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Papa John’s Corporate Office and Headquarters.

All available corporate information about the pizza restaurant franchise Papa John’s, as well as a brief company history, links to the firm’s social media, the Headquarters phone number and address, Careers & Jobs information, and more.

We have also added a guide to contacting the Papa John’s Customer Service department via phone or email forms.

About Papa John’s.

The America restaurant chain Papa John’s specializes in pizza delivery and has been established since 1984.

The company was founded by John Schnatter, who opened a small takeaway pizza outlet in Jeffersonville (Indiana).A year later, he opened the first Papa John’s restaurant and began run the company on a franchise business model, and a decade later, Papa John’s had over 100 franchises.

By the mid 90s the number of Papa John’s locations had grown to 500. The company’s success earned Papa John’s a high ranking in the 1995 Forbes List of the Nation’s 200 Best Small Companies.

Nowadays, Papa John’s operates nearly 5,000 restaurants in 37 countries across Europe, Asia, and North America, and continues to receive high rankings for its commitment to customer satisfaction and product quality.

Papa John’s Corporate Office Contacts.

To contact Papa John’s Headquarters, please use the information listed below:

Papa John’s Headquarters Phone Number.

Papa John’s Headquarters Switchboard Hours.
Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time)

Papa John’s Corporation Headquarters Address.
2002 Papa John’s Boulevard,
Louisville, Kentucky, 40299-2367

As an alternative mailing address, you can also write to Papa John’s International, Inc. P.O. Box 99900, Louisville, KY 40269-9990.

Papa Johns Headquarters
The Papa John’s Corporate Headquarters in Louisville is home to around 720 corporate employees and directors.

Papa John’s Executive Team.

This is the full list of Papa John’s most senior leaders.

  • John Schnatter, Founder, Chairman, and CEO
  • Steve M. Ritchie, President and Chief Operating Officer
  • Lance F. Tucker, Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Administrative Officer and Treasurer
  • Timothy C. O’Hern, Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer

Papa John’s Board of Directors:

  • John Schnatter, Chairman of the Board
  • Olivia F. Kirtley
  • Christopher L. Coleman
  • Laurette T. Koellner
  • Sonya E. Medina
  • Mark S. Shapiro
  • W. Kent Taylor

Papa John’s Careers and Jobs.

Papa John’s Careers site is the gateway to job opportunities with this fast-food company. To view the job vacancies currently available at the corporate headquarters in Kentucky, visit this page.

This website lists job opportunities at Papa John’s restaraurants in the United States. For all other jobs, use the search function in here, where you can browse jobs by keyword, ZIP code, and career area.

Other employment opportunities with Papa John’s are listed in their LinkedIn page.

How to complain to Papa John’s.

If you have a complaint to make, you can reach the Papa John’s Customer Care team by calling 1-877-547-7272 (within the United States).

You can also contact the company’s customer service department by filling this feedback form, which can be used to raise concerns with the Customer Experience team.

Online Support is also available on Twitter via the handle @AskPapaJohns, where customer service representatives are ready to listen to complaints and concerns between 8 a.m. and 10.30 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time).

Other Papa John’s Resources.

Here’s a comprehensive list of additional Papa John’s resources that may be of interest to the general public:

Please share your experiences, praise or complaints about Papa John’s pizza, in the comment section.

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38 thoughts on “Papa John’s Headquarters

  1. Pay your drivers more, then they won’t get mad because they don’t get a tip, they should not come asking for a tip then complaining because they don’t get one

  2. I paid $16 for a pizza that the toppings were probably ran thru a blender and u didnt get much of that. if i want mushrooms. i want to see mushroom slices.i want to see my ingredients. on that pizza. i couldnt taste my ingredients because they were so pulverized. i used to consider papa johns the best pizza. not any more. i went to papa johns in forest city NC

  3. Im a weekly customer and I prefer pjs to All!
    I live about one and a half blocks from our local store.
    I can NOT understand why i need to be called for directions Every Single Time I Order delivery… if you check my account you’ll see that is no small number of pizza’s! My pizza takes nearly an hour everytime i order and my order has been consistently doughy and luke warm…
    What do I have to do to be remembered by my local Papa John’s?
    Very disconcerting!

  4. So I still haven’t gotten any response back from my last complain. My girlfriend and I ordered from there a week ago and had a terrible time with their manager. The store in Daytona beach area code 32114. We never got our food and when we called about it he said we were on a 48 security risk. To call back after 48 hrs. And we did and he said he didn’t remember that. We are pissed. We complained on here when it happened and it said we would here about it but we still haven’t. I will continue to call corporate until this is resolved. The manager called my girlfriend a liar and treated us both like non valued customers. We just wanted our food.

