Verizon Headquarters

Verizon Headquarters.

Here’s a comprehensive list of information and resources pertaining to US telecommunications provider Verizon, including the corporate office contact details and a wealth of resources for clients, investors, and members of the public.

See the Verizon headquarters mailing address, phone numbers and full Executive Team. Learn how best to contact and complain to the Verizon customer service.

You can also add praise or complaints about Verizon in the comment section.

About Verizon.

Verizon is one of the largest telecommunications providers in the United States. The company was founded in 1983, although it was initially named Bell Atlantic and only provided coverage to New York, New Jersey, and other states in the East Coast.

The company was renamed Verizon in 2000 following a merger with GTE, and that year Verizon began to offer cell phone services too.

Currently, Verizon offers mobile and fixed phone services, broadband and fiber optic Internet, and TV. Mobile services are handled via the company’s subsidiary, Verizon Wireless. The company has over 140 million customers (mobile services), nearly 6 million video subscribers, and 7 million fiber optic clients, including their business and enterprise customers.

Verizon Corporate Office Contacts.

Please find Verizon’s headquarters contact details (phone, address, and fax number) below:

Verizon Headquarters Phone Number.

Verizon Headquarters Switchboard Hours.
Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (EST)
Verizon Headquarters Fax Number.
Verizon Communications Inc. Headquarters Address.
140 West Street
New York,NY, 10007.
Verizon Executive Headquarters Address (Board of Directors).
Verizon Corporate Office.
1095 Avenue of the Americas
8th floor
New York, NY 10036
Verizon Headquarters Address (Operations).
Verizon Operations
1 Verizon Way
Basking Ridge, NJ, 07920.

Verizon Corporate Office Email.

If you want to email the Verizon corporate team directly, Verizon actually provides this option, at least on paper.  Visit the Verizon Leadership page and click on the ‘Contact’ link below each key leader. An email form will appear where you can state your name, contacts details and your complaint or issue.

Verizon headquarters
The Verizon Corporate Office buildings in New York. The building on the left (1095 Avenue of the Americas) houses the executive team on two floors, and the building on the right (140 West Street) houses other headquarters and communications staff, on the lower 10 floors. The top 22 floors has been redeveloped for condominiums.

Verizon Executive Team.

This the full leadership team at Verizon Communications.

  • Lowell McAdam, CEO
  • John Stratton, Executive Vice President & Global Enterprise President
  • Roy Chestnutt, Executive Vice President
  • Roger Gurnani, Executive Vice President
  • Daniel Mead, Executive Vice President
  • Anthony Melone, Executive Vice President
  • Randal Milch, Executive Vice President
  • Marni Walden, Executive Vice President
  • Marc Reed, Executive Vice President & CAO
  • Francis Shammo, Executive Vice President & CFO
  • Nancy Clark, Senior Vice President
  • Matthew Ellis, Senior Vice President
  • William Horton, Jr., Senior Vice President
  • Shane Sanders, Senior Vice President
  • Anthony Skiadas, Senior Vice President
  • Michael Stefanski, Senior Vice President
  • W.R. Mudge, Consumer Markets President
  • Rose Stuckey Kirk, Verizon Foundation President & Vice President

Verizon Board of Directors:

  • Lowell C. McAdam, Chairman
  • Shellye L. Archambeau
  • Mark T. Bertolini
  • Richard L. Carrion
  • Melanie L. Healey
  • Frances Keeth
  • Karl-Ludwig Kley
  • Donald T. Nicolaisen
  • Clarence Otis, Jr.
  • Rodney E. Slater
  • Kathryn A. Tesija
  • Gregory D. Wasson
  • Gregory G. Weaver

Verizon Careers and Jobs.

The company’s career’s page lists current opportunities in various areas and describes what you can expect from working for Verizon. There are also dedicated programs for military veterans and college students.

Additional job listings can be found at Verizon’s LinkedIn Jobs page.

How to complain to Verizon.

To receive immediate response to your complaints, call Verizon’s Customer Service number on 1-800-922-0240. Lines are open 24/7.

For complaints about wireless services, call 1611 from your device or contact the Verizon Wireless Support Team on Twitter, which is available 24/7 and also in Spanish. Verizon also has another very active Twitter Support account at Verizon Support. Tweet at the handle @VerizonSupport for general questions, or at @VZWSupport for questions and complaints regarding Verizon Wireless accounts.

