TurboTax Login and Phone Numbers

TurboTax Login and Customer Service Phone Numbers.

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About TurboTax.

Turbotax software can automatically import your W-2 tax form information directly into the TurboTax tax return from a million+ participating employers and institutions. This saves a lot of time and headaches.

The software also search over 350 tax deductions and tax credits to find all the tax break that customers qualify for, so that you get your maximum tax refund. The software guides users through their tax returns step-by-step.

There are various versions available, including TurboTax Deluxe, TurboTax Premier, Home and Business etc. TurboTax can be used for both federal and state income tax returns.

TurboTax Customer Support Phone Numbers and Contacts.

  • TurboTax offers a variety of phone numbers, depending on the help you need.
  • Turbo Tax Customer Service Toll Free Number: 1-800-446-8848
  • TurboTax Primary Customer Service Phone Number: 1-888-777-3066
  • Press 1 to purchase TurboTax products.
    Press 2 for login and download support.
    Press 3 for all other questions. To speak to a human, press 3, then 2.
  • TurboTax Customer Service phone number -Alternative: 1-866-888-2402
  • TurboTax Customer Service phone number -Alternative: 1-877-282-0801
  • TurboTax Advantage Customer Service phone nmber: 1-800-414-5644
    Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM PT

TurboTax Email Form.

TurboTax also can be contacted via their Email Form, which is available here.

TurboTax Twitter Support.

The TurboTax Twitter support can be reached by tweeting your problem or question to: @TeamTurboTax

TurboTax Live Chat Support.

Turbotax offer a Live Chat customer help service for existing customers. Visit their Contact Us page, state your question or issue, log in with your ID and Password and you can find the chat option.

TurboTax Login.

The correct TurboTax Sign In page can be found here. Occasionally, this login page can be overloaded, in which case you can login here, with your email address or ID and password.

If you have forgottten your TurboTax account login, visit their account recovery page, enter your email address and follow the instructions. If you are already signed in and are trying to recover info for a different account, then you must sign out before you go to the account recovery page.

TurboTax Downloads and Apps.

You can buy and download all products from the company’s Download page

After you have purchased a downloadable product through TurboTax.com, you can download it whenever you like up to 3 years after the purchase date.

You can also purchase TurboTax products from the Walmart Online Store or from the Amazon.com, often with a discount.

TurboTax Apps.

You can easily download the TurboTax Tax Return App from either iTunes or Google Play.

Filing Your Tax return for Free with TurboTax Freedom Edition.

Is the TurboTax Free Edition really free?

Yes and no. TurboTax has received many complaints about their advertising of the free version. Filers, who use the Federal Free version of the software, can do a federal filing for free, but only if the filing is not too complex and your income is less than a certain amount. However, state tax filing is not free, and the cost of using TurboTax for state tax returns is not shown to the user, until he/she has already completed the information for federal returns.

TurboTax has two free products:

There is the Federal Free Edition from their website.

and the

TurboTax Freedom Edition (a Free File Alliance product).

Turbotax only offer the TurboTax Freedom Free File service to taxpayers with gross income of $31,000 or less. For active duty military, and certain other groups, the amount is $62,000.

TurboTax Resources.

TurboTax Sign Up Page.

TurboTax Login Page.

TurboTax Help Page.

TurboTax Community Help and FAQ.

TurboTax on Facebook.

TurboTax on Twitter.

TurboTax on LinkedIn.

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