  5. I came into the store in the Spokane valley and the guy was helping me was a short gentleman I believe he was the manager at the time. He was very inappropriate with me and even his staff. He made me feel very uncomfortable and his language isn’t appropriate in a place of business. It was a Monday evening. I will not come back and i will let others know joy to spend money in a place of business where his staff and customers feel uncomfortable.

  6. Hello I stay at Myrtle Beach Travel Park about 2 weeks out of the month I live in Sumter South Carolina I go to Papa John’s Tanger Outlets on 17 right down the road very often they never have a good attitude but I overlooked that because I know everyone does not want to be at work and is tired today I stressed over and over to the girl I wanted extra peppers and sauce I just cannot eat my pizza without it it’s just my thing I stress it to her so she would not forget at least four times she handed me one pepper and one soft why should I have to get my car and ride back down there on my vacation to get things right and this is not the first time it’s happened I’ve just overlooked it but I will not Overlook it again it is just very frustrating thank you Tonya Dallas my number is 968 83 area code 7636

  7. Ordered two medium pizzas from The papa johns store on nova rd in Daytona beach Florida. They took my order for delivery, and told me it would be ready in 30 mins. An hour and a half goes by and me and my girlfriend are still waiting for our food. It’s been a long day at work and we were eager and hungry. I decide to call and ask on it and the young woman who answered the phone said it’s marked complete so she “thinks that means it’s on it’s way” so we wait more. Finally my girlfriend is super upset and she calls and the manager answers. He said that the driver went to the right address and somebody answered and said they didn’t order a pizza. False. We even waited by the door for the food the entire time. We asked him why if it was the right address did somebody answer when nobody knocked or called my phone. He even read back my phone number and address to assure me it was right. I never had a missed call or anyone knock. We asked what they can do about it and he said that he can’t do anything and we have to wait 48 hrs because of a security violation. We’re super pissed and want something to be done. I don’t care who we have to get ahold of even if it’s papa John from the commercials. The manager was super rude and the young worker seemed really high in the phone. Will not order again unless something is done. And go out of my way to make sure no one I know orders from the store on nova rd in Daytona beach. Thank you

  8. I’m a former employee and I was carjacked and wasn’t able to work for a few days and because of that I was basically fired

  9. I spent $32.34 on a med pizza with 7 items and 2 of those sausage. And a cookie.
    3 of the pieces had only cheese.
    I called to complain and was turned over to what I would guess was the manager
    .this person said that I would have a refund in 2 to 3 days.
    I then asked his name and he hung up on me !!!!!
    The shop is on Calumet rd in Sheboygan Wisconsin.
    My name is THOMAS Mackinnon and I have been a loyal customer for years and trust that this will be taken care of.

  10. Poor Customer service Very rude Employees been doing business there for fifteen years. Called to go order called back 1 hour later they said it would be 2 hours haven’t made pizza yet sad.

  11. I ordered pizza @ 8:00 pm it’s now 11:47 pm no pizza no phone call I’m calling they hang up on me my sister went to pick it up they are giving us all kind of excuses

  12. I made an order online 4/7/21 approximately around 10:18pm schedule for delivery. My wait time said 65 minutes to 74 minutes. I checked the progress of my order every 20 minutes and it continue to say prep order. So after an hour wait, I called the store to check the status of my order and a guy told me 20 more minutes; ask for my hotel room number and it would be out for delivery. 30 minutes had gone by and still no delivery and I got an email stating my order was cancelled without anyone from the store contacting me. Worst customer service ever now I have to go to bed with an empty stomach. I’m furious and this is unacceptable. Papa John’s Store #405
    3077 North Druid Hills Road
    DECATUR, GA 30033-2624

  13. I am so upset with the pizza we received. I have been a customer for sometime and this is the third time I’ve had an issue with my order, so now I’m now I’m contacting you. Last night I ordered my wife a thin crust pizza. Not only was it late to arrive, but it was cold and burnt. It was card board! I’m pissed about this! My pissed didn’t have much cheese and was cold as well!

  14. I called the store at Brogdon woods to find out why my order was taking an hour and a half to arrive. When I called they would hang up the phone every time they picked it up. I called several times and finally the manager told me they didn’t take calls from private numbers and hung up the phone again. I called back and told him that he should have told me that the first time and yes I cursed at him but by that time I was furious. This was on April 4th 2021 at about 9:15 pm.

    1. Y’all need to a drug test on Maurice Smith . He does meth and steals y’all garbage bags and giving away free food to his friends
      Thibodaux la
      On st mary street
      I have proof.