To complain in writing, you can send a letter to the company’s headquarters or the Customer Service mailing address, which is Verizon Correspondence Team, P.O. Box 5029, Wallingford, CT, 06492.

For frequently asked questions, it is often faster to visit the Verizon Forums page. On this community forum, you can ask questions and view previous answers from other Verzon customers and Verizon respresentatives. Use the search function before asking a question.

A Feedback Page is also available that enable you to provide feedback in seconds.

Other Verizon Resources.

Below is a list of helpful links and contact details that may be useful to new and existing customers, potential investors, and media professionals.

Please share your experiences with, or complaints about, Verizon FiOS and Verizon Wireless, in the comment section.

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40 thoughts on “Verizon Headquarters

  1. The main business account number is: 954-728-xxxx
    I added two additional phones to my business account under a 24 month plan. My monthly statement should be approximately &170.00 per month. However, I am being charged $500.00 per month. I need to resolve this issue ASAP

  2. I have been on phone with verizon and apple for 26 hrs i have an iphone 6s with a BATTERY.I
    have been calling verizon and apple for 2 weeks geting no were. I have a warrenty on phonei was told by verizon they do not have no 6s phone in stock verizon would send me a iphone 8 they would have to shut 6s off first tryed on wed to shut off with verizon tech .could not shut off phone at that point apple lock me out . was told to call apple .Was told look out for24 hrs to call back . i call apple back said phone unlocked . apple tryed to shut off phone could not do lock out again. Call verizon back beg to do something said the would help took all info for the 15 time put me on holdfor 45 minutes then hung seems like this is a comen pratics wit verizon for they eather tell me to call apple or leave you on hold then hang up. Ihave giving verizon call back phone numbers to no advail . please help by friday moring april 1 or i will call fcc bbb and get rid of you in my house i have fios for tv computor internet and 3 cell phones thousands a year paid to you.
    me today took all informs
    atio for the 15 time

  3. I was on a cruise and paid for the carnival wifi package so that i could make calls.. all of my calls are wifi calls but verizons charging me 770.54 for international calls. The customer service rep i spoke with Shawntel stated that i received text messages telling me my data would be charged. I don’t recall. It was frustrating trying to speak with the rep who apparently works from home and decided it would be professional to snack while talking to me on the phone. After I hung up with her, i called back and i was connected to a gentleman didn’t get his name started going over my account and stated he saw where my calls were wifi calls and we got disconnected. I waited a few minutes to see if he would call me back. I didn’t receive a call back so i called again and I was fortunate to get Jamal Whitley who was very professional and tried to help to the best of his ability. he spoke with an operational manager who said the notes in my account placed by Shanwtel, stated she explained everything to me and he was not going to review my account that his supervisor told me they are not going to wave the charges and there was no need for him to speak with me. I’ve been a verizon customer since 2017.

  4. I have received the First Responder discount for years being a volunteer through the Red Cross. Now all of a sudden they don’t consider that an eligible discount. I don’t see how that’s okay or fair?

  5. New customer with Verizon since Dec. From the beginning my account has been vastly overcharged. Calls, Chats, emails and in store visits are a huge waste of time. Employees are rude and tell you it’s your fault. I now have a bill for 652.00 when I was told in Dec. the monthly bill would be 278. before auto pay.
    My son has gone in on person today to the hoover store in AL to be told we should just pay it. I’ve called to be told there was a mistake and yet it wasn’t corrected the rep disconnected call after 45 min. Company is completely unprofessional, untrained and blame the customers when the Employees don’t set up promotions correctly or the actual account. Verizon feels dropping a 400.00 plus extra amount on a monthly bill is acceptable. This is no fault of mine. Definitely leaving Verizon.

  6. Someone from Verizon is using my telephone. I cannot explain how, but an IP address on telephone shows this in different locations in New York City places I never been or visited.

  7. My name is Lori i own LMDriver LLC and i have been waiting for 2 weeks for my account rep to call me back, i am currently on hole for 1 hr 25 min and 6 sec on my cel and a customer service on my business phone I had and PAID ! YEAR for verizon connect reveal to a service t\hat NEVER worked!!!! And I want this crap to be removed from my truck, with absolutely NO help from any one including Mr Shubha who could not help me on my cel allow me to remind you i am still on hold on my cel phone. I’m mad ass hell.

