Walmart Headquarters

Walmart Headquarters and Corporate Office Info.

See all Walmart Headquarters information here, including email contacts and customer service phone numbers, corporate addresses and a list of the executive board.

Learn how and where to complain about Walmarts products or services.

About Walmart.

Walmart is the world’s largest retailer with 11,539 stores and clubs in 28 countries, under a total of 63 brands or banners. Walmart is a discount superstore with food, clothing and  brands, but every items. The company was founded by Sam Walton. The Walton family still owns the chain.

Walmart Corporate Offices.

The Walmart headquarters, or corporate office, is in Bentonville, Arkansas, where the first Walmart store saw the light of day.

Walmart Headquarters Address.

Walmart Headquarters 702 S.W. 8th St.
Bentonville, AR 72716

Walmart Headquarters Phone Number.

The  Walmart headquarters phone number is 1-800-925-6278 or 1-800-WALMART.

Walmart Investors Relations Phone number.

The phone number for investor relations is 1-479-273-6463.

Walmart Customer Service Phone Number.

Walmart Customer Service phone number is: 1-800-966-6546 or 1-800-925-6278

Walmart Email Contact.

Walmart Customer Service Email is: [email protected]

For Store or Corporate feedback, please use the Feedback Form.


Walmart Corporate Website:

The Walmart headquarters website is The website lists corporate contact information, the executive team and company news.

Walmart Headquarters
The Walmart Headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Walmart Executive Team.

The Walmart board of directors and key leaders include:

  • Mike Duke – Chief Executive Officer and President
  • Bill Simon – Chief Executive Officer and President of Walmart US.
  • Doug McMillon – Chief Executive Officer and President of Walmart International
  • Rosalind Brewer – Chief Executive Officer and President of Sam’s Club
  • Neil Ashe – Chief Executive Officer and President of Global eCommerce
  • Joel Anderson – Chief Executive Officer and President of

Walmart headquarters board of directors:

  • Rob Walton
  • Aida Alvarez
  • James Cash
  • Roger Corbett
  • Douglas Daft
  • Timothy Flynn
  • Marissa Mayer
  • Lee Scott
  • Jim Walton

How to Complain to Walmart.

You can Email, mail and call the toll-free phone number 1-800-925-6278 to file complaints with Walmart. The company needs all complaints to be sent directly to the Walmart corporate headquarters, and not to individual Walmart stores. If calling, then request a customer service representative and give the store number of the Walmart store that you want to complain about. Then clearly state the complaint. Customers can also request a follow-up phone call.

You can also mail a complaint to Walmart’s headquarters at 702 SW 8th Street, Bentonville, AR 72716. Alternativly, contact the company via its Facebook page.

Walmart Owned Brands

Walmart owns the following brands, among others:

  • Straight Talk
  • Great Value
  • Sam’s Choice
  • Play Day
  • Price First
  • Equate
  • Mainstays
  • Ol’ Roy
  • Special Kitty
  • Parent’s Choice
  • White Stag
  • George
  • Athletic Works
  • Canopy
  • Durabrand
  • VUDU

Walmart Resources and Social Media Pages.

Feel free to share your experiences with Walmart in the comment section.




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197 thoughts on “Walmart Headquarters

  1. I’m a 88 year old Walmart shopper and I wish to express my sincere appreciation for keeping the
    prices on your Great Value products affordable

  2. I purchased 2 Buffalo head Lodge skillets & 1 Rosie the riveter. I was sent 3 plain lodge skillets. Skillets that are factory 2nds! Not only did I pay 2xs more, what I received sales for $10. I was given a refund after my attempts to return failed. It’s bad enough not knowing who you can trust to order from & turns out, most of them do business under your name. Factory 2nds…… really?!?!? $65. & $35. FACTORY 2nds! 😡🤬😡🤬

  3. walmart acts like they care about diversity in the workplace and yet raises and fair and equal treatment do not exit. just because your a retail giant does not give you the right to be so uncaring to people. I always assumed that it was not true by the adds and slogans i see .I guess walmart really is maga bound because of their beliefs in where this country stands.

  4. Why is Walmart in Rive city Market Place In Jacksonville FL Will not accept cash we are forced to put on card. I’m sure Walmart is not hurting for money

  5. Three times my order has been delivered to three different neighbor a. I have been charged for them
    I called you office for refund. It hasn’t happened
    Please take control of this problem. Sincerely Nadine Kitchens

  6. My hire date is April 21, 2006. I am currently employed with the same store that I was hired at. There are quite a few of us that work at my store that have a question. The question is, how come only certain departments in the store received a raise? I have been told it’s due to high turnovers in those departments. Myself as a 15 year associate I don’t see how this is fair to the rest of us. 15 years later I am only making $14.98 a hour. I have also been told if I want more pay to move to one of those departments. I have been in the garden department for 10 years of my 15 years at Walmart. I do not want to leave my department just to make more money. I am asking is this pay raise going to eventually go to all departments? I really feel like I got a slap in the face when they did this. To make it even worse we are asked to go fill in in these departments periodically when people call out or not enough staffing. That is like a punch in the face. Please tell me eventually everyone that works for Wal-Mart will also receive a raise. I love working for Wal-Mart and I love what I do in the garden department. I just wish it was fair to all of us.

  7. I met Sam Walton when I was 13 years old. It was at the Van Buren WalMart; it was located where Experian is now. Sam Walton was shaking everybody’s hand and welcoming us into the store! He loved everybody and we all loved him. He was big on Customer Service. They announced a talent show over the intercom. My mom said go sign up. So I did. I played the Edellveiss Waltz. And I actually won! First prize was a thirteen inch black & white TV! I. was honored and thrilled.
    While most associates are friendly and helpful. I had a horrible experience returning things I did not order from pick up and delivery. It was the manager of pick up and delivery a young Iranian man
    I’m not only a senior citizen; but I’m also disabled. After waiting at the Customer Service Desk for over an hour. I asked them to figure their computers out later and pay me cash. It came off of my debit card. So cash is the same! The Iranian pick up & delivery man told me he was having me thrown out of WalMart. I said you and whose army? When I yelled for the store manager. The Iranian man said that does it I’m throwing you out. I said ok not until I get a refund in my hand. He had two Wal-Mart Associates come up and try to escort me out. I said I’m calling the police dept. If you proceed to throw me out! One of the girl associates rapidly gave me 73.00 back on items I didn’t order. I told them they need to give receipts to customers who use pick up and delivery! I respect Sam Walton so much and always looked up to him. Because I know if it was him in Customer Service This would have never happened! However I will NEVER USE PICK UP AND DELIVERY AGAIN!

  8. we got an ad from facebook for several different above ground pool through walmart. For 98.99 is this legit or Chinese

  9. The Walmart Pharmacies near me never have my Adderall 30mgs. 60 tabs, either generic or name brand, in stock for my 2nd or 3rd written script, even though I always get all of my RX’s filled there. Why are they always out of stock? Do they not order by the written scripts they have on file?

  10. Home delivery charges included items I did not receive, and Joanne, 355 Stonebrook, Frisco, TX not returning or answering
    calls. Delivery was a day late, in addition to being incorrect.

  11. I’m a former employee, I got fired on Sunday, May 30, 2021. The HR department said she had gotten an email stating that I Dawn Middleton has a criminal background, this is false, due to the fact Walmart did a background check n it says I’m eligible for hire, so now 2 weeks later Walmart fires me saying that I have a criminal record. This is wrongful termination. I asked to see the email n HR refused. I’m a CNA by trade, if there is any criminal record, I couldn’t become a nurse. I need this situation to be look into/investigated. I know it is a lie, thx for ur time

  12. I was call about a position and was told I should receive a email the next day..Didn’t get the email so I called up there 3x…went up there 2x…Call and was told I will get a call back…I just need to know should i just withdrawn my application…

  13. I have to travel 1 hour to get to a Walmart supercenter. I wish you would consider putting a Walmart super center in westchester, NY. Preferably on central park avenue in yonkers or white plains

    2105185178120008 -0000

  15. Dear Corporate Idiots!
    So you cannot defend Americans’voting right!!
    Democracy is not important to your company??
    The American Constitution is not important to your company??
    Then why don’t you just get out of America??
    You can’t support our citizens’ right to vote??
    Then we won’t support you!!
    I’ll start doing all my shopping at Target!! At least they support our right to vote!!

  16. Today 2-20-2021 I was looking on Microsoft Edge and in one of the windows was an AD stating “Goodbye Walmart every store closing in 2021” It was an AD from The Delite. Here is site: www r1- . Now they never say it deeper in the site but that is LIE I hope and I hope you call them on it.

  17. On 2/20/19 at approximately 10 am, I observed this driver entering I-4 east around Seffner Fla and began tailing a car within 5 ft of his bumper. At this point, I observed him turn on his blinker but I did not feel that I was in a safe spot to allow access in the lane I was in. At that point, the driver began drifting in my lane. I honked to let him know that I was there and he gave me the finger. Hopefully, this is not how all drivers are trained. Truck cab #16-415, trailer #147169.