  15. I don’t know what bother me the most, the time that it was 8:20 and they don’t close until 10:30 or the fact that when somebody came in with an online they were able to get their food. When I came in one lady was about to take my order but they told her that they were closing . This is unacceptable and they do this every other night, no manager in sight. 2757 S Mendenhall rd Ste 6, Memphis Tn,38115

  16. I ordered at the Union City Ga location. First the order said delivered but it wasn’t then when we got it it was cold 😡 I called and they kept me on hold over 30 min waiting on the manager because the team member told me there was nothing they could do. Another pizza and get this one back would have worked or next pizza on them or come pick one up if you’re able but noooo she told me nothing can be done then kept me on hold. I’m still on hold this very minute.

  17. We ordered a pizza from the pickup/delivery at 14205
    Midlothian Turnpike on Sunday, March 28. While taking a bite of the pizza I discovered a sparkly, about 1 1/2 inch long false fingernail. This was very disgusting and made me sick on my stomach. I can’t believe that with all the cases of COVID 19 that a worker was allowed to work making pizzas with no gloves. Managers should monitor workers more closely. Can’t stand the thought of eating pizza again.

  18. Please allow the phone in orders to go straight to the Papa John’s. Your call center is terrible. I got told my email was wrong. And hung up on twice. It’s frustrating. And unprofessional.

  19. What a crappy company! We ordered online waited quite a while then decided to go look to see what the issue is will the issue was that it was going to take two hours to get our food to us but they didn’t bother to tell us that before hand. So when we called to complain we are put on hold. We use the online chat who basically acts like there’s no big difference between dinnertime and bedtime and hangs up on us. We try to use the feedback form which you can’t use without the numbers off the ticket from the food that we’re not gonna get till bedtime. We contact by phone they send you back to the feedback form that you can’t fill out without any numbers.So not only did they not bother to notify that they were insanely behind when they did everything they possibly could to make sure the customers could not contact them

  20. Would love to be able to speak to a representative about service rendered at store # 4158
    Contact info
    Adam Vasquez
    210 412 xxxx
    San Antonio, TX 78237

  21. I recently started using your online service about a week ago and don’t believe I’ll be using it again. I’m a manager at a Huey Magoo’s and Apopka and don’t always have the ability to run out and grab something to eat so using your app was pretty handy at first it seemed like. But upon receiving my food and signing the credit card slip I noticed the price was higher than it should have been because I used a promo code for 50% off using the online app. So I asked the delivery driver about it and he said I’d probably have to call the manager at their store which I did. I decided it’s no big deal, it was only a matter of about $9 because I know how busy managers can be with other problems and issues so I didn’t want to add to them. So anyways the next night I ordered again through the app and used a different promo for 35% off I believe . And the online app accepted it, and yet again when the delivery driver shows up the prices not correct. So then I gave the manager a call and was told that it would be a few minutes and the employee asked if I could maybe have him help in any way, so I explained pretty quickly what had transpired the last two nights and he put me on hold and explained it to the manager I guess and he came back on the line with a number for me to call because they don’t deal with online in the store which I understand . So I called and I’m not really sure how to explain what happened other than nothing. After repeatedly trying to get the customer rep to understand why I was saying it was hard to understand them and at the end basically nothing happened except giving me another phone number saying that’s who I should have called in the first place. I was basically told that I was supposed to apply the coupon before I placed my order and that if I experience the problem again to call this other number. Needless to say I was fit to be tired because I’ve I might not be a wiz on the computer but I’m pretty sure I know how to fill out most order forms , which I did and basically was told how to do something I’ve already done and not getting any results was very stressful and aggravating. So the number that I was supposed to call was written on a Post-It note and I misplaced it somewhere night before last so I decided to reach out this way and hopefully have someone that understands that I’m not looking for free food I’m just getting honest to goodness feedback on my experience. We have problems with our app as well and sometimes we deal with it in the store depending on how big are the order is or how much of it we can absorb without it getting to corporate, on a Case by case basis. We are constantly refining our hospitality process and phone skills and anything else you can think of to help us continue to grow as a company and provide a better experience to our customers so I hope this feedback helps and doesn’t look like I am after anything or just another unsatisfied customer who’s looking to complain. I hope this was helpful and didn’t seem like that. Have a great day and hopefully I won’t have to reach out in a negative way again , instead will be a positive experience like it has been prior to this . The app just seemed like it would be helpful because several of my cooks and servers as well as myself order quite often , so the app just seemed like a good idea. Have a great day and thank you for your time. Brad B.

  22. I can never figure why I never get my W2 mailed to my home. What’s going on with Papa John’s it’s the only company I’ve ever worked for that won’t mail it.

