Subway Headquarters

Subway Headquarters.

All current information about Subway IP Inc., the fast-food franchise based in Milford, Connecticut. See Subway’s corporate contact details and links to various Subway departments, among other useful resources.

We have also added a guide on how to submit complaints or questions to the Subway customer service department.

About Subway.

The fast-food franchise chain Subway is headquartered in Connecticut, where it was founded in August 1965 by Fred DeLuca. The first Pete’s Subway restaurant opened in Bridgeport, and growth was rather slow until the owners adopted a franchise business model.

By the mid / late 1980s, there were over 1,000 Subway stores across the United States, and international franchising began at around the same time.

In 2017, Subway had more than 44,000 stores and franchises worldwide, with over 26,000 of those being in the USA alone. Subway also has a strong presence in UK, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and Australia, where it has thousands of restaurants.

The company was recently named one of the world’s most valuable brands by Forbes and is considered the world’s largest restaurant operator.

Currently, Subway’s product offer includes salads, bakery and breakfast items, and wraps, in addition to their trademark submarine sandwiches.

Subway Corporate Office Contacts.

You can get in touch with Subway’s corporate headquarters in Connecticut by phone, fax, or mail using the contact details listed here:

Subway Headquarters Phone Number.
+1-203-877-4281 or 1-800-888-4848

Subway Headquarters Switchboard Hours.
Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Eastern Time Zone)

Subway Headquarters Fax Number.

Subway World Headquarters Address.

325 Sub Way, Milford,
Connecticut, 06461-3059

Subway Headquarters
The Subway World Headquarters in Milford, Connecticut houses around 1050 employees.

Subway Executive Team.

List of key leaders at Subway.

  • Suzanne Greco, President and CEO
  • Joe Chaves, Director of Operations
  • Don Fertman, Director of Development and Director of Franchise Sales
  • Christopher Carroll, Senior Vice President of Marketing
  • Joseph V. Tripodi, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Peter Buck, PhD, Co-Founder

Subway (Doctor’s Associates) Board of Directors:

  • Suzanne Greco
  • Lewis Finch III

Subway Careers and Jobs.

Subway currently employs over 400,000 people worldwide. If you want to join the Subway team, visit the company’s general Careers page, where you can browse and apply to restaurants jobs. If you are interested in corporate vacancies at Subway headquarters, visit this page, which allows you to create a profile, edit applications, and track their progress.

A more comprehensive description of regional jobs is available here (US-based jobs only). Lastly, you can view job vacancies at Subway’s LinkedIn.

How to complain to Subway.

To reach Subway’s U.S. Guest Relations department, call 1-800-888-4848.

In the United Kingdom, the Head Office can be reached on (+44) 0844-826-8484.

A restaurant feedback form is available here and can be used to report unsatisfactory experiences.

An alternative way of getting in touch with the Customer Service department at Subway is to message them on Twitter. Tweet at their Twitter handle @SubwayListens). The team is available seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 5p.m., Eastern Standard Time.

If you have your Subway receipt handy, and you have 2 minutes to spare, you can also take Subway’s customer survey here. The company will award you with a free cookie for your time.

Other Subway Resources.

Use the resources listed below to find more information and contact details for Subway sand its different departments and services.

Please share your experiences, praise or complaints about Subway, in the comment section.

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91 thoughts on “Subway Headquarters

  1. Dear Marketing and Subway. Thank you for your time. I have heard you have chosen a Sports star that has taken a stand or a knee against America. This is unfortunate. I will not do business with Subway and will advise my family and friends to do the same Respectfully Ed Koetsier

  2. Where is the new hero bread we’re all waiting for ….you get more business if you quit selling this high ass carb fat ass bread because it’s not healthy

  3. How can you advertise coupons and not accept them . no excuse was given and No they were not expired.

  4. I was ill treated 3 times at this Subway store and lastly by the Manager himself, claiming all I wanted was a free sandwich and then he slammed the front door in my face. He continues to send me this ignorant form letter that has no teeth and I never even received the $9.00 sandwich I paid for. Subway official continue to forward my complaint to him and he is abusive when you are looking. The complaints are futile at this juncture and I now see why what once was one of the best fast food franchises in the world is suffering under the current leadership. I will join the people who want nothing to do with Subway. My unpleasant experience at the hands of a racist store owner/manager is being recycled right back to the offender! See his attached insincere form letter for the third time. This guy is a bigot of the worst kind, who showed his true self when the camera isn’t on. He tried to shame me for asking to get my order right! How dare him and how dare Subway Corporate for not responding and making this an issue that is both humiliating and absurd in nature!! The Pandemic has brought out some of the worst people and one of them represents your company (Rand R.S. Kahlon).