  18. I live in Felton DE, I normally shop at Walmart in Camden DE, but that become more and more difficult, each month it gets worse and worse…the selves are COMPLETELY EMPTY. Someone dies not know how to order. It been getting worse each month for about 4 months now… I have to go to other stores to get the things I need.

  19. Do you ever eat the meat, BAD,Hamburger has so much gristle have to cook and pick it out, steaks cook on grill but was roast meat sliced, you are sad, and i’am old enough to know, work as a cashier,you know you can get away with it, no more Walmart for us,you always been sad,you all the money…..I been there had this to much,

  20. disabled, was catapulted from a 50 mph speed boat, hit house boat with head, suffered MAJOR head injury, no walk/talk, in a coma, had to have craniotomy to live. Do not have a printer to print return label to return the wrong cereal I ordered. NEED HELP PLEASE, cannot afford to be charged for something I did not want, PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE

  21. I have complained to Walmart about people taking up all the handicapped spots who are not handicapped and all I get is “they do that a lot”, I have taken pictures and sent them to the police and am told, unless the manager calls, they can’t do anything. You have healthy, mobile people using their parents or other persons placard to park in the handicapped spots. If it’s close to the Christmas shopping frenzy, forget about ever being able to park in a handicapped spot. I parked next to the buggy return and waited 27 minutes for a handicapped spot to come available only to have someone coming up the wrong way, take the spot. And no, they weren’t handicapped at all. They actually had 2 small children with them and they all ran to the building. I have to have a handicapped parking space because I need to open my car door fully just to get out of the car (impossible in regular parking spots). I watched a woman park in the handicapped space, no placard no handicapped license plate yet, she parked there because it was closer to the store and she just had a return. I told the employer at the door and pointed her out and all he said was “people do that”, all he had to do was turn around and ask the lady to move her car to a regular space, those spots are reserved for the handicapped but, I guess he was afraid she might say something back to him if he spoke!!

    1. Please just think that everyone that parks in the handicap but does not LOOK handicap is not just a liar! I have a placard and I do not look handicapped but I have had a Triple heart attack and I also suffer from COPD and use portable O2 but I do not take it in store if I am not going to be long. I feel for you and shame on those that should not park in the spots.

  22. I purchased the mainstays lamp about a month ago. Today I plugged it in and got electrocuted and the cord went on fire and broke off. I am very disappointed with this product. I am a loyal walmart customer and a previous employee. I would like you to be aware of what happened

  23. I’m currently a employee at 4450. I just had some major surgery in August. To help me with my work I bought a grabber to pick things up off the floor. My Dept. Manager told me I can’t use it . She said it’s not company approved.
    I only use it to pickup hangers mostly. Not only that they are threating to remove me from my area. I have been in this area for 11.5 yrs. every since the store opened in 2007. On Saturday’s we can get very , very busy . So it does take a lot to keep up with the returns and zoning. But I don’t slack on my duties.

  24. I currently work for Walmart. Back in August I had Major Surgery done. Taking awhile to heal. But anyways I bought a pickup/grabber stick to pickup things off the floor. It was working wonderful for me Then as of yesterday I was told I couldn’t use it. Not company approved by Walmart 4450. It helps me do my job.

  25. Yes i was an assoiciate and my thing is that yes i called in but not on purpose i was very sick any assoiciate czn tell u that im a hard worker and i did call in amd i still showed up on my days that i was really bad amd i am asking to reconsider me cominh back amd the ladt time i callled in was because i almost lost my dad so i wamted to spend the night before thanksgiving in case i dont have my dad amother year but im a real good hard worker and i didmt call in on purpose or miss days cause i was playing hookie i wasnt i was just so sick i woild like my job back and i wont call in again i need this job to support my dad with his heart condition so im askinh yall to let jimmy know veronica amd Mario i want my job back i cznt help that i was sick but i need this job i need to go back right away

  26. So I stopped into the southside store in Terre Haute Indiana to pick up a deer call for hunting. They didn’t carry the one I wanted and only had selfing for 3 calls. One was sold out and the other 2 were the same call hust different manufacturers. The shelf was full of deer bait. It is illegal to bait deer in Indiana so why would the department manager waste the space to carry products that won’t help out hunters? I worked for Walmart when I was in high school and it was the same stupidity. At the time high-powered rifles were not legal to hunt deer with in Indiana, but most of the space in the gun display was taken up by items that never sold. We even had a skeet shooting gun that cost $2600. Now i grew up in a rural area and practically everyone deer hunted and there wasn’t a lot of high paying jobs so needless to say the skeet gun bever sold nor did the rifles. Just because someone has a degree doesn’t mean they’re qualified for a job. Put people in place who will at least take the time to read the hunting regulations. Or educate themselves on the products and customers that will be shopping.

  27. My name is Paulyne Michel and I currently am working at Wal-Mart as a hourly Supervisor and I am concerned about our employees complaints and they are upset with our management team because they are being hard on them really bad and they are already to quite and they want Kevin back up here Scott Nash is slaving the and even making the work past there brake times and I feel it need to be addressed to you so we can get somethings changed!
    Please help me help them make there job easier and my job easier also because we need help in Billings Montana and I thank you for your original standards!

  28. To whom it may concern. I brought a cake from walmart on westhimer. When I open and bite into the cake I bite on a piece of glass

  29. After shopping at your store in Manhattan KS. Spending well over $120 and having numerous bags in my cart, one of the associates stopped me from exiting because a $19.99 coffee maker was not in a bag. My suggestion is train all your clerk’s to bag Everything, I felt humiliated being treated like I had stolen it. This is just making one more reason why I do not frequent your store there

  30. It is appalling that Wal-Mart Headquarters is SOOOOOO difficult to reach anyone that can really assist. However, I am posting this for the world to see. Wal-Mart (Greenwood, MS) is really becoming a joke. I don’t know if it is the staff being discriminating or something else. I have been using Wal-Mart Pharmacy for awhile now without issue; however, most recently for MONTHS now, they seem to not have my medications. Is this because I am transgender? If so, speak up so that I can do the things that I need to do. However, a continuous we don’t have it and don’t know when we will get it DOES NOT SUFFICE. THIS IS PLAYING WITH PEOPLE’S HEALTH.

  31. I work Walmart question is open availability.if opened your availability you get scheduled first,he told me that and training coordinator told me that so how does the system know ?my schedule is wrong answer from asst mgr system others in my dept. Only want work certain hours? That’s not open availability right? So is my schedule not being fixed they should be scheduled second?who can check this problem and how in future can the system know people with open then schedules for all would turn out right?

  32. why would you close a stores jewelry counter will we from other town shop Rhinelander Wi because our store in Minocqua Wi they should close that store jewelry counter Rhinelander store is great we drive 45 min to get there thank you. please keep Rhinelander jewel open please thank you have a great day

  33. December 13, 2017

    WalMart Corporate Offices
    702 West 8th Street
    Bentonville, AR 72716


    This is not my first missive to you and as before, I expect no response of any type; to “complain” online is an absolute joke as the only comment (if any) we receive is a well rehearsed or canned disclaimer with links showing TOS, etc. Do those complaints ever see human eyes? And if they do, are those human eyes capable of reading and fully understanding the English language?

    A short time back you decided you were going to compete with the big guys and began a program of “free 2 day shipping”. Most people understand there is no such thing as “free” anything in the world within which we live and wondered when the honeymoon would end.

    And it did, with a bang, and by raising prices by at least 20% on most items. Your excuse to the press is that people live within 10 miles of a store and you raised prices to drive the masses into the stores. Of course it wasn’t because you were losing money on shipping costs- oh, no, you would never exploit the public!

    Those same people lived within 10 miles BEFORE your bogus promotion so why, all of a sudden, the push to drive them in your stores?

    Prior to your bush league attempt of being popular, you allowed free shipping on orders above $35., and then raised it to $50. Being disabled, I took advantage of the opportunity to shop online because it is extremely difficult to drag bundles around so I ordered bulk items such as sanitary napkins (yes, my bladder has a mind of its own), paper towels, copious amounts of toilet paper, dish soap and other items that were available online. Yes, I could shop more often and carry less, but it is necessary for me to PAY for my transportation, at least $10 a trip. And, again, I am old and disabled.

    I am 73 years old and currently have a bandage on my broken foot that is so large I need a wheel barrow to cart IT along. And when we go to the store, the handicapped scooters seldom operate more than 10 minutes or so because your managers are either too stupid, too cheap or just don’t give a damn about those dependent on this mode of shopping. All that is necessary is to change the batteries occasionally but apparently it is a great joy to watch as the handicapped and senior shoppers founder helplessly looking for assistance because they are stranded in the middle of the store with a dead cart. To us it is debasing and humiliating to find it necessary to beg and plead for you to maintain the vehicles so we might have some semblance of independence as slowly but surely we lose our humanity.

    So now, with my injury I am unable to leave the house and have only the assistance of someone able to shop at the nearest grocery store for me; the things to which I have become accustomed are no longer available to me because of your inflated prices for online shopping. Some things I am able to purchase at Amazon or Target as they honor their sales pitches and do not burden shoppers with huge price increases so you and your stockholders will make a killing. But then, those entities are receiving my money, also, instead of you.

