Macy’s Corporate Office Headquarters

Macy’s Headquarter.

This page provides extensive information about US retailer Macy’s, its corporate operations, and other key company departments.

We have collected a wealth of useful resources about the Macy’s Headquarters, Customer service contacts, Executive Team and more, all compiled on one page.

About Macy’s.

Department store Macy’s has been selling housewares, clothing, accessories, and furniture since 1858. Over the following decades, the New York flagship store expanded several times to accommodate growing demand, and additional stores opened in 45 US states, some of them under the names of Bloomingdale’s and Buemercury.

In 2016, Macy’s ran 870 stores across the US and its workforce exceeded 157,000 people.

Macy’s Corporate Office Contacts.

Get in touch with Macy’s head office by using the contact details that we have listed here:

Macy’s Headquarters Phone Number.

Macy’s Headquarters Switchboard Hours.
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday – Friday (Eastern Time Zone)

Macy’s Headquarters Fax Number.

Macy’s Corporate Headquarters Address.
7 West Seventh Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Macy’s New York Headquarters.
151 West 34th Street, New York, NY 10001 / +1-212-494-1602

macys headquarters
Macy’s corporate offices are located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The premises consists of 21 stories, with a total of 233.000 square feet of office space. About 1,000 Macy’s employees work in the Macy’s downtown building.


Macy’s Executive Team.

This is the complete list of key leaders at Macy’s.

  • Terry J. Lundgren, CEO
  • Jeffrey Gennette, President
  • Timothy G. Baxter, Chief Merchandising Officer
  • Elisa D. Garcia, Chief Legal Officer
  • Robert B. Harrison, Chief Omnichannel Officer
  • Karen M. Hoguet, Chief Financial Officer
  • Sherry Hollock, Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Jeffrey A. Kantor, Chief Stores Officer
  • Molly Langenstein, Chief Private Brands Officer
  • Richard Lennox, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Justin MacFarlane, Chief Strategy, Analytics and Innovation Officer
  • Patti H. Ongman, Chief Planning Officer
  • Peter Sachse, Chief Growth Officer
  • Tony Spring, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (Bloomingdale’s)

Macy’s Board of Directors:

  • John A. Bryant, Chairman of the Board
  • Francis S. Blake
  • Deirdre P. Connelly
  • Jeffrey Gennette
  • Leslie D. Hale
  • William H. Lenehan
  • Sara Levinson
  • Terry J. Lundgren
  • Joyce M. Roche
  • Paul C. Varga
  • Craig E. Weatherup
  • Marna C. Whittington
  • Annie Young-Scrivner

Macy’s Careers and Jobs.

You can view current job openings at Macy’s by visiting this page, where you can search career opportunities by keyword, location, category, shift, and schedule. The same page can be used to apply to jobs online.

For military recruiting, visit Macys Military Recruiting, and for graduate opportunities, go to this page.

More information about careers at Macy’s can be found on their official LinkedIn and Twitter jobs pages.

How to complain to Macy’s.

Macy’s Customer Service representatives are available round the clock on toll-free number 1-800-289-6229.

If your complaint relates to damaged or defective items, please use this form.

Complaints about online experiences should be sent using this link. Complaints about in-store experiences can be filed via this survey.

For complaints concerning missing / undelivered orders, follow the instructions found here. You can also complain by writing to: Macy’s Customer Services Department, 9111 Duke Boulevard, Mason, OH 45040.

Macy’s social media customer care is also very active on Twitter. Tweet your issue, question or complaint to Macy’s Twitter, and they will usually reply within 24 hours. Alternatively, for minor issues, send an email to [email protected]

Other Macy’s Resources.

Comprehensive list of additional contact details and resources for Macy’s.

Please share your experiences, praise or complaints about Macy’s, in the comment section.

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23 thoughts on “Macy’s Corporate Office Headquarters

  1. I participated in 10 yrs of Thanks for Sharing programs. Upon receiving each rewards card, I placed them in the same place- never using them.
    In 4/21, I attempted to redeem them and was told 4/10 either:
    -Expired (I was always told TFS cars don’t expire!!)
    -were reported lost/stolen
    -were redeemed
    -requested to be placed on my Macy’s credit card
    …NONE of which I did.
    Since 4/21, I’ve been on phone with Macy’s employees (10 times)getting NOWHERE. Too many widely varying excuses to note in this limited space.
    I want the total of the 4 cards reissued for $239.04.

  2. Great Northern pick up lady came out literally thru my oder at my car window so rude of her

  3. no one picks up on the corporate customer service number it transfer to Columbia. When i ordered my couch i was on hold for over 41 minutes. Called customer service twice which was in another country who refused to transfer me to the corporate office customer service. After 25+ years of being a good customer i will pay my bill and cancel my credit card and also ask many of my family and friends to do so as well as apparently Macys Executive Team as well as the Board of Directors seem to only care about their shareholders and not their customers. This will be another chain to go out of business by putting their customers last. What a shame !!!