    Jamal Aleem

    Below is the form letter for the second time!! I am so saddened by this treatment! He kept asking me “What did you do with the sandwich!”, as if I were a criminal or some sort. It was not fresh and not what I ordered. I threw it away!! But you keep funneling my complaint back to the very offender I am complaining about. Such a sad way to do business!

    Your recent Subway® Experience


    Rana R.S. Kahlon
    Jamal Aleem

    Sun, May 1 at 6:22 PM

    Dear Jamal Aleem,

    I want to take a moment to thank you for contacting me and sharing your feedback regarding your recent Subway® experience.

    At Subway, we often promote different products in new, creative ways in order to keep things fresh and appeal across the broad spectrum of our loyal customers. I appreciate your feedback and the time you took to share your point of view. I apologize your last visit did not meet your expectation. I have shared your feedback with my team to improve our customer service.

    Thank you for being a loyal Subway® customer and we look forward to serving you again in the future.

    Rana R.S. Kahlon

  5. I don’t know what’s going on with Subway, in Meridian Idaho you suck You have lost a long time customer forever.

  6. the subway in Wheelersburg Ohio store number 14782 there manger there is very disrespectful towards there employees , I have over heard the manger get upset with a worker because they have to have surgery and said they don’t think they will do it .

  7. Most Subways in our area don’t use the real ham. I don’t know what kind of meat. The sandwiches are nasty and the vegetables are not fresh. I stopped going to Subway because of all of this.

  8. I visited your Subway at 2377 Eaton Ferry Rd, NC-903 4/21/2022 at 8:08 pm and the doors were locked. However, opening hours are from 10:00 am until 8:30 pm. Therefore, if you are not going to abide with the hours posted then the hours need to corrected.

  9. Subway ( Corp ) has been reducing their choice of selections beit bread, meat, veggie or dressing. One never knows what items will be offered from one visit to the next. Change the name of a sandwich by adding or removing a single item, the selection of dressings is very poor and limited (btw, your original sweet onion was fantastic before adding teriyaki).
    When Corporate dictates what is shipped to a franchise owner it does not take into account what selections sell best for the individual locations and reducing their bottom line.
    As a customer, it translate to a corporation being out of touch with its franchisees and their customers

  10. NO paper coupons anymore. We retired folks on fixed incomes are unable to do the apps or order online. A local owner disregarded my comment that local papers haven’t included the paper coupons for a couple of years..said they come out every few months which is an outright lie. There are more senior citizens who would buy subs if there were ways to do it easily. Apparently the top brass don’t dare about this demographic.

  11. I ordered on line but when asked employee about my order, he said didn’t get it. Then I called after trying to state the problem but no response.

  12. You need to fix your online ordering system. I ordered at 3:30 pm to pick up my sub at 6 pm and when I went to pick it up, I had to wait as they had just received the order and the franchisee told me orders are not sent through to the stores until 15 minutes to pick up time and the employees told me it came through right at pick-up time. This is not convenient when you are sending an email acknowledgement to the customer saying their order was received and will be ready at 6.

  13. Very rude threatening employee. Whilst the store was shut down for no apparent reason they said we had to call in the order. A customer commensed to knock on the door for his order and was screamed at dont you knock.on my door like that. The location is subway on southblvd wednesday 6:53 pm. It was very d8srespectful and threatening 980330xxxx is my.number like to discuss this.issue further.

  14. Just want to say that the subway ran in Texas City, tx on Palmer hiway is ran by clearly racists people whom allow people of their persuasion to cut in front of other patrons, and their preparation of your sandwiches suck! Also I’d like to state that my sandwich has NEVER looked like the ones on your “Eat fresh refresh” commercials… unless that’s a $20.00 sandwich.

  15. So Subway has a great marketing campaign; received coupons in the mail that can be used w/ the Subways I live near.
    My family and I like Subways, so this was a reminder to visit you again.
    I drive with my family there and as I open the door, a printed sign on the glass reads “WE RE NOT ACCEPTING ANY COUPONS AT THIS TIME”.
    Posting this sign is one of the dumbest, short-sighted business decisions I have seen in a long time.
    They lost our business. Permanently.