  23. To whom ever this concerns,. The food I received last night was horrible and made me sick, chicken wasn’t done and everything was soaked in grease and cold , the other panini was also cold and nasty, I would like to get my money back I paid a lot for this order and am a long standing customer.

  24. Why do I have to call halfway around the world to order a damn pizza? Nobody in this country needs a job? Last time we order papa johns. Now Papa Gones

  25. Hi…I was an employee at popa John’s. I need some information of when will W2’s be sent out? I haven’t received minds.

  26. I orered a pizza from papa John’s online for carry out. After placing my order it gave me a tracking time of 45 min to 56 min. After an hour goes by I check my tracking status it’s still in being made mode. I call the store they tell me it’s going to be an additional hour. I then cancel my order im not going to wait another hour. I had this same experience the last time I ordered. I understand that businesses get busy but don’t mislead the customer about how long it’s going to take to get your food. I usually don’t complain im not one to complain in order to get free food and im not trying to get free food this time. I really like papa John’s and I wanna continue being a customer but with the lack of good service i will take my business elsewhere and truly I don’t want to do that because in my opinion papa John’s has the best pizza around. If it matters at all my order number is 831279629. The store location is Cookeville Tn. This order number may not register because I did cancel my order because I was going to have to wait an additional hour on top of me waiting an hour already. I am very disappointed In the recent service. This was the second time this has happened within this week this has happened.

  27. This is for the Galion, Ohio location. We ordered online pizza and breadsticks for pickup on March 17, 2019. I placed the pizza box on the front seat of my car with the breadstick box on top of that. After I got home, the butter had run out of the end of the breadstick box and soaked and stained the side of my passenger seat. I immediately called and spoke with the store manager who explained to me that the owner is deployed but that she would pass along my issue and cell phone number. March 23, I called the store manager again to let her know I had heard nothing from the owner. I gave her my number again and an email address that I can be contacted at. It is now March 31 and I have still heard nothing from the owner. I understand that he is deployed and commend his service to our country, but if he is unable to run the business during this time, then he needs to have a proxy to deal with things. I have tried to clean the seat myself with little effect do the staining. The seat needs to be professionally cleaned. How do I move forward from here?

  28. Tonight I had a terrible experience. I placed an order for one cheese pizza at 5:30 pm. It said one hour. In the meantime I left my phone to charge in my room and did other things. I came back around 6:30 and noticed i had a voicemail. Apparently a previous address downtown had been listed for my order and it had been cancelled. I immediately called the store to ask if they could still proceed with my order but to the correct address. As soon as the manager Buddy got on line he was combative and barely gave me a moment to talk. I tried to explain what had happened but he refused to let me speak. I said “Regardless of the error I still need my pizza so how can we expedite this order?”
    I had never asked for a free pizza and told him I was not asking for that!! He replied, “You said you wanted to expedite your order”
    Clearly he didn’t know what that meant. I asked him to let me talk but he rudely and condescendingly kept saying it’s not his problem that I was charging my phone and they cancelled my order. I tried to say I just want to reorder the pizza but he laughed and said “you can just hold” then stuck me on hold. He never checked back in. I tried calling back and he laughed and said “Hold please” immediately placing me on hold. He thought it was a game. All I wanted was my pizza -I NEVER asked for a free pizza or any type of compensation. I just wanted to see how quickly he could get one out to me but he wouldn’t even let me talk. I was FURIOUS with his refusal to let me speak and his games putting me on hold. I’ve been a Papa John’s customer for years but I will NEVER use Papa John’s again as long as he is employed there. He turned an irritation into an explosion. I expect an apology. I don’t need anything free. I don’t need any compensation. But I will be sharing this. You do not allow managers to behave in this way towards long term customers. I’m appalled. I was able to place an order with another company and when I explained what had happened they IMMEDIATELY put a rush on my order. That was my only request. It should have been a simple fix. Buddy was not interested in a resolution… He was only interested in being heard and going on a power trip. I hope he serves you and your company well.

  29. Papa Johns store in Minot Nd under bakes their doe I thought it was a mistake but it happened more than 3 times and it also happened in Tennessee I like your pizza and I hope this info will help Minot Nd papa johns pizza get back on track

  30. Please be advised , I am exercising my own protest and I’m finding more and more support
    to boycott the Pappa John’s franchise. Mr.Schnatter has become an icon
    to those who show respect for our police,military and those who risk their lives to protect our citizens from those who demonstrate against them .

  31. They are very slow delivery pizza and it’s take bout 2 hours to get or they lose your order from there. We order a pizza and they lost our order and we never got our pizza either.

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