  8. Have been waiting for a credit since Aug 21
    U know how u call n get transferred 5 x one rep found my account, connected me with financials, who couldn’t find my account. I asked them to PAY ME a LATE FEE of $20/mo just like they bill me if I am late PAYING my bill. At that point I was put on hold then Disconnected with no callback


  10. My father in law died.I’m trying to upload a copy of his death certificate. His phone number was 602-469-xxxx

  11. A business account , when I called A lost phone replacement a lady answered the phone I was not able to understand anything she was saying I request to speak with an agent in the United States,

    Then later she got mad at me next thing I know my phone is not working as I was traveling on a business trip phone was down for nearly 2 1/2 hours I’ll call from my other phone and they apologized and apologized for what she did however apparently nobody in the headquarters really cares about my emails that I have submitted.

    Call Roy week I’ve been still waiting on somebody to call me in the headquarters as I requested and nothing yet.

  12. they have messed me around for over a month now!!! cant get my money back ill be taking this to the next step filing a complaint & sueing then

  13. Hi my name is kathy gallarzo, I have an account with Verizon , I need to speak to some one in the higher up management 915-479-xxxx

  14. I was told by one of your employees in January when I went in to get a new phone that I would not have to add a extra line to get the 51 A Samsung phone. So I when I was told that I did not have to the extra line, but I would only be paying $5.00 for this phone, then that is what I want to be paying. I don’t like being lied to about this. We have been customers for 11 years now. So I would appreciate a phone call from the Corporate office to get this resolved. I went to the store on oracle rd and wetmore in tucson, az to get this issue resolved and the manager said “that the employee did not lie and that I had to have a appointment and that he could not help me with out an appointment. This is piss poor Customer Service. My phone number is 520-404-xxxx I work from 7 am to 3:30 pm Monday thru Friday. This phone was also advertised on TV for this price and no mention of adding a extra line. Since you do not want to take me seriously I will be contacting my local new station about this situation.

  15. 3hours for pickup then put back on hold bad service no cs no calls . I want supervisor no one else clear this Overcharges! 757 508 xxxx this second day I wait your reply or then call is fcc . Maybe 1pm

  16. I have been having trouble with no data. For several days. Made multiple calls. So I decided to get as tablet. And use phone for just message and calls. They took payment and told me I could pick it up at a Verizon store. That was 45 minutes away. And when I got there they said I could not get it until bill was paid. I was very angry that I was not told that before running me over they.

  17. I am trying to reach someone about my bill there is no one i can complain to about verizon charging a lot of money keep saying i owe money if i miss one month my bill turns from $170 dollars to 500$

  18. Good afternoon,

    We are based out of Charlotte NC we would like to help with moving your freight. Could you email the person I need to contact? We have been in business since 2009 we specialize in truckload, less than truckload, dry vans, refrigerated, flatbeds, port, and warehousing.

  19. I solved Alternative Energy using a Harvesting Antennae. It can exhume enough energy electricity to power everything from a cell phone to a Cruise Ship. Contact Neil J Chernoff Chairman/CEO 2025 Barrett Lakes Blvd NW H5101 Kennesaw, Ga 30144 (C) 678-699-xxxx

  20. I went into the local corporate store on Cortez here in Springhill Florida on Sept 29th for a problem with my new phone. After dealing with that I decided to pay off the device fees that were owed I dropped close to 1300.00 dollars that day. They mistakenly credited a complete strangers account to the tune and f $783.56. It to s now November 3rd and to this date the situation has not been remedied. This is a terrible terrible company to deal with. My wife be is a disabled vet I am a senior citizen and when we got set up on the senior plan our bill went up considerably. I feel we are being fleeced, if and when hopefully this gets straightened out I won’t waste a lot of time switching carriers.