  16. Can a subway manager inside Walmart force their customers to purchase subs, wraps or pizzas in order to sit down? Even Walmart employees are being forced to purchase one of these foods in order to sit down inside SUBWAY®.

  17. I am an employee that is on the schedule and does not get any hours for the last three months now for me and two other employees. I’ve spoken with the owner and nothing has been done with the store manager he abuses his power he talks to everybody how he feels. Certain employees will disagree with what i have to say because that guarantees their place with a job. The management is very poor and unprofessional. I’ve worked in a corporate store in Florida before and have never seen a subway ran like this before. The owner does absolutely nothing to rectify the situation nor discipline the actions. I have bills and stuff to keep up with and me being on the schedule along with two other people that are suffering the same way I am. The store is located in Lynchburg, VA 3035 old forest rd 24501. Store managers name is Josh and the owners name is Brian. I can reached at 904-674-xxxx or kixxxxxx I am available at any time of the day and would love to give you more details if you would like.

  18. Subway branch at 27 Winfield plaza Winfield,Mo.63389 , won’t let you use the buy one get one free coupon. I had to pay full price for both sandwiches,3/14/22 ,7:36:09pm . Term ID-Trans# 1/A-242403 .I talk to the owner on the phone & he was very rude, said he was loosing money on the buy one get one free coupon.

  19. The onion vinaigrette was THE BEST‼️‼️‼️‼️ It added a delicate sweetness and additional onion flavor for those who enjoy onions in or on most food items.

  20. I ordered 6 sandwiches online to be picked up at 3969 teasley lane in Denton Texas store number 24206 sex I picked up the sandwiches I brought them home all the sauces all the vegetables and all the meat were completely wrong on all my sandwiches even my 2 wraps I called the store I spoke to a gentleman named Abel I told him my complaint he said there’s nothing he can do for me and there’s nothing he can do for me and there’s no manager there wouldn’t give me a phone number to corporate or even say say let me have my manager call you back nothing he was very unhelpful not very nice.

  21. I have gone into the Subway off 4th. St in Eureka a few times, and there is always just this one employee that is always smelling of Alcohol while working. His name badge reads Ryan…He’s extremely flirtatious in an uncomfortable way, and it makes it so I don’t want to go back in there. I’ve heard other women complain about this same thing with him, and it feels disrespectful and degrading to us women.

  22. I worked a the subway in Silsbee,Texas. I was harassed by the other employees because I am type one diabetic. They were making bets on whether or not my blood sugar was going to go low. It was very upsetting. The major problem was even the owners were doing it.

  23. I visited at the Surfside Beach, SC location. I ordered the tuna sub. It tasted horrible and even the color looked a funny light pink!!! This used to be my favorite, no more….clean up your food!!!

  24. Store#20695-0,Server 12345, 1/27/22. Hands were not washed,
    While making sandwich meat was placed on dirty counter, told assistant not to put that particular piece of meat on my sandwich due to germs. The other proceeded to tell me “read the sign” which consisted of “don’t harass the employees”. There was no harassment, only being cautious of germs and getting sick afterwards from an unclean surface. While paying for my order, employee, instead of throwing the meat away, placed meat back in the meat container. Employees, especially young ones, should be trained more thoroughly and trained on hygiene and pathogens. Not accusing a customer of “harassment” and to “read the sign”.

  25. Store in Walmart in Wilkesboro NC has some very serious issues. I was given the wrong sandwich then tried to overcharge me!! Not!! A happy customer!

  26. Food is good but what’s with their credit card machine almost always being out of order? Westgate Rocky River one. Yesterday, another day they couldn’t take cards. One wonders if they only want cash and purposely aren’t fixing the machine? A real issue! If it continues, will go elsewhere…

  27. This man refused to sale me a food iteam that was on the menu. All I asked was for him to sale me two scoops of tuna and to put it on a soup cup.he said no I don’t do that.i use to work at a subway, per the company policy that is permitted.i asked to speak to the manager and he said he was the manager.i asked him for his name and he refused to give it to me. He was around his early 50s middle eastern . I asked the the vendor next door if that man was the manager and he said no. I am very disappoint that customer service has gone down.he was rude ,lazy, and very disrespectful. I come at least twice a week. I won’t be coming back to this subway .