    As I have complained often to store personnel (as have MANY others) and you don’t intend to assist the disabled handicapped as you so proudly brag, I think it would be much kinder to display signs, outside, where the world will be put on notice, telling us that the disabled and handicapped are not welcome, that our dollars are not appreciated and that we can go to hell in a hand basket. You see, ten miles or not, I am unable to go much of anywhere to make my purchases and may continue in the situation for some time.

    I suspect your shipping promotion was a way to inflate your sales figures for a particular time but, unfortunately we are paying the price for your endeavors. As I said, I have tried to make my voice heard before, to no avail so I believe the only action left to us is make a bigger noise. With that in mind I am also sending copies of this letter to the AARP and Disabled American Vets along with any other agencies that strive diligently to assist the handicapped and see if they won’t intercede on our behalf.

    You apparently have no feelings for anything other than your bank accounts while those needing this simple form of transportation, or have a need to use online purchasing power, go with out. Although it is not a “right” to expect this service, if you provide the inference that it is available, surely you should maintain the vehicles instead of causing so much anxiety. And I suspect you manage to write off the cost on taxes, anyway, so it cannot be draining your bottom line by much!

    That is all, knowing these comments will surely fall on deaf ears as you count your profits and leave us without the dignity or making our own purchases, our own choices because that, too, has been taken away. This must make you feel VERY proud.

    JoAnn Tucker

    1. I had saved a few walmart gift cards in my account. Recently about $90 has been stolen from gift cards. Thief or thieves have made several purchases from using my gift cards bringing the balance to $0.00. I can see transactions history. I talked with a supervisor and he said, Sorry, I apologize but we cannot do anything. My cards has not been stolen or missing. Can any body help me? Thank you so much.

    2. mr simon sir edward witbeck claim 6525652 1 30 2012 at store 4474 fell on ice snow in haddy cap parking spot row8. it was not clean of snow ice as the law said it must be all haddycap parking walking spots i call your ins comp case manager, talked to dave. WELL ALL DAVE WILL SAY LET S.S.I. PAY THE FEDS I SAID NO NO THATS MEDICARE FRAUD. P O BOX 1890 HOMER AK 99603

    3. JoAnn Tucker – you rock!! May I suggest corporate operations?? Also for supplies you need – PharmaPacks is awesome. Have at it – leave the part about your bladder out – but BY ALL MEANS – FEED your paragraphs about compassion to the COO OF THE COMPANY. GO YOU !!

  34. After being put off for 45 minutes by an Online purchase customer service rep when asking to speak to an supervisor I finally spoke with one. The rep tried her hardest to get rid of me and tried to find out why I wanted the supervisor.Only to have the same problem with the Supervisor…… the rep didn’t speak English well and didn’t understand what I was in need of. The supervisor’s English was equally poor as he gave answers none of which I could understand. I still don’t know if I’m suppose to have 1 email for each of the 5 gift cards I purchased in order to activate them or not since they are all on the same Order Number. Also, I don’t want to activate them because they are going in the mail. I couldn’t get an understandable instruction as to how my recipient (SP) is suppose to activate them. I am so frustrated. I go through this same nonsense every year with Walmart. This will be the last time I give them my holiday $$$.

    1. I know exactly what you are talking about…this year was my first time ordering from, worst experience ever!!! I was put on hold for an extremely long, unprofessional amount of time, or I would get hung up on….on the phone 6 different times, different person each time, and still got no where. Wal mart double charged me for my purchase and withdrew money from my bank, and no one can tell me why….I have learned my lesson, and I will be sure to warn everyone I can how screwed up really is

    2. Story of my life. I used to love Wal-Mart due poor customer serivce threw there Walmart product care plan i now despise it, and totally feel your distress. They is beyond pitiful and will be hearing from me.

  35. Re: Walmart your stores being open on ThanksGiving is a lie. My Familly has been very disrupted by your corporation being open. This is not The American way, This is about Corporation Money the all mighty dollar this corporation needs to shut there stores down on ALL major Holidays as well as other corporation’s too we are presently organising a large group of patitioners to protest those retail establishments that wish to worship the ALL MIGHTY Dollar instead of the American way. This all about GREED and your establishments need to be taught a lesson on America and its ways and fast.




  37. Right I will never get a SORRY FROM WAL-MART. Wal-Mart is so sorry!

    They have got my phone number I made calls before. And they never apologize.

    This is a store location that had not had a complain from me before and i know i won’t get a call from them
    ever saying they are sorry.

    I hate that store, I will try my best never to go to another WAL-MART

    They treated me terrible for years after I was a victim of identity theft in Another State.
    I had to pay extra to have my work checks cashed at other places UNTIL I FOUND A PLACE EVEN CHEAPER (I WAS AFRAID MY MONEY BEING GARNISHED) they refused to let me return items with out receipt.

    I proved I lived in another state when those checks were issued and were written from that bank IN COURT,
    they still refuse to admit that I was a victim of identity theft that their store let that many cold checks be written.
    It took so long to fix my license.

    Wal-Mart doesn’t deserve my business EVER.



  38. Yeah they wee just being rude for some reason trying to upset customers, I HAVE been to businesses with my Debit card that also has a chip, AND THE CHIP READER CAN BE TURNED OFF IT CAN BE SAID MALFUNCTIONING AND THE CARDS WITH CHIPS CAN BE SWIPED.
    And some say to swipe it if I want it rang up as credit and to insert it if I want it rang up as debit,

    Plenty of other business in the town that this happened in show that they want paid and to keep customers.

  39. I’am a vendor at 940 walmart and been harassed by one of the grocery assistant manager named “Polly” and accusing me for cussing her which is not true and kept acting that she can easily kick out everybody to the store especially if you are brown…if nobody can changes her attitude towards to the brown/black vendors she don”t deserve to work at all and had a position where she at.

    1. 11 7 2017 mr witbeck here in homer ak p o box 1890. i was hurt at store 4474 on 1 30 2012 fell on ice and snow in haddycap parking spot row 8 claim 6525652. 4 men seen it, walmart ins comp said nothing. LET S.S.I. PAY LOL LOL I SAID NO NO THAT MEDICARE FRAUD I WILL NOT BREAK THE LAW SO WALMART SAVE CASH NO NO NO

      1. 11 23 2017 sir mr mcmillon, i was hurt at store 4474 on 1 30 2012. Claim 6525652. Fell on snow ice in handycap parking spot row 8 walmart and ins comp said,LET S.S.I. PAY ALL YOUR BILLS LOL LOL MR WITBECK SAID NO NO THATS MEDICARE FRAUD MR WITBECK WILL NOT BREAK THE LAW TO SAVE WALMART CASH P O BOX 1890 HOMER AK 99603. MY CLAIM IS WIDE OPEN. I NEED TO SEE A FOOT DR. IN ANCH AK. YOU MUST PAY.

  40. On August 19th I went to Walmart located on 5001 McKinney Ranch McKinney, Texas. I was talking with a friend and suddenly passed out and hit the floor. I woke up with her at my side, she informed me what happened. A few minutes later a lady manager appeared. She asked what happened and then asked was I okay. My friend informed her that she called 911 due to the fact I had hit my head. She said okay and then left. Shortly after that a male manager came over. His first response was did I slip and fall. He then asked was I okay. My friend told him I did not slip however I did fall and hit the back of my head. She had called 911. He left as well. There was not one manager stayed to make sure I was okay, nor did they even wait until the paramedics to come. Their main concern was I didn’t slip. I’m so disappointed where was the customer service? I patronized that particular store at least 3 to 4 times a week. If this is the way customers are treated across the states that’s pretty sad. I hope that someone will contact that store as well as myself.

    1. 10 24 2017 to mr mcmillon sir i was hurt at store 4474 on 1 30 2012. Hurt my left foot, fell on snow ice in handycap parking spot row 8 claim 6525652. Walmart said FEDS LET S.S.I. PAY ALL BILLS YOUR INSURANCE COMP SAID THE FEDS HI HI LET S.S.I. PAY ALL BILLS THAT MEDICARE FRAUD I SAID NO NO NO

  41. Isn’t funny, that Walmart is closing down, perfectly good sounding stores, laying off people and turning these stores into what looks like FEMA camps. Interesting. I am getting the word out…and making it known to many. I am boycotting all Walmart stores…And, folks, it is happening all over. Youtube the information.It is true.

  42. The Walmart at Chesapeake Square gave away my grocery order. They didn’t call to confirm that I sent someone to pick up my groceries nor did they file a police report. My groceries were given away and my card was charged. Rather than refund my money or fulfill my order I was told to consult my bank. This is Walmart’s mistake. Had the grocery associate checked ID or called me none of this would’ve happened so why should my bank take the loss. Additionally, to know my grocery pickup time someone had to view the order. Its obvious this was an inside job. I just want my money or my groceries. Is this common Wal-mart practice?

  43. What did the “Remodel” of Mililani Walmart Store Number 2126 actually accomplish by DELETING and No longer having Products, you forced Loyal Walmart Customers to go to the Competition.

    Mililani Walmart should have been built as a Superstore from the very beginning to Serve Mililani City of over 60,000, plus 10,000 from nearby U.S. Military Bases Schofield Barracks and U.S. Army Wheeler Army Air Field, another 19,000 from nearby Wahiawa Town. The only Solution is to turn Mililani Walmart into a Superstore by adding a Second Floor.