  4. Hello. I visited your Macys store in Nashua NH today. I went to the beauty counter and really need to compliment your beauty advisor Makaela Vertigans who really helped me with all my questions and her knowledge and patience were A+++. I really hope when I need help again with beauty that she’ll be there to help. I’m not too knowledgeable with a lot of newer products but she definitely is. She was so helpful and kind that I just had to write this. I got her name by asking her for her card. Please pass on my Thanks to her as she deserves it.
    Thank you
    Billerica, Ma

  5. Macys will go out of business. They are currently displaying the same poor customer service skills and poor online sales support that Bon Ton stores did three years ago and they went bankrupt this year. I spoke with a customer supervisor today who was ignorant, rude, and lazy. She felt that creating 5 return labels was too much work and although she promised five she only did three. I had an even worse experience at the Appleton WI Macys earlier this week. The customer service person at the “At Your Service” desk was slovenly, rude and ignorant and would not even attempt to help me despite me being disabled. I also noticed that not one person was actually shopping at the store. Everyone was returning things they bought online and having to deal with the nightmare that passed for a customer service person. Get a clue Macys. I’m done with you. Walmart has better customer service and that is a sad day for Macys.

  6. I did not ask for a change in my macys account, nor did I receive notice! Do not want or except an amex card as a replacement.If I do not get my old account back, I am filling a law suite!

  7. My name is Debra Cohen and I am your biggest fan. I grew up with macys . My experience consists of not only purchasing items but having a friendship. Most sales reps let me feel important , Iwas even in a fashion show. Recently I fell on hard times and went to discuss my situation with your customer service. I never felt so horrible . They were dismissive and limited with socialization skills. I never thought there would come a time when I need to say goodbye to Macys. I feel my connection was mainly my Macys card . I loved being able to earn macys cash , coupons, yearly donations to what ever cause macys is helping. I believed when some stores closed that the bank card would improve its customer service and bring it back to the US or just bring it. I have been dedicated and never thought I would experience a hardship like others who work with government or federal jobs. I was made to feel like garbage. I am now looking to transfer my loan from Macys card as soon as possible. I am devastated. Is this the way you want to be represented?

  8. My Sr. Group is planning to attend the Flower Show in Herald Square and I have tried unsuccessfully for 2 weeks to speak to someone to get a program of events so that we can choose the date of our visit, i.e. demos or seminars etc.

  9. Macy’s customer service, if one can can describe it as “service” is a disgrace. Was either put on hold or disconnected at least 6 times in the course of nearly two hours and still got no satisfaction. the wait time was at least 20 minutes + each transfer-was trying to get repair/refund on a kitchen aid toaster that died a week before the warranty expired. all CEO’s should have to sit through a Macy’s menu, inefficient, poorly trained employees and a wait time that is disgraceful. but they collect their enormous salaries without doing their job-corporate america today. shame on them!

  10. I received a few box spring replacements today that didn’t match my old one. I had light gray they sent black and couldn’t explain why. I was on the phone talking to rude employers that could not answer my questions. I would like to talk to a Supervisor in the mattress department. Is this even possible? What has happened to Customer Service? My number is 858-997-xxxx Silvia Cameron

  11. I went to Macy’s Hilltop Richmond, California to buy a mattress. The mattresses on the display floor that I sampled felt a lot more comfortable than the ones I received. I was told by one of the sales persons that those mattresses had been on display for over 9 months at the time and that’s been over two months ago and those mattresses are still out there. I returned the first mattress and I had to call to have the return and restocking fees waived. I selected a second mattress to replace the first one. And the display mattress was again an old worn out ( I guess broken in ) mattress that felt nothing like the one I received. When I called to have this mattress replaced I am being told that I have to pay over $400.00 for the fees. I am frustrated and I’m not responsible for getting a different mattress from what I sampled. The supervisor told me that she could not waive the fees because this is a preference return. The comfort of the mattress on display is what I expected. Neither mattress filled that standard. As a Macy’s long time customer, I expected better similarity with the floor models. And If they are going to leave those mattresses out there for so long, they should understand that there will be a huge difference in the old and the new. My return policy said that the trail for the mattress is 60 days and Kelly, the customer service person said the policy is 120 days. I’m used to Macy’s high standards and regards for customer service. Robin, the supervisor insisted that this is a preferred return. The mattress is uncomfortable and is not the same or even close to the display mattress. I am totally surprised and disappointed in Macy’s actions and customer care. Product quality and customer service is what I expect from Macy’s.