  28. (Please note that this was the only way for me to comment on restaurant experience because I was unable to send a complaint from your website designed for that purpose. I tried to enter the store numbers of three different stores that are open in Denton, TX, and all three numbers came up as invalid, not allowing me to send my message. How’s that for customer service, guys? Why wouldn’t you provide a space for the store’s address to be entered instead?
    Please forward this to the person or department dealing with customer service complaints.)

    I was treated very rudely today and even denied service by the only server on duty at the store on Teasley Ln. in Denton TX – a short, black guy in his 20’s.

    I’m 72, cleanly dressed, and I’ve used that particular store for at least 30 years I’ve lived in Denton. I ordered two footlongs and asked for the veggies to be placed in a plastic salad bowl because the sandwich gets soggy with the veggies in them by the time I get home. I was always able to have this request fulfilled in the past. The server denied to do it that way with the excuse that salad boxes cost money and that I’d have to pay for an entire salad. They probably don’t cost more than 50 c., so I told him that I’d be willing to pay extra for the box only, but he was intransigent. When I told him I understood that he didn’t make the rules, but that particular rule was very non-customer-friendly, he claimed that he was the store manager (sic).

    Since he wouldn’t accommodate me, I proceeded to instruct him to put the veggies on the sandwiches. I told him I wanted all the veggies except the pickled ones. A minute later, I reconsidered by saying that I just wanted the banana peppers from the pickled variety. Instead he started piling on black olives, so I stopped him and repeated my request. He began to argue with me and claim that I’d said the opposite of what had. I told him he’d probably misheard or misunderstood me because that’s how I always ordered my veggies. He kept claiming otherwise. At that point, I asked for his name and said that his lack of customer service skills deserved contacting the branch office. He said that he didn’t care and that I should get my food somewhere else. He still refused to provide his name, and – here’s the kicker – he said in no uncertain terms while pointing to the door, “DON”T COME BACK!” I had just wasted at least 15 minutes ordering food, and he had the gall to practically throw me out?

    Subways have been closing right and left in this town. Do you think your intransigent rules about salad boxes and this kind of customer service will help you keep the stores open?

    If you continue to employ this individual, then it is a certainty that I won’t come back to any Subway ever again. If you assure me that he would be swiftly dealt with, I may reconsider.

    Why are you making it impossible to make a complaint if I can’t find the right store number? Does that mean you’re trying to discourage complaints?

    A quick reply to my complaint will be appreciated, and its timeliness will also figure in my decision whether to give you my money again.

  29. Need to work on what’s going on in field.
    I went to local subway in Paoli, IN, on 08-27-2021, ordered a tuna sub and showed my coupon from SUBWAY, and girl said we do not accept Subway coupons! Manager said to “take no coupons.” Then proceeded to point to sign on the glass case where ingredients are.
    Where is Subway loyalty, NOT in Paoli, IN.
    I travel from home to home monthly,
    I have one in Carriere, MS on coast, one in Norman, OK, and one in Hardinsburg, IN, which is about 25 miles this Subway, maybe more.
    I usually visit Subway on my first night, because all are Equally 11.5 hours between and give out after that drive. 67 years!

  30. I usually don’t do this, but I have to say I am very disappointed in some of your selections of people you use to represent Subway. I can usually roll with things, but I really have a hard time with people who complain about how our country works, not perfect but at least evolves though sometimes slowly and then makes money representing a national company. Sorry, I can’t support your choice, I’ll go to Firehouse instead. My 50 to 60 times a year I get my Subs, at least some of the money goes to something I can get behind. It was the last straw. Sorry. Loved your subs. But not more than the disappointment I feel in your choices. You seem so out of touch. I’d love to know if you saw an uptick or a down tick. Respectfully

  31. I have really enjoyed Subway’s sandwiches for years.
    I am disappointed with the women’s soccer player from prior Olympics representing your company in your recent adds.
    Why would you as a company want someone who dislikes the United States and continually disrespects our country to represent your-company in your latest advertisements. I am disappointed in your judgement and embarrassed for you.
    Jersey Mike’s has become my first choice.

  32. Dear subway, I choose not to spend my money on your product as long as you have that disrespectful an American woman soccer player as your spokes person. Just ask Coca-Cola what happens when you get woke, you lose a lot of money

  33. I will no longer patronize Subway until you choose a wholesome, American loving patriot to be the face and spokesperson of Subway. Certainly not Megan Rapinoe. And I am enthusiastic about spreading the word to my many friends and loved ones.