  21. This is the worst customer service I have experienced. Saturday night I spent over 4 hours trying to get a phone activated on prepaid. I paid for my plan and the lady was having trouble porting my number so she tranfered me to the porting department. This man could hardly speak english. I had to spell my name and address atleast 5 times. Well finally about 11:00 p.m. he got it activated. A few minutes later I get a text message saying I have 0.5gs to use by April 9. I paid for the $40 plan (3 gbs). It was so late that I called yesterday morning and I get this man saying I did not pay the $43.95 that I used a refilled card and a $10 discount for the trouble they had porting the number. Told Him I did not use a refill card, he said I did the system does not lie. I told it the system may not lie but someone did not put it in the system. So I hung up and went to a local store and all they did was pull up what the other man told me. I have a P.O.# that Verizon sent me saying where I paid the $43.95. Nobody I can seem to find the P.O., so I had to pay an additional $10.00 to get the 3g plan. They said I would have to dispute the charges with my Credit Card company. Why should I have to dispute, if I was charged they should have to refund me.

    I understand people in foreign countries need jobs also, but why do they have these call centers in the foreign countries trying to help us here. They do not speak and understand English well, you have to keep repeating yourself and spelling your name and address. I can understand maybe once, but over 5 times to the same person.I think you need to revamp your system. Some of these people are really rude almost to the point of calling you a liar. I wish someone from Verizon would respond to this, but I really do not thank they will.

  22. Carolyn Kolb, Mantee, Ms.


  23. Anyone else get mislead by Verizon’s month to month deal thinking it was prepaid? I was under the impression that it was prepaid when I signed up but after my first month I was told it was postpaid. Now I’m being charge twice as much as what i thought I would. I cancelled and change to prepaid right after the first month but verizon refuses to adjust my bill and wants me to pay for the 2nd month in advance because it’s postpaid. I was mislead. My email invoice said month to month contract witch I took to mean prepaid. I just want verizon to be reasonable. I’m willing to pay for the month that i use but I shouldn’t have to pay for the 2nd month that i only used 7 days of and cancelled once I found out.

  24. I purchased an Iphone in December for $299 with a 2 year contract. I decided to exchange it for a different color and was told I could do this up until January 14, 2017. I called to exchange it January 5, 2017 and was told it would be a $35 charge. I gave my credit card number to cover the charge. I was told I would receive an email confirming the exchange and I would have to agree to the terms before I would receive the new phone. I did and to my surprise I was charged not only the $35 but an additional $31. I called to inquire and was told it was the monthly fee for the next 2 years to pay for my phone and that Verizon no longer did 2 year contracts. I explained I had already paid for the phone and had a contract. I was told that when I exchanged the phone the contract was changed. I explained I paid for the phone already and you can not charge me for a phone that I now own. I made repeated calls lasting 45-60 minutes each time and was promised each time the problem would be fixed. I called for the 5th time yesterday and was told there is nothing they can do and I would charged a monthly fee of $31 for the phone under their new plan. How can you possibly think that it is okay to charge someone twice for the same phone? I was told that the money I paid 3 months ago would be returned and I would have pay the new monthly finance fee for a grand total of $720+. The money has never been returned and I am still getting charged for a phone I own. This is absolutely absurd. Verizon has received payment for a phone and now they want to charge me again. How can you think this is good business???

  25. I recently upgraded my phone, I was lied to about the billing and promotion. When I called back to inquire about it I was given no help. The customer service tried to put it back on me. I escalated to supervisors and no one is taking responsibility for there error. I will really be changing my services. Verizon does not care about their customers. And do not take responsibility when it’s the error of their employee.

  26. I sat in the parking lot of the Verizon store on Bert Kouns in Shreveport, La. for 30 minutes waiting on the store to open. When it clearly states store hours on the door. Very unprofessional!!

  27. Verizon customer service is a joke to say the least, when you speak with a customer service representative, they do not follow through. I have spent hours trying to correct a fake bill. My normal usage bill for the previous two months was average between $48.00 and $80.00 per month. I walked into the Verizon Wireless store in Bowie, MD and told the sales guy to disconnect my wireless (iPad) account. He told him it was disconnected, and I should see the cancellation on my next bill. My next bill came at the end of January (New Year) and it did not show the account was disconnected in early December.
    The sales guy not only lied, but apparently someone continued to use the phone number which was associated with my iPad. I called Verizon about the bill; they said there was no record of the account being disconnected in the store in December. I asked customer service agent to provide me with a detailed bill showing the IP Address of the device that was used under my name, and detail usage of how the iPad was used to rake up such a huge bill.
    The female customer service agent said to me “but that’s private information”. I said WOW! Verizon is accusing me of incurring a very large bill, more than 45 days after I asked the sales representative to terminate my iPad service. Now Verizon is threatening me, yet you say the detail usage bill is “private information”? The usage detail is private information for whom; I am the account holder who Verizon wants to pay a bill that I did not incur. If Verizon say I used the account, then I am entitled to a detailed bill showing how and where I used the device. Well, 3 years later, Verizon customer service has not produced any usage details for that bill. I wrote several letters to customer service, nothing change. This is why Verizon is losing customers, and will continue to lose customers to its competitors.

