6705.49 (after discounts), Trans. #77926047, store ID 1136.

    1. Simple solution: Cancel order and call the cabinet manufactor directly. It’s amazing how companies like Lowe’s think you owe them the business and they allowed to treat you anyway they want. Cancel the order and get a refund.

  43. I ordered and paid on 3.31.2017 131 House Numbers for our condo association. The pick up day supposed to be on 4.14.2017. I called 4.14.2017 Lowe’s on 1001 West Oakland Park Blvd.Oakland Park, FL 33311, and they told me the order is not in. Yesterday, 4.16,2017 I visited the store and the order was not in. Today I tried to call Lowe’s 3 time and got disconnected 3 times. I called a fourth time to ask for the store manager, he did not answer the phone.The customer service here at the Oakland Park store is extremely bad. When I ordered all these numbers it took me over 15 minutes to get assistance in that particular department. If I don’t get an answer in the next 12 Hours regarding these fully payi order, I will cancel everything, want our money back and the association will for the future not consider shopping at Lowe’s anymore.

  44. On President’s Day Weekend I ordered a LG Gas Range. I was told it was back-ordered and would not be delivered until March 28. That was fine with me. On March 27, I received a call that the range did not come in from LG yet. A new date was set. The range still did not come in from LG. A manager (Kelly) and sales associate from the appliance department (John), from the Lowes on Roosevelt Blvd. in PHiladelphia, called LG four times and each time LG promised to have the range delivered to the Lowes warehouse. With Passover fast approaching and no oven to cook with, I was in a bind. They offered me the floor model and a discount which I accepted. Kelly and John also offered to have it delivered the next day. I really appreciate all their help. I hope Lowes management sees my comment.

    1. Well Hildy pepper, im a truck driver here little i just delivered a load to wyoming distribution center i was suppose to leave my loaded trailer there and pick up empty ones. We have 5 loaded trailers here, all loaded not touching yet and no empties so we’re losing money. Tt’s like a storage on wheels for these jerks, it easy for them to blame on LG. You’re getting 1 way information, it could be on a trailer in their distribution center, they just didn’t get to it. I’m thinking having magnetic signs made. Lowe’s terrible, especially customer service. Next time why not call direct to LG or whatever brand and see what they can do for you. Unfortunately companies today think they can treat you anyway they wish you owe them the business.

  45. Customer service is the worst service i have ever had to deal with. home depot will get all my business in the future.i bought a dryer from lowes in 2013 with a 3 year Extended warranty. I asked the salesman if that means we get 4 years he said yes. 1 year factory and 3 extended. Ok good deal.so i buy it. Now dryer on the brink. Call lowes and i am informed that it is expired. I am told it runs concurrent with factory warranty. So what they are selling you is a 2 year extended warranty and calling it 3. False advertising and customer deception. Then cannot call corporate to make complaint. Just keep getting sent to service who told me the warranty is expired. I really would like to hear from lowes on this.

  46. Absolutely unacceptable customer service !!! Don’t buy anything online and expect Lowe’s to deliver it when arranged. Two days of waiting for a dishwasher and when we called, the idiot manager tried to say it was our fault !! Go to Home Depot or somewhere else. These guys are unreliable !!!!!

  47. I bought a riding lawn mower was very excited,the day before lowes called me with a restricted phone number, I usually don’t answer restricted calls. They were letting me know they would delivery the next day. The 2 guys brought lawn mower and had to push it. The guy says it ran out of gas. So I had to have son to come and push it the rest of the way to put in garage. I think this is very poor business, I spend 1500 dollars and you can’t put a dollar gas in ,so I can at least make it to the garage to put it up. I think I will return it, maybe go to home depot and get treated better.

  48. We purchased March 6.2017 carpet, tiles and hardwood flooring for our new house and your Employee Jeannie Johnson was excellent help with good knowledge and best Customer Service. I would recommend her highly.She always returned all our phone calls and stayed in touch.

  49. Dear Lowe’s Corp.
    I have notices an influx of Mexican Immigrants in the Indianapolis Indiana area,
    That are stealing trees, and walking out of the store without paying.

    Suggest you have better security; security at exit & entrance doors & ICE on call.
    Thank You.

  50. I bought a new sink, Kindred, and faucet, Moen, at store 2721. I was told I needed to get a detailed measurement before the sink could be installed. The cost was $40.00. I paid the installation fee: sales #S2721KM2, Transaction #13071323 on 02-02-17.
    When I went to the store to get a copy of the estimate, I was denied and told the estimate copy was the property of Lowes. In light of this, I would like my money returned.

  51. I ordered and paid for a washer and dryer on Feb. 11, 2017 in the Spring, TX store. They told me they would be able to deliver the appliances on Feb. 12, 2017, I received an automated phone call stating they were going to deliver my appliances on Feb. 12. I waited all day and no appliances nor did anyone call to let me know they were not going to be delivered. I called the number for the delivery and they set up a delivery of Feb. 19, 2017. I received 2 phone calls stating the set delivery times are between 11:30am – 1:30pm and 3:30pm – 5:30pm on Feb. 19. I did not receive any delivery, at 5:26pm I called the number for delivery and I was told my order was not on the schedule for that day and it was on hold. I lost work time waiting for the delivery. I called the manager at the Spring, TX store and she told me apparently the washer and dryer was not in stock at the original store they were to ship from, so they sent the order to other stores to be filled. I do not know how the stores are run, but this is the worst customer service I have had to deal with.The manager said she would call me shortly after she arrived at work on Feb. 20 to discuss a discount and a new delivery date. I tried calling her twice and she is not available. I just keep getting the run around. I have never had this many problems with appliance delivery. If the washer and dryer were not in stock, I should have been notified, but since I was not notified I am still waiting on a washer and dryer. In my opinion, I think I should get an upgraded version of a washer and dryer for the same price I paid for the original ones.

  52. I bought all new appliances in September and my ice maker stopped working in December and I have been trying to get it working again ever since. One time a repairman came and I have been waiting ever since. This contractor keeps telling me they will be here every Tuesday but today is the 16th of Feb. and still no working ice maker. Tomorrow I will be calling my lawyer and the Better Business Bureau. I also will be going to Lowe’s In Pine Bluff Arkansas where I purchased this appliance and demand my money back. Never again will I step inside this store again. Oh and I was going to purchase a riding mower,storage building,fencing,and many more items. Your loss Lowe’s

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