  34. i have emailed subay 3 times about my account problems.Each time i get a response that someone is lookin g into problem.I never get another response from subway.Problem??

  35. Wish you would close your doors!!!! When you disrespect the USA you don’t deserve to run a business in the US . The management needs to be replaced to allow what you did with the flag. My father fought so that you can be free you bunch of cowards. I will never spend a penny with you . Go stand in harms way to protect this land of the free you worthless piece of no good trash!!!!!!!!

  36. I seen on Google that you’re spoke purse Meghan was kneeling at the national anthem I have talked a lot of my friends myself and now we’re never ever participate with Subway ever again thank you

  37. I have a subway across the street from me and generally I like the sandwiches. However, your spokes person, that anti-American soccer player is such a disgrace to this country that I cannot support any business that uses her in their advertisement. I’m very sorry you can’t get a patriot to represent your business. I’m all done with subway

  38. Wow! I’m so pissed off right now. Wtf is wrong with this generation? I thought Subway was a reputable company! We just ordered from Subway at 3600 Dallas Hwy Suite B12, Marietta, GA 30064. The customer service is the worst I’ve seen. This girl just kicked us out after we sat down and started eating cause we didn’t see the time at the door. She said: “leave now” and I said: ” we’re sorry cause we didn’t see the note.” Then she replied:”read next time.” She’s light skin with piercing on her nose, and she got that nasty attitude. I’m gonna leave a review on Google, Twitter, and every forum I can find. Damn! I should have got her name. A person like that should learn how to interact with people before working in the service industry. The day is Sat, July 24 202, and the time was 4:28 pm.

  39. If it is true that Megan Rapinoe is a spokesperson for Subway Sandwiches?

    If in fact she is a spokesperson for Subway, as I being a proud USA Citizen and a faithful customer of Subway Sandwiches, I would like Subway Sandwiches Corporate to know that I, will not purchase another Subway Sandwich until Subway issues a public apology and removes Megan Rapinoe from their ads.
    What a terrible role model and in my opinion, she does not deserve to be on the USA Olympic Soccer Team if she cannot stand up proudly for the American Flag along side her fellow USA Team Members.

  40. Megan Rapihno is a TERRIBLE spokesperson! As a Olympic competitor she doesn’t realize men and women suffered so she could represent America! My family will NEVER buy another sandwich at your store!

  41. I just got a sub from the subway inside the loves trk stop in whitetown indian her name is jeri,what a bitch see thru my sub roll out as hard as she could and very loudly announced that couldnt do anything about flies on food she needs to go

  42. Going into subway on stabler lane in Yuba City, Ca door closed on my foot. I tore nails off and cut my toes. Employees were not helpful as I was bleeding profusely. I may need to go to hospital. Incident occurred around 11:35 am PST. I expect to hear from someone ASAP!

  43. Complaint concerning Kingsburg Ca, Subway, first I called to place order, the young lady, that answered, got another girl to get on the phone to take my order, and she says oh “don’t take orders after 7:40pm, cas customers don’t pick them up so I said, really she said yeah and apologized, we hung up, then my son called to place an order, and offered to pay for it over the phone, she started taking the order the first sandwich was fine, so the other one was a six inch seafood and she said oh we don’t offer that and it was on the menu that I had just looked at, then I said the roast beef and they don’t offer that either, so I told my son forgot it, then she didn’t have him to pay over the phone, so it was supposed to be a combo with coupon and we didn’t get the soda, so at the end of the day, you’ve lost a customer, this is the second time I’ve had an issue with this store, so I won’t go back, but if you’re going to advertise on your menus you have something and it’s not offered at ALL locations then it shouldn’t be listed on all menus, the 2 sandwiches I was ordering was online, and then someone needs to teach these girls/ guys better customer service and stay consistent with the information for all genders. I hope you can get some of or these issues fixed, I’m past franchises manager and a past customer service manager for Walmart and I can tell you customer service is of utmost importance

  44. As long as you employee an athlete who refuses to respect the country who she represents my entire family 3 childetn with spouses, 8 grandchildres and myself take a knee to Subway. No further business from this family!!!!!!!!!