  12. Today I called in place in order, Then I call back and ask if I could have it sent to my work address within 10 minutes the representative stated I couldn’t do it I asked to speak to supervisor and was put on hold No one ever came back so the phone I call 5 times I even call corporate and they switch me be right back over to the same people don’t waste your time fought in from Macy’s online they don’t care they just take your money .

  13. You push your distorted unhealthy mental illness of gaypride, down the throats of everyone in this country who tries to bring some pleasure to their children with your parade and the result is…..just like when you would not allow your employees to say Merry Christmas even when a customer said Merry Christmas…..that we no longer shop in your stores.
    Bye, Bye Macy’s.
    Go find Gimbals
    and play.

  14. I will never shop at another Macy’s store as long as I live. You hire people with special needs and then treat them like garbage! That’s not okay! This is in regards to your logistic warehouse in Goodyear Az. Your security officer has no idea who works there or if they are working. So I’m guessing he only checks to see if some has stolen something. God forbid anyone has a death in the family. If that ever happens I will call the police on him for refusing to look for an employee. I have been filing thus complaint with every email or number I can fined and I won’t stop till it’s fixed. You dont hire special needs and treat them the way you do. Also we live in America. You dont allow your Spanish speaking employees to tell them to learn Spanish and yell at them in Spanish. That is racist and harassment. You ate allowing tbis and not stopping it.
    Also I hit one star and it went to 4 1/2 . So that’s wrong.

  15. Macys is a terrible place to work. They treat you terribly because their management within their stores are not trained appropriately. They put such a huge work load on their employees and if its not done you are punished. Also, the pay is minimum wage and raises are a joke, $.10 or $.25 if your lucky. Managers gossip about their employees and emplyees would be fired for this. Also, the quality has fallen so far that Walmarts clothing is equal or better. Sorry Macys I see why your stores are closing.

  16. To Whom it May Concern,

    I am writing to further pursue a response that happened in your Macy’s Herald Square Store.

    On Sunday 18th February I was attacked in your store by a man who they told me was known to the store and the staff within for being a local homeless man with mental health issues.

    On the 7th floor of the store in the McDonald’s this man approached me in a friendly manor and asked me where I was from. I responded that I was from England and he lunged at me and began strangling me with both hands shouting that I was a terrorist.

    It took my mother and half of the McDonald’s staff (6) to get him off me as he had me pinned up the wall strangling me with both of his hands to the point where I was not able to breathe.

    He ran off and my fiancé chased him along with one of the McDonald’s staff members but he was not caught and allowed to exit the store as no member of security was called although there was a large crowd of staff members.

    A member of your staff Priscilla Sanchez called the police on my behalf and I filed a report with the NYPD.

    Priscilla apologised and said that one of her managers would call me by the following Monday to follow up the attack see if I was okay and Inform me if he came back into the store as he is in there from open till close daily, so he could be arrested.

    My issue is that it is now been several weeks later and I have not been contacted by any of your team. Priscilla’s number goes to voicemail, I have been dismissed. My safety has been disregarded.

    I came back to the store on the 21st February and asked to speak to Priscilla to see what had happened and to follow up on the meal I had paid for and wasn’t able to collect and the items I had held in the makeup store and she wasn’t there.

    Lawrence Libock came to greet me and said he knows about the incident but that they haven’t been able to look if he had re entered the store and apologised for the attack by this man known to the store.

    Having this man known to your staff and allowed to roam your store not only puts my safety whilst shopping at risk it is putting the public at risk.

    I can be contacted via [email protected]

    I hope that you take this matter and deal with it before I have to pursue further litigation in order to get an explanation for my attack in your store by a man you allow to roam your store.


    Jade Field

  17. Dear Mary Plog,
    CLEARLY you don’t follow the news , either that or you are just as ignorant and selfish as your fellow trumpanzee’s but since you started the conversation-I shall finish it.
    What kind of a woman are you to happily accept the fact that the person(s) running our country are as vapid and morally deficient as to treat women with disdain and disgust if they happen to be somewhat older and not as pretty and overweight-like you. But go ahead and act like he’s doing an OK job and look at his approval (or lack of) ratings. All the innocent people he has harmed with his immigration tactics..I could go on and on. Your reality my dear, isn’t quite right and to blame the liberal media for all the wrongs your party is committing is a cop out and shameful. Good riddance Mary, Macys won’t miss you. How idiotic would someone close an account over a store that is following many many stores in saying we have had enough of Trump antics and thievery. Good day vapid woman


  18. I understand, Macys are no longer carrying Ivanka Trump’s products in their stores. I don’t use the products, but I will no longer shop in your stores. I have observed how the liberal media and the whining Democrats have behaved since the election. If I were a Democrat, I would switch to Republican. Donald Trump is trying to save our country and clean up the 8 years of Obama mess! I imagine there will be many more people who will stop shopping in your stores. Please forward to whomever is responsible for making this decision.

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