United Airlines Headquarters

United Airlines Headquarters.

This page provides extensive information about United Airlines’ corporate office operations and departments, including personnel, headquarters address and phone numbers, and other useful contact details.

We have also added a section on how to file a complaint with United Airlines or contact to customer service department.

About United Airlines.

United Airlines was founded in Idaho in 1926 and began operations in the spring of 1931. Initially, the company was exclusively in charge of mail delivery, but passenger flights began in the 1930s, when it changed its name to United Air Lines.

Over the years, United has become the world’s third largest airline, as it has a fleet of over 700 planes, serves 339 destinations, and manages more than 4,500 departures every day.

United Airlines Corporate Office Contacts.

To get in touch with United Airlines’ Chicago headquarters, use the details listed below:

United Airlines Headquarters Phone Number

United Airlines Headquarters Switchboard Hours.
Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Central Time Zone)

United Airlines Headquarters Fax Number.
+1-847 700 22 14

United Airlines Corporate Headquarters Address.

United Airlines HQ
233 South Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60606

United Airlines Headquarters
The United Airlines Headquarters is located in the Willis Tower in Chicago.
United Continental Holdings, which operates United Airlines, employs about 4,000 people in their corporate offices, in the former Sears Tower. They occupy 830,000 square feet over 16 floors. United Airlines headquarters was formerly at 77 West Wacker, but the address is now at 233 South Wacker Drive.

United Airlines Executive Team.

This is the complete list of key leaders at United Airlines.

  • Oscar Munoz, CEO
  • Scott Kirby, President
  • Michael P. Bonds, Executive VP (Human Resources and Labor Relations)
  • Brett J. Hart, Executive VP & General Counsel
  • Gregory Hart, Executive VP & Chief Operations Officer
  • Linda Jojo, Executive VP & Chief Information Officer
  • Andrew Levy, Executive VP & Chief Financial Officer
  • Howard Attarian, Senior VP (Flight Operations)
  • Kris Bauer, Senior VP (Technical Operations)
  • John Gebo, Senior VP (Alliances)
  • Kate Gebo, Senior VP (Customer Service Delivery)
  • David Hilfman, Senior VP (Worldwide Sales)
  • Christopher T. Kenny, Vice President and Controller</li
    <li>Gerald Laderman, Senior VP (Finance, Procurement and Treasury)
  • Douglas Leo, Senior VP (Network)
  • Douglas McKeen, Senior VP (Labor Relations)
  • Jim Olson, Senior VP (Corporate Communications)
  • Brad Rich, Senior VP, United Express
  • Sam Risoli, Senior VP (Inflight Services)
  • Jonathan Roitman, Senior VP (Airport Operations)

United Airlines Board of Directors:

  • Oscar Munoz, Chairman
  • Carolyn Corvi
  • Jane C. Garvey
  • Barney Harford
  • Capt. Todd M. Insler
  • Walter Isaacson
  • James A. C. Kennedy
  • Robert A. Milton
  • William R. Nuti
  • Sito Pantoja
  • Edward M. Philip
  • Edward L. Shapiro
  • Laurence E. Simmons
  • David J. Vitale
  • James M. Whitehurst

United Airlines Careers and Jobs.

Career opportunities with United are listed in this page, which also provides information on vacancies for veterans and students.

The airline also keeps a list of vacancies on LinkedIn.

How to complain to United Airlines.

United’s Customer Service Department can be reached by phone on 1-800-864-8331. For baggage complaints, call 1-800-335-2247.

You can also use this form to provide feedback about airport or in-flight experiences. Complaints may be sent in writing to the airlines’ postal address: PO Box 06649, Chicago, IL 60606-0649.

The Twitter handle @united can also be used to contact the airline’s customer service representatives.

Other United Airlines Resources.

Please scroll down to find contact details for some of the most important departments at United Airlines, as well as social media profiles and information for investors and members of the media.

Please share your experiences, praise, or complaints about United Airlines, in the comment section.

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22 thoughts on “United Airlines Headquarters

  1. My check was erroneously deposited into a United retail account. I need to be able to contact the appropriate office to get this rectified.

  2. This airlines is a third world airline
    There is no way to speak to anyone about lost luggage and the worst service. But they know how to charge and collect their money.
    They hire people who have no idea how to do their job.
    To put it the way it is You Suck as an airline and serve your clients.