  45. Why would you have that non American soccer player as a spokesperson? Unbelievable! I will never eat there again! Bad choice.. really bad choice Subway

  46. Hi
    I ordered a veg sandwich, and they sent A non veh ham burger, this is totally intolerance, i want to make a complaint to headquarters

  47. You should remove poster gal for showing disrespect to our country and our flag.
    Don’t lose business over this disrespectful person.

  48. I am very disappointed that you support people who take a KNEE IN THE PRESENCE OF OUR GREAT FLAG AND OR ANTHEM.I respectfully request you don’t support that. My family will no longer support you until you give a Public Apology! People give their lives for our freedom. I agree to each their own but this is an unacceptable behavior. The Olympics isn’t the place or any public display.
    Thank You for your attention in this matter.

  49. Flag hating Rapinoe is your spokesperson? You just lost
    75+ million Americans who Love the America. Shame on YOU!

    1. I am with you they can all of the subway stores out of the USA. I will eat there again. Move to China.

  50. Seen on its funny to me but by not be funny to you it was a subway employee giving the middle finger to a camera and it went to Facebook and next to her a guy listen to music on his phone somehow you need to look in to it

  51. I always go to the Subway on Jewell and Wadsworth in Lakewood Co, I will never go back. This is my experience on Saturday June 5tjh 2021 at or around 3:00 in the afternoon, I ordered a foot long turkey sub all I wanted on my sandwich was lot’s of olive’s & lot’s of mayo, when I asked the sandwich artist for more olive’s she put 1 olive, I did not want to argue with her so when guy that was taken my money if I could get more olive’s in a little container he said sure, the lady steped in and said they could not do that, I wanted to know why when all I get is extra mayo and extra olive’s, the minute I started to ask why ? The same guy taking my money very loudly told me to stop talking, I was so embarrassed, I did finish asking her and she told me to get out, I asked who I contact and she told me to get out again. So I left and will never go back. I am 62 years old and never been treated that way. You really need to train your sandwich artist customer service. Thank you for listening.

  52. I have been a long time Subway customer, enjoying the Meatball Marinara, and Spicy Italian subs.
    I filled many of the stamp cards and am disappointed this incentive to select SUBWAY over the many other fast food choices today, has been eliminated.

    Being disabled and having only a small fixed monthly income and having been homeless now for 2 1/2 years, means I don’t dine out very often, and treat myself less frequently. I started coming in on the “$5 Footlong” days for my favorite subs. This incentive to select SUBWAY over the many other fast food options, also eliminated.

    This means I rarely am able to afford to eat at SUBWAY restaurants often. When I did over the past year of being stranded in the desert near Kingman AZ, I would buy a footling and was able to make two meals from it. Unfortunately this is no longer the case, with the cost of these sandwich options approaching $10 with no drink or side, and during the past 3 visits to 2 different SUBWAY locations being completely disappointed with the sandwiches, bread was dried out nasty, (not toasted), the portion of meat in the Italian sub dropped nearly in half, and literally tearing the cheese slices smaller to spread out and use less slices!

    Each of these times I have returned to eat the entire footling, unable to stretch to two meals, mostly bread, and again not fresh, soft, very much dissatisfied.

    Unfortunately SUBWAY has lost this long time customer, I can no longer afford to drop a $10 on some bread and a few slices of meat & cheese. I am curious why I can spend $2 at the Dollar Store for a package of sliced pepperoni, and salami, another dollar for a package of sliced provolone cheese. And have many times over the amount spread out over a SUBWAY footling? The $3 spent on meat & cheese at retail prices would easily make 3 footlongs with the way the ingredients diminished now. That means the dried out nasty “Italian Herbs & Cheese” bread is costing about $8?

    I am sure SUBWAY isn’t paying retail for the ingredients, so why gouge the customer so badly?

    If I could easily keep food cold, I would make my own, but being in the desert makes it impossible, which is why enjoying a footling SUBWAY sandwich, with warm soft bread freshly prepared, and adequate quantities of meat & cheese, a bunch of olives, oil, vinegar, little mayo and lettuce.
    Mmmmm the memories! And done on the right day $5!

    Sadly that is no longer possible, and at nearly $10 for a dried out, skimpy, crap sandwich, I am forced to look elsewhere for a fast food option.. like Carl’s Jr, 2 big hot fresh cheese burgers for $5, or Del Taco and the cheap tacos.

    Any of these options provide more food for my money, and offer enough left over to buy a drink if I like and still be cheaper.