    1. edward witbeck to mr mcmillon. sir i was hurt on 1 30 2012 at store 4474. I fell on ice snow in haddycap pracking spot row 8 claim 6525652 on help walmart said, LET S,S,I, PAY ALL BILLLS LOL LOL I SAID NO THAT MEDICARE FRAUD I WILL NOT BREAK THE LAW TO SAVE WALMART CASH I MUST SEE FOOT DR. ANCH AK

  44. You probably won’t address this issue, but here it is. I’m a truck driver, OTR, and I delivered to the London KY Distribution Center recently. Although the employees were polite and helpful, I was running out of time on my clocks. This was not from poor planning on my part, but due to circumstances beyond my control, traffic jams and two accidents on I-75 N, Which prevented me from making the appointment on time, put me in a tight spot. Anyway, I know Walmart has a policy of not letting truckers stay on the premises after unloading or loading. I understand that. But I was in a situation where I was running out of time and probably having to drive over on my hours, The Department of Transportation only gives truckers a 14 hour day to drive and deliver. I asked the dispatcher here at the London KY Walmart DC if I could leave my trailer there and go to the truck stop and take my ten hour break and then come back and get the trailer later. The answer was no because the dock I was in was a shipping dock after midnight. So that puts me in a catch 22 situation and forces me into an hours of service violation. They have plenty of yard tractors that could pull the trailer and park it in the empty line after they finally got around to unloading it, and then I could come back after my ten hours break and pick it up. I think it is unreasonable to not help a driver out of a jam like this when truck drivers are the life line to keeping the doors open for Walmart Corporation. But, you probably won’t address this issue. Thanks for listening. Concerned driver and team player.

  45. I received an email message last night thanking me for my payment with a dollar amount , that was posted for me and leaving another email number for me to contact if I have any questions. I checked my bank line to see if there was any type of activity in the last 24hrs., thank goodness there was not. I didn’t bye anything from Walmart that would have generated this email anyway. I made a copy of the email and called the main Corporate office number to report this to their Security people. I got a run around on the prompt lines, finally was told by a recording to call the FTC number it supplied and was hung up on.
    Why should I have to start making calls someplace else when the email I received specifically addressed Walmart? This is probably another scam of some sort, but apparently Walmart isn’t too concerned about it’s customer’s questions in an event such as this. Shame on Walmart….

    1. Yeah what if someone in corporate use to be a manager that trained cashiers to charge a dollar more to cards for charities AND THAT IS CORPORATE’ S WAY OF SHOWING PEOPLE WHAT THEY DID FOR MONEY, THEY ARE CYBER BULLIES.

  46. i have worked at walmart for almost five years…i don’t smoke, i have been on time every day, i have worked hard and no one has had ANY complaints about me at all, my evaluations have been super, all above on and so forth, but because of the new policy with raises i am making almost a dollar less than all the other workers in my dept that have been there much less time..and have been late..missed days and so forth..i am disheartened and feel that all my hard work was in vain..and that walmart doesn’t care much about what kind of worker you are..they are compensating the ones who are less competent to get them to work..while i am being hindered from the money i need because i have been a good worker..i think its sad..and i really dont want to work for walmart any more..i’ve given my best and got nothing in return..if i am compensated like this..then why do i stay loyal to walmart? i have good work ethic..and the others don’t and they are getting over payed for it..i don’t like my job any more..sorry to say.

    1. I also am an employee at Walmart and I would never refer anyone to apply with them. Strange how company policies only pertain to certain people including excessive absences etc. I have been to my boss and her boss with no success. They seem to brush it under the rug. Your time spent with them and doing your best means nothing!!

  47. I am a former associate of walmart and i tried to change my availability for religious beliefs and i got denied. So therefore I am calling discrimination on that. I also have 3 young children that i need to see.

  48. I’ve been shopping at Walmart #850 in Albuquerque since it opened many years ago. I spend an average of $400 per trip, on a weekly basis, buying items for both my home and my business. There are A LOT of homeless people who camp out along the sides of the building, crowd the parking lot, beg for money both at the door and in the parking lot…. I also get my coffee every other morning at the jack-in-the box in the outer area of the parking lot. Monday, I pulled into the outer parking lot (to answer a phone call), and I was immediately surrounded by city police officers telling me that the parking lot security officer called in saying I was loitering. How can someone be loitering if they (literally) just got there? What amazed me was that there was a homeless woman throwing things in her shopping cart, being totally overlooked, not 20 feet ahead of us, and I was the one being accused of loitering…. I told the officer what was REALLY going on, and he told me to have a good day, and left…. THIS MORNING, I again pulled into the outer parking lot. I watched the security officer harass a (very) pregnant woman, who had just gotten off of a city bus, and was walking across the parking lot. I pulled into the jack-in-the-box, to get my morning coffee, and then pulled up next to the pregnant woman. She was CRYING. She said she has been harassed by this same security guard for days. He watches her get off the bus, and then he harasses her, DAILY. I offered her a drive to work down the street, because I truly felt bad for her… I’ve tried to reach the store manager at the location I’m complaining about. He never picks up the phone. I’ve tried to reach the District Manager (Jolene???), and her phone rings off the hook…. Does anyone in management care? THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!!!

    1. Amy, stand right there when this is happening and call the police!!! Then call the company that guard works for and complain LOUDLY!!! Go into the store and tell them, too. The name is right there on his shoulder.

  49. It took twenty minutes to check out on a Tuesday at 11:00 a,m, in Hattiesburg Ms. on Hwy 98 I told the manager who was busy making eyes at the female greeter, that if I ever wait that long, when I reach the cashier they can put my groceries back on the shelf. They can pay some ome to check customers out , or pay them to put groceries back in stock.

    1. Gerald, call Walmart corporate to inform them about the actions of that so called manager. It’s a statistical FACT that for every person that stands up and complains there are 200 others who don’t.

  50. Walmart needs to have some training sessions on what to do with store customers during a tornado warning. I had the misfortune of being in the Walmart store at 3022 South Belt Highway, St Joseph, Mo 64503 during a tornado warning on the evening of March6,2017. None of the employees seemed to have any idea what protocol was for such an incident. Someone finally decided that the cooler area would be the safest place.
    Most employees thought that meant the frozen food department of the store. I said I thought it meant the actual cooler. Some of us finally made our way to the cooler and was told to get out by someone working in there. A few of us stayed in there anyway until we got the all clear? Some employees and customers stayed in the frozen food department . I was in another store chain store a few years ago during a tornado and they had a definite plan, made announcements to let people know where to go and what to do. They even did a head count and kept us informed to what was happening. With Spring and tornado season already here it might be nice if your stores have some kind of a plan.

    1. No they were not trained at many of Wal-Mart’s stores to handle tornados.

      There is a YouTube video of Walmart workers trying to move all the propane cylinders from outside into the store AND RIGHT AS THE FUNNEL CLOUD CAME AROUND THEY STOPPED HAULING THE PROPANE TANKS INSIDE AND THE PROPANE TANKS FLEW AT CARS LIKE GRENADES.

  51. the walmart here in shelby nc is the worst place i have ever been! the female black manager is the most racist employee i have ever met and the most rude and loud person and should NOT be employed anywhere that she has to deal with the public! i am sending an email to the walmart headquarters about the last incident and see if i get a response this time. each time i go in there i have an anxiety attack and i cant afford to keep going to the doctor after i leave that place!! it is horrible and i am so tired of it. and tired of calling the 800 number and hearing them tell me someone will call me back in 3 days or less!! i want something done this time and if i have to take it to the next level then i will! i am going to post this to any site, social media or wherever until this issue is taken care of and i will also update this site as well! good luck at any walmart as they are becoming the hardest place to shop and feel like you are just as important as someone they love and need as we are the ones who make their paychecks happen!!
    i am truly disgusted at this moment!

  52. I placed an order on 2/15/17, and on 2/17, I received an email stating that it has shipped and will be delivered on 2/18. That day which was a Saturday, went by and the freezer (what I ordered) was not delivered. When I called the next day, I was told it was showing to be out of stock so there is no way it was shipped. In the meantime my grocery store was having a great sale so, I went and bought some meat’s. Well, I asked the rep who was going to compensate me for the meat that will go bad and, why when I placed the order it didn’t say out of stock? Well, she then put me on with a supervisor and, she could only cancel my order and put the money back on my credit card or, give me 15% off. Also a $20. gift card to compensate the $70 worth of meat. Since I really needed the freezer I had no choice. I received the freezer on 2/21, and my grandson took the day off of work to unpack it and set it up. Well, there is some damage to it so, I called and they are refusing any kind of compensation. There answer is for me (a disabled older woman) to pack it back up, in the original packaging and send it back. Well, that is impossible since you have to cut down one side of the box to get it out. Also we live in a very rural area and no transportation to go get supplies. So, what do you think I should do??¿?

    1. The freezer probably works doesnt it?


      Lowes delivers and has sales on freezers right now.

      If any of your friends disliked the Wal-Mart situation.
      Plus if it’s damaged with in a certain amount of time they will pick it up and take it back to the store.