  3. I was to get some kind of United booking card to make a flight reservation from Dollar General because the agent said reservations cannot be made with a credit card because of to many scams. There is no such thing as a United booking card. Then I was told to get $300 of Google Playcards to pay for flight. Something didn’t seem right so I called United back, got a different agent. This agent raised the air fare $200 and wanted me to get a Target booking card for $500. She told me that a credit card couldn’t be taken because the servers were down. What’s going on? There is no such thing as booking cards. They are all gift cards and how can you book a flight with a Target gift card? Please let me know what is going on.
    Bonnie Coerper

    1. Terrible terrisum information and united employees family telling on local 19 Houston texas should be sharing information and teamsters local 249.and nashville Tennessee police and sharriffs and celebrity’s security and Pittsburgh mckeesrocks police department and others
      I’m s terrisum whiselblower and family was big in the airlines and effects the market its so real and hiding the information could be seen as inside traiding to influence the market
      And it’s extremely real
      Walmart headquarters knows and things and others and bill gates foundations and appel
      As on my lease and sighed im a terrisum whiselblower and government knows and nuclear regitory commission
      There’s alot of information and rare for kids of teamsters workers to see
      Tom carter born 1/08/51 and sharlet Houston
      And Pittsburgh sam laquinta 27 rose Street Pittsburgh
      Bonnie there is no reson united airline hides
      Tsa security concerns has evidence and witness and more
      It’s a long story and was scary
      Imagine marlin linch finding out and others
      And is starting to look like workers want to influence united Airlines stock market
      This started when a mechanic Tom that ran all united airlines mechanics was walking around the airport and employees hid information and did not help
      And theres evidence
      I’m Scott Carter 4702#2 Bryant Ave Dayton ohio
      I’m not a lier and tons of evidence and celebrity’s involved
      United headquarters should know by the end of the work day

  4. Hello my name is Arberdella Lewis on October 27,2020 I made a reservation with your Airlines with one of your agent She made a mistake with the reservation it was supposed to have been for 6 people and she only booked 5 because she didn’t assign my granddaughter a seat on that plane She sent me a confirmation email which included my granddaughter name but her name is not included with my reservation I have been trying to get issues resolved for the last 6 days the customer service is telling my I have to pay $551 and my granddaughter to this reservation but I only paid $155 for the other tickets I really disappointed that she may not get to go because I can’t afford that price I feel that this wasn’t my fault it was your employee and your Airlines should honor the reservation price I paid for the other tickets My reservation confirmation # is BLFP7Q my phone number is 870-815-1103 I look forward to hearing from you Thank you Arberdella Lewis

  5. Putting the lives of your crew at risk continuing service to India under the current outbreak crisis and lack of medical services is ABHORENT

  6. While diversity is great the only thing when you are in the skies that you care about is the the capability of the pilot and landing safely. Clearly with your announcement of your next 5000 pilots only coming from certain groups instead of whoever is the most capable makes you an unsafe airline to fly on. Flying the friendly skies of United now means taking your life in your hands

    1. The most qualified to pilot your customers has not one damn thing to do with skin color. Its human as a race, period. All your doing is creating more divisiveness which we clearly don’t need…EVER!

      Your stance on secure elections requiring voter I.D is that of someone who hates America and its people. There’s nothing more important than election integrity! We now have a fake ass administration who should all be tried for treason because of massive voters fraud in the 2020 election.

      You also made a terrible decision not supporting the NRA and our 2nd amendment. All these false flag shootings to promote unconstitutional attacks on our freedom rest on your shoulders. Blood is on your hands for not supporting law and order governed by the 2nd amendment. Law abiding citizens are not the problem, it’s the criminals and illegal aliens our traitor ass government is letting destroy this country and kill our people.

      My immediate and extended family and I will never fly with you again. Go to hell Oscar Munoz, CEO, Hopefully that trip is sooner than later.

  7. My Husbend traveled from Stl-Chicago on May 9th.2019.at 1:20pm…On the cheking area they took from him face cream which cost $200 and hair shampoo (cost $20),,They told him that will go to the trash!!!!We need cream and shampoo back or $220 back,or we will contact our Attorney at Law!,,Dr.Nisada Ibrovic-Hodzic..His name is Sefik Hodzic.

  8. y husband is on United flight 6043 that was diverted to the Austin airport because of the bad weather. This plane has been sitting on the tarmac for 5 hours. They are out of food, water and toilets are a mess. I understand that the weather is bad but why would United Airlines and the Austin Airport not bring these passengers in for their own safety. United AIrlines and Austin Airport do something!

  9. To: Whom It May Concern
    Re: Security

    I make deliveries to United Airlines often and for many years. The last time I made a delivery, the gentleman at the security booth asked me for my Driver’s License. Presenting the Driver’s License is no problem. I understand the importance of tight security, particularly at an airport, however, he insisted on holding the license until I returned to the booth to leave. Leaving my Identification is unsettling as I’ve had an instance where my Driver’s License was used, and as a result my license was suspended. The gentleman at the booth had a cellular device and could possibly photograph my ID. I realize this may not be the case, but I can never be sure, as this has occurred before under different circumstances. I feel uncomfortable putting my identity in jeopardy. It took me some time to correct my last identity issue. I take careful precautions to protect myself from something similar happening. I am wondering if this is protocol, and if just reviewing the ID is sufficient. If there is only one way in and out, wouldn’t showing ID on the way in suffice? Who would be responsible in the event something like this happens?

  10. Lowe’s Home Improvement,LLC : HR Shared Services telephone number: 1-888HRINFO5 (474-6365), When you call you get a recording that says, “Thank you for calling Lowe’s, you have reached an invalid number.” What kind of customer/employee service is this??