    Sadly I must stop spending money at your restaurants only to be so greatly dissatisfied.

  53. The quality of sandwich has really gone downhill. I would rate it a 1 and will not be going back for a tasteless bad quality sandwich.


  55. friday may 14, 12:50pm, my name is dr. lee
    weeks ago for a nurses retirement party one of my nurses ordered from your Houston Galleria Mall subway 5 ft long steak & cheese combos with drinks after returning to the hospital we saw that our sandwiches were sour scared my nurses threw them away after calling the store we were told our entire order would be replaced with chips & drinks plus a complimentary ft. long sandwich. today at 10:30am I called the store speaking with jessica who refused to remake our sandwiches that’s unacceptable we never wanted a refund just our sandwich combos drinks and complimentary ft. long we would appreciate it if someone would call me so we could receive our entire order as promised thank you, dr. lee. (936) 218-xxxx

  56. Stopped at 794 Bethel Road, Columbus, Ohio at 9:30am. The door was locked, lights were on. Someone was standing in the store but when I started up to the door they went to the back of store.

  57. I’m a long time consumer of your sub. But no more! If you continue to use people who will not stand for our flag, our Nation, than I can not and will not support your company. Thank you.

  58. Looks like my comments will follow the rest . Whose bright idea was it to use A USA hating Megan Rapino for a spokesperson. Looks like you have done become part of the “woke” crowd. I will stick to “jimmie Johns”

  59. Long time fan and customer! But No More. Your soccer playing spokesperson is the final cut. Unpatriotic excuse for a pampered athlete.

  60. Who was it who thought it was a good idea to employ a pink-haired soccer dyke, whose team hates The USA, as a spokes-person for Subway???
    I don’t know about anybody else, but I have removed Subway from my list of acceptable restaurants. I will NOT support ANY corporation that is willing to support (or employ) celebreties who do not support our country 100%.

  61. I will no longer purchase from Subway, a company who would have anti-American, Megan Rapino, represent them. Pretty pathetic and a slap in the face to many customers

  62. No where to put called Bogo 50 was told the store would cancel the order and that I should re-order to get the Bogo 50 I did we order still no place to put the Bogo 50 on top of that I was charged twice. The girl at your store said that it would take 5 to 7 business days I believe she said to get my money back well we’ll see but I still never got the ad that you have Bogo 50. Ended up paying over $50 for two sandwiches and three cookies great deal huh

  63. I, my family, and friends will not support a company that supports a lowlife sports figure that will not stand for our flag or country.

  64. I am a United states disabled MARINE with P.T.S.D.. I was assaulted in Bay pines blvd st Petersburg fla subway by a subway employee. Look at all negative behavioral re views about the subway store. No one in subway cares or is concerned. I called. Corporate twice.

  65. I like subway. I just wish they would get better tomatoes. Would like them to work out a deal with to use Campari tomatoes. We get these at Costco and they are the best store bought tomatoes we have found.

  66. Talk to the employees if it all possible before you begin working at any Subway to find out what quality of a manager they have. It seems a lot of complaints come about in regards to the Subway stores because they have poor managers in place. The general managers obviously are not doing a good enough job to make sure they have quality managers. They need to be talking to their employees more one-on-one and in private about the performance of the managers at each store.

  67. My son works at a subway in Goshen Indiana and like other reviews I’ve seen there are complaints about the managers. Seems to me the general managers need to be doing a little bit more to make sure they have quality managers at their store. My son’s manager is right down rude and unprofessional in so many ways. There is no way this woman should be a manager of any place. I’ve been in management positions most of my life and know what it is to be a good manager. One of the problems is when there’s a problem with the manager you have no way to get in touch with the general manager with your concerns I think there needs to be a little more transparency in the stores in regards to being able to reach the general manager. My son really likes his job and from what I can tell does a good job but will soon be looking for another job only because the manager of the story is absolutely horrible.