  53. Everline Julugbeh

    702 S.W. 8th st.
    Bentonville,AR 72716

    To whom it may concern:
    I am writing to say that I have read some articles and has became aware of the fact that some of your products are made in sweatshops and unsafe working places. I love shopping at walmart it has everything you need. However I am here to say that I do not approve of products being made in place with unsafe conditions. I would like to continue shopping at you store if you agree to at least asas the problems.
    I have learned that children and women suffer in factories like that. I also learned that the people who work in those factories only work there to support their families. However there not making enough money to support their families. I know that walmart is a good place to shop and has everything you need for a good price. However people and other countries deserve those rights to.
    By them not having any choice but to work in those factories for money and food. I think that because of this they should have at least good working conditions. Being safe at work should be a priority to the factory owns and all they companies they make things for. I read that by companies making big order the works are forced to work longer hours and hard and faster to fill the order. The factory might not have enough workers to complete the order but they don’t decine the order because they want money. Instead they just push the workers they do have to make the order and by doing that the workers aren’t safe.
    In conclusion I will stop shopping at wal-mart if I’m not assured that you guys will look into unsafe work conditions and unfair pay. I hope you read my letter and consider the things I have to say. I know you are a big company and its not always easy to figure theses problems out. However I hope you realize this is an important matter and take the time need to figure it out.

    Thank you,
    For your consideration
    -Everline Julugbeh

  54. I called to get a replacement straight talk phone and CME to find out I have to pay more more money when I got a 2 year replacement plan and thats not right, because people pay more money to have these plans but yet you guys want more when you guys are making hell a lot of money every day.

      1. The direct phone number to corporate headquarters is 479-273-4000 in Bentonville Arkansas. I know, Ive been on the phone with their asses all day. Good luck to you.




    1. Wanda, yes, I need an actual number, to actually talk to someone. I’m an ex employer and need Regional HR for store 4298 or Dale’s number asap. I’m tired of the way they treat the employees and customers. If not, I will contact the TV and radio. This madness will end the day.

  55. When you call the phone numbers listed above for corporate it is the same as Customer Service and you get the same people from India every time! So you KNOW you are not speaking to anyone at corporate! I need to file a complaint about the Wireless phone bill I got. Got nowhere with the phone#’s. And of course the fax# and emails probably go to these very same people also. Yes, WalMart just does NOT care about their customers at all, it seems. I will be shopping at Target from now on and telling the people who I referred to Walmart’s Family Mobile to stop and go elsewhere. Just lost 2 more family customers, I hope paying for people you can’t understand on the phone and do not help at all is worth it to you.

    1. 479-273-4000 direct number for WalMart Corp in Bentonville Arkansas. I know Ive been on the phone with their asses all day

  56. I purchased a product from Walmart and the price dropped significantly afterwards. I have gone to several stores to receive the price difference and have been denied due to the receipt being terribly printed. One of the Walmart associates knew exactly which store I purchased it from JUST BY LOOKING AT THE POORLY PRINTED RECEIPT, and informed me that they have been doing this to avoid any returns. This is a horrible and unfair practice if true. I would like to be contacted about this matter, so it can be resolved. Else, I’ll be reaching out to the BBB this weekend. Thank you.

    1. Greg, I have you beat! For 3 months Walmart was putting in my prescription bottle medicated that was scored and someone was breaking the scores in half. First time??? Probably a mistake, 2ND time okay possibly a not herb mistake 3rd time email to the highest chain of command person. This is medication used for PTSD and Panic attacks from the military. The local VA…HORRIBLE. NOW, My 4 medications have gone up in price and not only do I keep records, they have cameras. Last year a Co-employee at my previous job hit me with an SUV saying he did not see me in a flat 2 foot by 30 foot lot. Insurance settled out of court. This time there won’t be an out of court settlement, it will be in court and I don’t have an attorney yet, that will change tomorrow. Sorry your being tested unfairly. Just don’t give up, keep contacting corporate!!!

  57. I paid $451 to have an oil change, new set of tires with mount & balance. On my way home my car was shaking. I pulled over at Sam’s tire center nearby home only to see that my rear driver side tire was not on the rim but halfway off. The Sam’s technician told me I was about to have a serious accident because the tire was coming off. I stated I just left walmart having the tires put on. I had to have him fix the tire so that I could make it any further. He then noticed I had old weights because my tires were not balanced nor my air pressure checked. I went back to walmart & spoke to a manager. Not only could I have wrecked my car but I could have lost my life and I paid for a service that I didn’t receive. I wouldn’t have known if it hadn’t been for the tire being unproperly on. I was inconvenienced having to go back & wait again. He did not apologize. He had the techs to balance the tires. I called corporate & another manager over the automotive dept called me to apologize & offer a free oil change. I didn’t accept because I feel like it was a slap in the face after what I experienced. I have called corporate back several times & have yet to speak to someone to resolve this matter!!

  58. Yes.i”m 58 yrs old with serious health problems on line. Wlamrt offered me a 1000€ gift card if I did their survey .I did and never received anything all I got is a lot of stress by companies blowing up my phone. Even if you answer no. They still blow up your phone. Do you know what it is like to be I’ll and have to keep answering your phone to companies offering you things you never asked for. This needs to be turned into the bbb.It is also false advertising.I never did subscribe to you guys but you still are on my phone constantly. This is harassment as far as I am concerned. I do love the store but not this . I did the survey because I am on a fixed income and it would of helped me financially.But all this stress was not worth. The pain.

    1. Hi Robin,if you are referring to the Walmart survey at, then you are only ENTERED in a ‘drawing for one of six $1,000 Walmart shopping cards or one of seven hundred and fifty $100 Walmart shopping cards’, if you complete the survey. If thousands of people complete the survey, then not everybody can win. Also, be aware of fake survey websites that are just after your contact details.

      1. Hi im paul sandoval, the whole staff have been disrespecting me and basically throwing my change at me. They wont let me do bottle exchange either, please fix this or im going to take them to court

      2. Well I too have received phone calls from surveys I thought was part of a medical insurance company I saw with a booth or table and ballons at Wal-Mart trying to find or educate someone.




  59. Walmart banned me from making online orders because I switched my cc on file ( I wanted to buy my fiancé a phone but used her walmart account and I changed her cc and put mine on (with her permission) so now they think its fraud and no matter how many times I called no one seems to help me and my fiancé fix this issue) my order keeps being declined. can anyone in walmart fix this?

    1. This can be fixed really easy. Set up a secondary email account just for Walmart orders. You are usually allowed 4-6 email accounts per server. Easy enough.

    2. Moises, be sure to use your middle name when setting up your profile. Perfectly legal, it is the legal name given to you on your birth certificate. Otherwise you could always just purchase the product under their guest sign on instead of as a member sign on .

  60. It is a shame when you let a sorry employee get good hard working employees written up and fired. Management needs to do their job and to get the stories straight before they fire people. Your company not only has a bad reputation for treatment of employees but customer service as well here. It is a shame when someone has a death in the family and is told if you go to the funeral you lose your job or you call in with this virus going around and you are told no you can’t be off. They had rather you come to wok and give it to all the other employees and customers. I am sure Sam Walton did not intend for Walmart to be run the way it is.

    1. Jeanette, I can relate to your complaint, I was wrongfully let go after 5yrs of hard work for less pay,by an India manager,who put us down and some customers too, I was wrongfully fired and in touch with a lawyer,to go after Walmart.

      1. Well some have had tried doing that and have had anxiety attack and panic attacks and had to be driven to ER’S in Hospitals in ambulances and ordered to take medical leave.

  61. I am a recent Walmart employee who had been terminated through being on a leave of absence. Also when I had gotten hurt on the job and told a manager about the injury she told me to keep work and finish the job and walked off on me. When I talked to the head manager about it he did not want to listen to be or did not want to be bothered. Before I got terminated I gave them medical files that stated I was injured on the job and tried to get a sit down with the head manager and he did even want to be bothered with it in fact after I had talked to him about me going to the doctor to get checked out he responded and I quote “you are really going to see a doctor really” after that he tried to terminate me 4 days after that. Now I am being told that even though I have sick hours and PTO I can not get my money for those because I never asked for it, how can I ask for it when no one ever told me I was active or that I had been terminated. I did not receive a phone call or an email. So I am asking for someone to call about the stuff that is going on in the Bloomington Wal-Mart.

    1. Tracey Kidd I can tell you exactly how you can get this in more. I handled Workers Compensation for years and I see a few things here that are going to cause WalMart a very large fine along with you getting a nice little settlement. Number is 770-443-5860. No I am not an attorney I used to be a comp adjuster.

      1. You cant get your sick hours or PTO because they know better and know its covered under Workers Comp and that their ass is in a bad way right now. Broken soo many state laws. The fines for them should be pretty.