  11. ive flown with united on many occasions and everything had be fine .. that all came to an end oct 1st .. i flew from dallas to grand rapids michigan with a stop in chicago .. the flight to chicago was fine but when we were boarding the flight to grand rapids , which took 30 mins , everything seemed off .. we started to taxi the runway and were the very next flight to takeoff but instead , the pilot pulled over and we sat there for a half hour or more .. then the pilot said there was an issue with the battery so we had to go back to the terminal .. we drove past that terminal numerous times and then went to a different one .. 20 mins later they said we could leave the plane until its fixed or stay on . i got off .. then i noticed everyone got off and they were gonna switch planes so we moved to a different gate .. then the weather got bad so i understand we couldnt take off then but then the weather cleared up and we seen the pilot and attendants get on the plane and they said we would be leaving in 45 mins .. that never happened and it got pushed back another hour because there wasnt enough flight attendants .. the ladies said the flight attendants had just landede and were heading over but a hour passed and then the ladies said the flight never landed and got reverted to minnesota so that was a lie when they said the flight attendants had landed cuz they never did .. it was getting really late and i needed my epilepsy pills and they wouldnt allow me to get them because the bags were on the plane .. then a hour later they said the flight was cancelled and booked til 7 am and i never seen the pilot or crew come off the plane .. i never received my pills and had numerous deja vu seizures as i tried to sleep on the bench in the airport .. i never received a food voucher but was told i was supposed to pursue that which i had no clue about since this had never happened .. all i know is we got bullxxxxed all night by the crew and they knew all along they werent flying us out .. what i dont get is , how do you get that close to takeoff and not know something is wrong from the beginning ?? do they not check the planes before even moving it ?? ive tried to call and call to get compensated for this horrible flight but so far nothing ..

  12. After checked-in for a flight at 6 am, with the worst airline company in this world – UNITED – they told me at the gate, that I was not on that flight. I had my seat in Premier; I had my ticket, everything was confirmed. They were rude to me, and they just don’t care, and if you say something they don’t like, United threats me to call the security, and you can imagine the rest. I used my points to flight, but I paid USD 345 to upgrade in Premier. I finally left the airport, at the gate they told me that I would be refunded in 2/3 days. After three weeks, no refund issued, United customer service is in Philipines, I ask to speak to a supervisor, totally rude to me. I called the headquarter and Erin, the switchboard operator refused to transfer me to just one person. He cut me when I was calling and hung up on me. United Airlines dropped me and stole USD 345, and it is supposed to be acceptable. Let’s go to small claim court. A judge will decide. Don’t fly United

  13. I recently flew United Airlines and we had our share of problems. When i asked the United representative for the telephone number for customer cares at United he told me that he could not give it to me. Do you think that United really cares. Impossible to speak to anyone NEVER AGAIN

  14. I understand that your organization supports a boycott agaist the nra and their stand regarding gun control. Something needs to be done about our children being killed, and assault weapon ban is necessary and one of the steps.

    Thank you for your common sense and support in this important issue.

  15. We just booked our trip to Puerto Rico with American Airlines–5 tickets. Never again will we book with United. Why do you bow to pressure from a few people that want to take away our Constitutional rights–2A in this case–and dissociate from an organization that wants to protect them?

    And, no, I’m not a member of the NRA, but I might have to join because of this.


  17. we were flying back from Israel to Newark Airport December 5th. we were able to make a change of our return through United office in Tel Aviv on Friday after Thanksgiving. Our tickets were purchased through an agent in San Francisco. it was almost closing time for the office in Tel Aviv but the United officer was kind to change our ticket (it was not possible to get to the agent in San Francisco)
    On the day of the flight united Airline accomodated us with a wheelchair all the way to the plane and upon arrival where we were picked up to go straight to the hospital. it was a pleasure to be taken care of in such a fashion and we were also allowed to bring in to the plane special necessary drinks. Thank You very much

  18. December 15, 2o17

    On November 14,2017 I was on flight 5199 departing Chicago to Colorado Springs, Colorado departing at 7:34 PM arriving in the Springs at 9:24 PM. I’m not sure but I believe the name of the stewardess was Sue. However it was the night that was the pilots last night on United because he was moving up to :The Bigger Jets: as the stewardess put it. The whole crew was great and service excellent, I must say the stewardess was fantastic, she has such a great personality, always a smile on her face. She even had some of us laughing. I ask her as I was getting off if she is always smiling and that happy, and her answer was yes. The pilot was standing next to her and he also said yes, she is. So the best of compliments to the team they made for a very enjoyable flight. I was kind of hoping she would of been on my flight out of the Springs on November 21th but she wasn’t. She said she is from the Springs if that is any help in the right name of her. It was one of the most enjoyable flights I have ever been on. Terrific team.

  19. On July 31 st we were on flight number 4524 from Denver to Missoula, MT. One of the stewardess on that flight was exceptional for her quality of service and she needs to be commended for it. She not only offered additional water and coffee after the cart hard already gone completely up the isle, she did it with the most pleasant demeanor. I believe I remember her name to be Anastatia?? Best service I have ever had on ANY FLIGHT. Job well done and appreciated by this customer!!!!

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