  69. I’m Dana Sellers, and I’ve been working at Subways for 5 year’s and we keep running out of food. I’m the night closer, and I’m there 2 hours before I clock in to make sure I get out in time. we are having trouble cashing our checks because the owner doesn’t have the money. I repercete Subway not the owner. I’m asking for your help. The owners name is Ed Singleton . If you care about your name you will do something about this. My name is Dana Sellers 706-487-xxxx please help us save your name. Thank you for your time

  70. I worked for subway in cumming ga at market place boulevard for 3 days AND I quite and now he wont pay me I want my money

  71. I got a6in cold cut achip and coke yesterday $9.25 I got ripped off I called later Tonya! Said come in we will take care of it iwentin to day she said I need receipt so I got and paid$5 for footlongiwas very embarrassed ha awful redneck

  72. To whom it may concern
    I hope this take to heart because mines has been hurt. I put a application in for Subway on May 27th 2018 at the 3210 W Bell Rd Phoenix Arizona 85053 (store#10469) I had my first interview and my second and I was told I had the job. I went in on 6/9/2018 and the Manager Jordan Oiler sent me the link to do the On boarding paper work in which I completed and took the Food Handlers test to get my card so excited to be making some extra money and to work for this company. Well to make a long story short I have been calling no one answers the phone I have gone up there and the Manager hides in the back and says to tell me she is not there I even called the other Manager (Mike) he won’t return my calls.

    I know I am a older lady and I am black is that the reason why I was not hired? Is this how Companies do people of a different race they get your hopes up and then tear them down I really feel like I have been discrimated against why waste my time why make false promises to me you could of just told me xxxx You we dont hire Blacks at this store I would of accepted that better then lied to.

    1. The Sylvester ga subway only hires friends of the manger and is discriminating against me because of my last name due to the fact that my sister used to work there.

  73. I worked for subway for 5 years.. treating the store like it was my own.. just to get dumped on.. the new owner felt it was my job to do all kinds of running around after work on my time and my gas.. I would work 14 hour days.. no breaks.. but if I went into overtime.. I would have to click out and go under the owners numbers so the company wouldn’t see it.. then they would only pay me 7.50 an hour cash for the over time.. it should have been time in a half.. so I did that for 3 years because I needed the job and the money.. I will be getting ahold of the labor relation board and will be getting the money owed to me for the last 3 years.. which will be alot..
    Very hurt by the way I was treated .. but will move on

  74. San Antonio, TX.
    The Sub Way on 1621 N. Main St. San Antonio , Texas 78212-4312 . The manager Bob sets up an Interview with me. I have a back ground involving Air Force and Navy. On my resume and application my classification specifies, Private. He continues to debate with me about my status and the force that I served in. What a idiot. He states he had a back ground in weapons. His classification would make me his Superior Officer. I asked if this the way he talks to his officers. What an idiot!!!!! He asked me why I would be applying at Subway.Bad mouthing and really misrepresenting the company.

  75. Please encourage franchise owners to better screen and train their employees. I had a very concerning experience at the Economy, PA (inside Walmart) store. I am diabetic and was having a hypoglycemic condition (low blood sugar) while waiting to place my order. Only 1 person was in front of me, and 1 person was checking out. It took the Subway employee 10 minutes to take my order. I explained that I was diabetic, was getting hypoglycemic, and needed to eat. The employee (unprofessional in in attitude and appearance with tattoos up her arms and neck with a lot of attitude), was confrontational when I explained that I was about to go into sugar shock and needed her to take my order. She was yelling at me behind the counter, and was completely oblivious to the medical risk that she was putting me in and thus the legal risk that she was putting her store owner in. This employee said that she didn’t care. When I got a Walmart Customer Service employee to help me to get the Subway Manager’s name, the Subway employee told me that she had already called her manager and told him that I wouldn’t wait for my order. I believe that this Subway employee had might have been under the influence of drugs by the way that she was acting. If I would have passed out, I would have taken legal action against her, the Subway owner, Walmart, and potentially Corporate Subway. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE ABOUT THIS!! PAY ATTENTION TO THIS AT CORPORATE!

  76. Please remove your ad regarding national sandwich day.Went to three different subways in chino,not a one of them particated.Lucky for you jerseys mike’s line was coming out the door…here is my receipt number Host order 685-363-789593

  77. I had 3 foot long steakandcheese sub’s I went through the drive through I got home and the steak was old it had a bad smell and when I got home I called and nobody answers the phone I would like my order replaced because my son found a hair in his sub and I would like it fresh it happened in wauchula fl

  78. Henderson nv an lv nv do not provide subways with gluten free bread. Other states are doing so an would appreciate the same. I would probably eat daily at subway if I could. Subway workers have expressed to me that the woman who is in charge of such has no interest in bringing gluten free bread in ever

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