    2. I am an employee at the new super center store 3830,that opened in July 2016 This store is located in Little Egg Harbor, NJ.. I have been getting the run around from Sedgwick regarding my temporary disability leave, which I may state, is exactly what HR in this location told us we needed to do, if we were going to be out for two days or more. If we are out 9 days we can and most probably will be terminated. On Nov. 26,2016, I had a severe problem with an inguinal hernia which caused me to leave work an hour and a half early. I called out the next day because the pain was excrutiating. That Monday I saw my doctor and he kept me out for four days and gave me a return work form for Dec. 2nd. I returned to work that day, gave HR the form from the doctor. I was then instructed how to obtain the forms from Sedgwick needed for temporary disability. These forms have been completed and completed and completed by my physician, whom I might add is furious with Sedgwick and the nonsense they require from the doctor. He is constantly correcting, changing, etc. per their instructions. Today is March 10, 2017 and they are still denying my claim and telling me that more forms completed from the physician are now needed. I have filed a complaint against them in what is supposedly their corporate office in Lexington, Ky, with the Better Business Bureau. I am trying to speak with Governor Christie to see what Federal or State entity with whom I might file a formal complaint. Since I’ve been researching this site and one on Sedgwick I can see that lawsuits apparently have no effect on them. I had considered contacting my labor law attorney, but I’m wondering if contacting the newspaper might be more effective in the long run. Most companies hate bad press and I can assure them this would be exceedingly bad press.

  62. i order my boyfriend weights online and stated that i would pick them up, i then got an email that stated that the order will be ready by 9:20 am a whole day went by and i have yet to get another email to let me know they are ready. i called customer service and was told that they dont even have the weights at the store i then asked why would you guys allow me to choose the option to pick them up when you dont have them at the store he didn’t know and told me that i will have to wait until they get them.

  63. Walmart customer service in starke,FL the people that work that department are always rude & very unfriendly when the customer’s speak to them they just look at you funny the employees there need to keep their personal problems at home & come to reality that their on a job and being paid for it so be polite to all customers regardless of the color of their skin

    1. They need to learn it. They need to do their job. THEY DON’T NEED TO LOOK AT CUSTOMERS RUDELY.




  64. My daughter is an employee at Wal-Mart she put in for time off as family obligation for January 22 it was denied . she went and talked to 2 different people about this and the one who made the schedule.This day off was for her cousins funeral as she is the key speaker for this. Mark at Wal-Mart told her she had to take a point cause he was not giving it to her off. For Wal-Mart saying they are family orientated.This to me or anyone else is not how you treat family.

  65. I was shopping at store #01472 When I entered the store I saw a stand with a poster advertising Walmart Rollback Price on TurboTax Deluxe. Quoted price $44.97 I proceeded to go back to the electronics department & noticed the price listed at $49.97 I spoke to the clerk. He stated that he could not give it to me for that price. I said it is posted as a Walmart Rollback. He refused to change price. I then went & took a picture of the sign & showed it to them in customer service. Then had to wait for them to discuss this & resentfully they said they would give it to me for that price. It was obvious to me that this was a problem that I made for them. I would think if Walmart honors other competitors advertised prices that there would be no question that they would honor their own in store ads with out making the customer walk the store three times to prove it. Very disappointed in your service. I am retired & I do the bulk of all of my shopping at Walmart and I would expect more.

  66. I am so frustrated and upset after receiving my follow-up call today about a cashier trying to steal my daughter’s gift card two days before Christmas. Basically they are doing NOTHING about it and it is ok for employees to steal from their customers. If it was a customer, it would have been dealt with immediately! Walmart cares NOTHING about their customers!

  67. On November 27, I receivedd a message from a relative while on break saying my grandfather only had a few hours to live. I then proceeded to my manager to tell her and show her it was urgent and I needed to leave right away. Her response was ” there is nothing I can do about that. You can do what you choose. ” Then i took my badge and clocked out of work. The next morning I called the personnel manager and explained what was going on ( loosing my grandfather that previous night). She said she would try her best to speak with a manager but that I was still on schedule for the next day. The following day n November 29, I had reached my 6 months mark and I went in to work to swipe my badge and they told me I had been terminated and taken out of their system and that next time I should manage my time better..

    Today, I went in to get my last check stub and the state of reasoning of being fired and my managers wrote that it was ” Job abandonment. “

  68. Today is January 17 2017. I had been a Walmart employee for over 3 years until today when I decided to quit due to our personnel lady verbally insulting me. Basically I was on a leave I wasn’t aware was active as I had called and changed my leave to intermittent instead of continuous. When it all got sorted out Anne called for me and accused me of knowing the whole time and just playing dumb about it that I wanted an extra 3 days off. She really knows me so well!! I came I 2 days to try to work but it wouldn’t let me clock in and kept saying invalid ID. The only manager on the floor at the time was a regular associate they put in charge while the real manager was on his honeymoon. He didn’t know what to tell me so I just left and waited for my boyfriend who also works there to ask for me. Took 2 days before I got a straight answer and found out I had been deactivated due to the leave that was never supposed to happen. So I came in today and the actual manager Josh was there and he fixed it with no issue. However Anne made it really difficult to explain my side basically calling me a liar and accusing me of wanting extra time off. If that were the case I wouldn’t have woke up at 3 IN THE MORNING TWO DAYS IN A ROW AND CAME IN TO WORK. There’s no compassion in the Walmart stores for their employees. I’m going through both my parents having cancer one is termina with colon cancer and is dying a slow painful death..the other is going through chemo therapy after a herrible lung operation. Not to mention the miscarriage I just had to go through in November. All this negativity and yet this lady accuses me of being a liar and seeking extra time off. They don’t care about their employees not even in the slightest. I will admit they sure do pretend like they do! I couldn’t deal with it today so I just quit before I said something I’d regret. I didn’t deserve what she did to me it wasn’t right for her to be able to speak to me in the way that she did…but we don’t MATTER. They will always side with their managers or higher ups. We’re all just doormats. Never work for this company it’s going downhill fast. And I know no one will do anything about the way they treat their employees it’s all about those $$$$$$$.

    1. Star, they treated my brother bad as well.pretty much forced him to quit.He did the same to keep from doing something he would regret.Some of the managers treat their employees really bad and I am not sure if the headquarters is aware.

      1. Hi Gloria!! I am a customer who was injured 9/06/17
        And the sliding glass door closed on me and fell off track and I have tried for 4-5 months to get a response from Walmart.. I am learning how you feel you poor girl.. I am going to the MEDIA AND ATTORNEY THIS WEEK AND I HOPE ALL IS READ BY WALMART. This could have been handled with RESPECT

    2. Star, I know that’s right it sure is going down hill, not what use to be when I started in 1996 use to love going to work but now I hated

    3. Star, If you have proof that you showed up for work and for some reason you could not attend due to a Walmart issue, they have to pay you for the hours you were scheduled to work that day. End of story.

  69. Yes I live in Lowell Massachusetts today’s date is January 15th 2017 I went over and did some shopping in Tewksbury Walmart and I bought Oreos and it said the last day of sale was September 11th 2016 I didn’t look at the expiration date on the package but these are really should have been sold for 5 months my 4 year old grandson 81 and said they tasted funny I’m very upset these cookies are stale and I should have been thrown in the trash. It’s pretty bad when a major corporation can’t teach their employees to restock the shelves the right way and if you think any of the managers over there care, well you’re wrong. Walmart used to be a really good store it’s going downhill fast and I’ll probably never do grocery shopping in one again. I would like somebody to call me back because I am taking this to the Board of Health so they can inspect the rest of the food in that store then I’ll return these cookies and it ain’t about the $3 dollars it’s the principle that they’re selling outdated food. Thank you for your time.

  70. Hi,

    I think there is software integration bug in the online Walmart system. Please call to discuss in details.Thanks


    1. Michael, the handicapped carts are there for the people who need them. Unfortunately they are abused, taken outside when they are supposed to be kept inside and filled with junk. It is the reponsibility of the person riding it to return it to where you got it and plug it in. No store keeps someone there to plug them in… a little responsibility of the rider goes a long way.

  72. I have been a customer of Wal-Mart for many years and have been ordering online for the past 6yrs. I have never in my life had so many problems like I have here lately. Before Christmas I placed a $68 order and they immediately cancelled my order then came baçk in and took out $21.29! I couldn’t even get them to give me back my money and this was around Dec 6 2016! I had to have my bank file a dispute just do I çould get my money back! Just got it Jan 6 2017! That has been plenty of time to place my money back into my account. Will here it is January 14 2017 and I placed a order online and once again they cancelled my dang order!!!!! WTF is the problem over there? Customer service representative told me I would not have no more issues ordering! WELL, SOMEONE ISN’T DOING THEIR JOB OVER ON THAT END AND IT IS REALLY MAKING ME MAD! SO HOW DO I FILE A COMPLAINT AGAINST THE BILLING DEPT OR HEADQUARTERS? I WANT A EXPLANATION ON WHY ALL MY ORDERS KEEP GETTING CANCELLED AND WHY THEY WANT TO KEEP MY MONEY AND NOT RETURN IT! EXPLAIN PLEASE!

    1. Quadene, Better Business Bureau is where you file…
      For all of these COMPLAINTS..

  73. I am writing in regards to an order for a bed, which we placed in 2016, that is yet to arrive. When we moved, we ordered a mattress and steel frame to be delivered by January 6 – it is now January 14 and we are still sleeping on the floor. I would like to point out that I am pregnant, and not only is the complete disregard for self-assigned deadlines and customer relations unacceptable – I am having a very difficult time getting up from the floor!