  28. I have been a customer for 18 years now. It does not show on my account now because I switched from one state to another about 13 years ago now. The customer service that I got before showed how much the people in the store care for you. Now, when you go in their site and just wait for them to get to you. Do they even care about you or what they make off of you. Where have the good people gone. Please bring the people that care back, they are missed by the customers.

  29. I have been a Verizon customer for over 10 year. I have spent 5 hours, between 5 calls. Finally asked for a supervisor, I was told one would call back with in 20 minutes. Here it is 4 hours later NO CALL. This is all over devices charge. I guess my next step is writing corporate! Which is going to happen tonight!
    I have everyone’s NAMES, DATES I HAVE SPOKE WITH!
    My email is attached if the corporate office want to respond.

  30. We have been Verizon wireless customers for many years and after our recent issue concerning statements made by Verizon employees at a Verizon store (not a authorized store)we are disgusted with the double talk and worthless customer service. Our issue was concerning 2 things: first being when our final 2 yr contract expired we went in to get one new smart phone due to the change in international calling protocol deeming that existing phone obsolete as we have a home in Mexico and a summer home in upstate NY where we visit Canada quite often and needed to have a phone that worked for our situation. After what we thought was a wonderful experience, being told we would have the 2 yr free North American plan which included unlimited calls and txt and a small amount of data for Mexico and Canada promotion and that the new htc smart phone would actually be free (they explained we would see a monthly $5.00 equipment charge and also $5.00 credit cancelling the charge), Well this couldn’t have farther from the truth, we finally realized we were being charged the $5.00 equipment charge but not receiving the $5.00 credit as promised and our so called unlimited North American plan did not include Mexico (the international wireless representative actually said to me that Mexico was not in North America)I about fell out of my chair we were told and also as this was going on the last 3 months since we arrived back in AZ for the winter they were dinging our phones with the message about travel pass when we entered Mexico requiring us to pay $2.00/day…well this is what got me investigating and found out all of the above…really just a bunch of crooks as it seems all corporate is these days! We will be changing to another carrier as Donald Trump said….”what do you have to lose?”

  31. I’ve been a Verizon customer for many years and not sure why I Believe costumer service double talks you they don’t do what they say I’m on the phone with them more than I am with my own family! I have roll over data so we were excited because we thought this month we would have an additional 16.8 gigs to roll over BUT…. I look on my Verizon and all I have is my original 24 + 4 prom what happened to my roll over? I was told they only roll over 1 month. 1 MONTH! Why don’t they tell you that I paid an extra 75.00 for 10 extra gigs that I thought would continue to roll over you think the would use the roll over gigs before they use your normal monthly gigs I have had so much problems with Verizon seriously thinking of switching. Costumer service double talks and tries to confuse you that is wrong they have no problem cashing your 300.00 check every month just really fed up with Verizon if something doesn’t change soon we’re switching I don’t care if they are the BEST I would settle for a little less at least I know what I’m getting!

  32. Please ,Please,Please….Someone help me with my bill !!! Just spent 2 hr’s on the phone and nobody knows what to do !!!

  33. I spoke to a person named Ezra on my Verizon chat about obtaining 2 pixel phones for 10.00 a month each. After viewing my account Ezra came back and told me my account would only go up by 4.16 I said and nothing is changed this Ezra said no. OK a great deal. I asked how much will it cost me today I was told 104.00 so I said ok. I couldn’t get to my browser so Ezra gave me a number to call. All the notes would be in my account. I called the number and spoke to Jay a completely different story Deception on Ezra part. My plan was to change that’s why it would only cost me 4.16 more and the phones would cost me 140.00. I have the conversation with Ezra screen shoted so it is all in writing. I tried to reach Ezra through my Verizon and everytime someone came on to chat it said times out. Someone help.

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