    This has been our experience:

    January 6 – mattress and frame to arrive today (Walmart website)

    January 7 – date changed, mattress and frame to arrive today per FedEx website (Walmart website still claimed 01/06… yesterday?!?!)

    January 9 – date changed on Walmart website; matress and frame to arrive 01/10

    January 10 – date changed, mattress and frame to arrive (FedEx website and Walmart). MATRESS ARRIVES, NO FRAME. Tracking number for frame is missing.
    We call Walmart – customer service tells us to call in 24 hours because they cannot locate the package. We refused to continue waiting. Instead, we requested that the original order be canceled, and a new order overnighted. Customer service refused. Customer service asked us to cancel order on our end, and could not overnight it but could instead expedite it for January 13. We requested to speak to a supervisor because we could see that on our end, we would be able to have it delivered by January 12. The supervisor was able to place the order on her end, but she could not guarantee arrival prior to the 13. The supervisor GUARANTEED arrival on January 13. We agreed to those terms.

    January 13 – nothing arrives

    January 14 – we are still waiting and very much wish we had opted to go with another company as Walmart clearly does not care for its customers

    January 16 – date changed (UPS & Walmart website)

    As you can see by this timeline, we have been more than forgiving with the date changes. We have, as customers, been given erroneous information multiple times, and I believe that it is beyond an insult to us to continue this charade of inadequate customer service.

  74. I am a former Walmart associate worked there 8 years and 3 months left on July 28 2016 from Lewisburg TN store for another job then around August 18 I came into Walmart to make a purchase and was followed and after my purchase was made I was asked to go with the asset protection associate was led to a room and 2 mangers were there and banned off the property for 6 months and no explanation. Given they said my money was no good there didn’t want me back in they store o737 Lewisburg TN. I have called home office and nothing has been done really thinking of pursuing legal matters on this inconvenience. I can’t even buy gas at Murphy oil company

  75. I want to know why I no longer get Walmart ads in my Sunday paper? The last one received I believe was around the beginning of Fall, therefore I did a lot of shopping (Christmas) with other stores. I live in the North Canton Ohio area and miss receiving Walmart ads!

  76. Hello. I bought a Hauck Batmobile Pedal Cart this Dec. 12, 2016 for Christmas for my grandson. The day of Christmas he opened his present and in the box was only 3 tires only! My grandson is a child, he does not understand this mistakes, please! The only thing I ask is for u all to provide me with that only tire. I’m not asking for the whole Batmobile. I just need the tire, he can’t use his Cart outside cuz of the tire. I went to store n they told me they are out of stock n it’s all of the Walmart’s in the McAllen, Edinburg, Mission, Pharr in Texas! I really hope u can help me on this issue. My address is [BLOCKED-Please Contact Walmart Customer Service directly, for help with orders]. Yolanda Perez. Please help me!

    1. Well sir most would have took it back but if it’s an item that you thought they would discontinue or stop carrying what ever your reason was THEY SHOULD HAVE TOLD YOU TO JUST CONTRACT BY THE PHONE THE COMPANY


  77. On December 17 2016 I ordered a Baby alive super snacks snackin Sara doll blonde. From the online Walmart in Morehead ky. It showed 2 in stock. With ready by 8:00 am Sunday December 18. I placed the order and secured it by paying for it online. I have screenshots of this transaction. Was going to pick it up next day. I called Sunday December 18 and spoke to a Walmart associate. The associate told me it was coming on the truck and would be in around 1-2 pm that day. I was then going to have my wife pick it up Monday December 19. On December 19 I got an email that Walmart cancelled my order. I called and then was told it was out of stock. I told the Walmart customer service that I was assured it was coming in. And I needed this because it was for my little granddaughter for Christmas. They could only apologize and couldn’t offer any real excuses for why I was misled by the Walmart website. And also by the Walmart associate in Morehead ky. I’ve been calling from that Monday December 19 thru Saturday December 24. All Walmarts I could get in touch with in ky and Ohio plus toys r us and Meijers stores in both states. But since they are sold out. They did have this item Saturday the December 18 and December 19 at toys r us. But since I ordered it from Walmart and verbally verified from Walmart I was getting this item. I didn’t need to go anywhere to get it. Then on December 24 I was contacted by a gentleman named Rob from management from Walmart in Morehead concerning my complaint. He stated it was the Walmart online sites. That was at fault for this issue. He then said that even though the website says his store has 2 in stock. They have been out of this item in their store for 3 weeks. And he had turned the store upside down looking for these 2. My complaint is Walmart online ordering site mislead me and even the associate in believing they had the products available. And because of their failure to provide the services they offer to the public. If Walmart has the products then it would be different. But they are selling and taking orders for items they don’t have. And in turn have left a child from getting a Christmas present that was assured I would get. But after this deception I then was unable to get it anywhere else. When at the time it was in stock at other businesses. I feel Walmart should get a decrease in the BBB ratings. And this online issue needs to be addressed by an investigation. I feel Walmart does this to keep customers from buying from their competitors. And when like this time of year. Walmart doesn’t deliver and wastes customers time. The item then becomes unavailable and then even their competitors doesn’t get the sales. I was told by a tier 2 Walmart customer service department. That Walmart has an issue with this. And it’s not just me complaining. This is the complaint I will be sending to the Better business bureau. An investigation needs to be done. On why Walmart is taking orders for items they don’t have. Not even in stock.

    1. That is rather rude..
      I hope they know better this year, and let their customers know that they can’t or can guarantee the truth, if their online purchases will be in stock or NOT IN STOCK..

      They sometimes made the wrong cakes for birthdays too..
      I personally wouldn’t have trusted that much in Wal-Mart..

  78. I am very concerned with food safety at Walmart. You are allowing people to bring in dogs and place them in the carts where we put our food. They are not in any type of container, etc. Their feet and and everything else are directly on the cart. I called one of the managers at the Dunlawton Walmart in Port Orange, Florida and she informed me that they don’t like it either but they got in trouble when they tried to stop it.

    Someone from the Health Department or Department of Agriculture needs to investigate you and put a stop to this. If those carts were tested you would probably find certain specimen on them from the dogs. I will not go back there for food until something is done about it.

    This whole “comfort” service animal is getting out of hand. They should at least be required to have them on a leash on the floor or in a crate “under” the cart. If they can fit in a handbag then they can fit in a container under the cart.

    I have filed an official complaint with the Department of Agriculture Consumer Resources today. I would love to be contacted by you regarding this very unsanitary practice at Walmart.

    1. Cindy, it is against the law to question whether an animal is a service animal or not. Owners should have some smarts and leave their and I’m also home.

      1. It is not against the law to ask if an animal is a service animal. They must carry papers to prove so. Once that is done then the situation is what it is. If you couldn’t ask then I could claim this deadly pit viper is my service animal.

  79. headquarters, I have had the worst worst experience with your customer service reps. i ordered a swing set this christmas for my two children … it was delivered two days before christmas and when i got it the box was mashed ripped and retapped like someone returned it and gave it back to resell to someone else. so i called up and told the customer service rep about the box issue they told me to open the box and check to make sure nothing was missing and all the parts where ok and if not to call back so i opened the box up and there was pieces broken so i called up the next day and told them about the broken parts they told me to put them in a box and they will send me a label for them and to sign the return agreement too so i did i got the email and i signed the agreement but at the end of it was supposed to be a label to print out to put on the box for returning the broken pieces back but there wasnt a label so i said becuz of the holiday christmas i will wait until monday to call so i called back on monday and the lady customer service rep told me that it would take 24 hrs to email me a new label to print out so i said ok and i asked who is the pick up person for this small box of broken pieces she told me fedex so i said great so i waited the next day i get an email and it was an email stating that estes shipping company was picking up the package to call them so i called them up and gave them the po number involved in the return and they told me they dont pick up little tiny boxes they would have to pick up the whole swing set so i told them thats not correct according to walmart rep i spoke with so they told me they will cancel that order and for me to call walmart back to figure it out so i did and the lady on the phone told me they do not send small broken pieces back they will have to ship me out a new swing set and for me to take the pieces i need and to ship back the broken swingset so i told her ok let figure this out now and she told me ok so then they put in an order for it and she told me the new swing set would be here on dec 29 it would be here and i said ok so then the next day i get a knock on my door and its fedex for the small box of broken pieces to pick up which i told him i didnt have a label for it and that he couldnt take the box so he left … so then i called the manufacture of the swing set and they had no problem with sending me the broken pieces to me asap before my dad got here in jan to set up the swing set. so i then called up walmart and told them about fedex and they told me that they didnt know why he showed up they dont do that so they put in an order for the new swing set to be shipped out i told them i want to speak to a supervisor and they told me ok here she is and i was on hold for 22 mins waiting for her and never spoke to one so i called back again and finally got a hold of a supervisor and her name was abby and she spoke with me and heard me out looked back in the notes on everything and she helped me out alot she told me for all the hassel and frustration i went thru she was going to refund me back my whole total of the swing set not saying the amount but alot of money and she was giving me compensation also but i asked her if she could give it to me in a walmart gift card and she said yes and she gave me ref # to write down and i did and she told me it would take 24-48 hrs to hear about it all and if i didnt hear anything then to call in three days about it so i called up after three days of not hearing anything and they told me that her notes said she was only giving me 10% off of my order and nothing else… so i spoke with another supervisor that day and she told me no they cant give me a full refund back only 20% OFF my whole order so i asked them why abby would have told me that and they said she didnt tell me that she isnt orthorized to tell people that she told me it was a joke never… and she had no idea who abby was either.. but i told her i wanted to speak to higher ups about this problem and she told me to write in to california to get an answer.. so someone please let me know what i can do about this i want to find abby and speak with her about this order i have and get my whole refund back like this lady told me i would get back thank you

  80. Hi There! I am writing to you guys as I would like for you all to take a look into Special Kitty Cat Food (Dry Food) sold at Wal*Mart. We purchased this about 2 weeks ago from our local Wal*Mart. Normally we buy different food but my husband went to there instead of the grocery store. We HAD a two year male HEALTHY house cat. On Thursday December 22 morning we noticed that Thunder had thrown up a couple times in the night. Not really thinking about it we did nothing. Then Friday he was still throwing up so we took his food away and decided that evening to give him water via syringe. Saturday he was acting different then his normally cuddly self. He was hiding but would be so where he could see us. We got different food but he would not eat it and we continued the water via syringe. Christmas Day (Sunday) he was still staying away but would not really move from where he was. Around dinner time I gave him water and left him on the counter, I came about 30 minutes later and he was laying in his split water. We dried him off and wrapped him in a towel. The family left for about 45 minutes. When we came back he was still in the same spot. My daughter cuddled him for a few minutes and went to bed. We tried to give him water but he was breathing funny. I cuddled on him for about 15 minutes. I believe then he had a seizure but I am not sure as he was breathing weird and shaking. I loved on him and cuddled him and told him how much we all loved him. Thunder then died in my arms. When I had to tell my 6 year daughter (Cat was really hers) the next morning, it was awful. She cried so hard I felt so bad. I did not know at that time it was the food. Please help get this food off the shelf. A friend of my recommended I look up After reading that is when I discovered it was because of the food. Thank You Sincerely, Denise Ellis

    1. To Denise Ellis: Why didn’t you take your cat to the emergency animal hospital or vet?
      It was very irresponsible of you. Please don’t have any more pets.

      1. I think if the product line was tainted temporarily Wal-Mart Pet Isle Managers and/or Vet/ Animal hospital possibly found out that week..
        I can say that in the past Wal-Mart has made special orders for pets and exotic pets..

        They usually need the box to get into which the company.

  81. Ordered a gift card, when recipient tried to use it, card was blank, amount had never been credited to the card. Called, they said take to store, took to store, they said called, round and round, most recent – “gift card escalation” is going to contact me but they never did. I’m out $100 and gift card never could be used. I have stopped ordering obviously. (Order #5401654820223)

  82. I recently ordered a bed on line for my 7 yr old grand daughter. I ordered the bed, then went to the store to pay cash for the item on December 20th. On the site it stated that it was guaranteed to be delivered by December 23rd. When tracking the order, it stated that a label had been printed for fed-ex but nothing more. Friday afternoon I checked online, tracking, fed-ex and with store and no one could help me with any information. Saturday morning I finally spoke with federal express who stated that they never received the item so they could not deliver it. I then called and spoke with a young man who stated he would get this taken care of and could guarantee delivery for monday december 26th. While this was not the answer I was looking for and did not want to try and explain this to my 7 yr old grand daughter, I thought we could survive this. I was assured I would receive an email confirmation and for my trouble receive a 14.90 refund, which I would get a seperate email for. Several hours passed and I had no email, which sent up a red flag for me. I didnt make it out of the store from paying for the first order and I had 5 emails on my phone. I called back and spoke with Sophia who proceeded to tell me that she did see the order BUT I would have to pay for it before they would ship the item !!!!!!!! DO WHAT you have $180 cash of my money and I have no bed. Sophia told me she would work on the problem and see what she could do. After spending 45 mins or more on the phone she assured me the problem was fixed….. NOPE NOT EVEN CLOSE. I let things be for Christmas and tried to deal with my 7 yr old granddaughters crocodile teears as she watched everyone open alot of presents, to her few, since her big present was not here. Monday, I still had not received an email confirmation or any other information regarding the bed. So I called the walmart customer service number AGAIN. The first young lady obviously didnt even want to deal with the issue because after I explained the situation, she hung up. I called back and spoke with a very helpful lady named Debbie. Debbie was baffled and confused and after telling me she couldnt tell me when it would process or when it would ship, ended getting the supervisor on the phone, Pauline. Pauline worked on this for over an hour and a half. Her resolve was this, the guy who was to put the order in messed it up, refunded the full amount on my order, not 14.90. So now I would need to take the recepit and go to the store, stand in line and have them refund the money to hand it back to them, showing a once again paid for it and it would ship.She also stated that someone from corporate would call me within the next 24 hours regarding this entire issue. It would be here by thursday. I went, I stood in line 30 mins and nobody could help me. The order number wasnt valid, phone number wouldnt work. Blake came to the rescue. Blake called customer service, kept on till he was transferred to someone who he felt would help. During this process, he tried to scan the original recepit and it was invalid, due to the first order being deleted. So even if I wanted my money back, no one could do that. We eventually talked to Tianna, in escaleted billing. She tried to say that it would have to be manually keyed in and that would take 3 plus days. Blake let her tell me that, which was not an answer I was settling for, period. Tianna immediately got sideways with me stating that if I wanted my money back, she could do that, but it would be 10-14 days. NOPE only took you 10 seconds to take my money, 1 idiot 10 minutes to mess this whole thing up and it would NOT take that to get my money back. She ended up assuring Blake that a confirmation email would go out Monday night and the bed would be there by thursday. Almost a week past when it was Guaranteed to be at my house! Tuesday I still had not received an email and when I went to check the status on line there was NOTHING on there. When I called, my order could not be pulled up by phone number nor order number, nor name. The only way anyone pulled it up was by email. The first young lady to answer, after 15 minutes of explaining all this, hung up, go figure, seems to be a trend in this company. I then got a lady named Sheila, well Sheila was helpful, until she told me she was sorry but it would be 5 days to process and she could not tell me when the item would be here. At that point I told her I wanted the supervisor on the phone, she hung up !!!!!! YEP another one !!!!! I called back AGAIN — my only comment was I want the highest paid, ranked person, physically working in your building, on the phone, now. The phone was put on hold for 32 minutes and then Leo picked up. After telling this story AGAIN, to Leo, he said please hold, and I was on hold 28 more minutes. After 28 minutes, Maurice Brown got on the phone. He worked on this for another 33 minutes and made a few phone calls and told me the bed was on the truck, he called and had them put it on there and it would be delivered to my house thursday. We will see what happens BUT I have spent over 8 hours of my time and life, dealing with a numerous amount of people, who many are totally incompetant to do there job, but dont care to inconvience their customers. The very customers that keep them in a check. I never received the 14.90 discount from the original young man, who didnt do his, job or complete the order, Ive never recieved a call from corporate, I did get a$25 gift card from Maurice. While this is great, I feel no where near compensated for the time, drama, stress, tears of a 7 yr old, nor grief I have experienced thru this nightmare for a bed. I still do not have the bed and pray it actually gets here TOMORROW. This was my first online experience and I can bet you every penny I have or will ever have , it will be my last, most specifically, with

    1. Sheila, I wonder if it is the same young man that fixed my order by putting 3 fake refunds into my account and then tried to order a X-Box on my account on Dec 6.I have been on the computer and phone since. no one from Walmart seems to care .And just for the record the Walmart Reps don’t use there real Names.Corporate office needs to investigate.

  83. I have never been so disappointed. Becuase of the unreliable shipping to store delivery process, my 4 year old grandson did not have his bike from Santa Christmas morning. Delivery was promissed on Dec 21st, today is the 27th and I still do not have his bike.

    1. that’s sad..

      My sister sometimes goes to flee markets and pawn shops looking for things in the box or new with out tags and has people check if the upc number is the same at the stores

      She has bought bicycles and taken TAGS off of bikes in the store and put them on the bikes as she returned them..

  84. i’m very unhappy with you all. I ordered something i thought i was ordering from you, all end up be sent from a third party and it was used, so im telling ever one not to order anything from you guys online again because you never know from where its coming. Bad customer service and dealing with customer problems.

  85. To add insult to injury I just found out that the gift I ordered for my daughter that was about 250.00 online will not be here today Dec 23 as the website said, it will be here on Tues Dec 27th, my children were all receiving 1 gift from me, now 1 child will go without a gift in my house due to Wal Mart. I was told that I ordered from a 3rd party not Wal Mart, yet when I ordered, I ordered from the Wal Mart website, it didn’t say anything about coming from a 3rd party, I called UPS to try to pay for next day but there is nothing I can do. This is false advertising Wal Mart. I am a single mother of 4 who works hard and I do not have the extra money to go out and buy my daughter another gift, my daughter will be the only one not opening a special earned gift on Christmas Day. Way to go Wal Mart. I am so upset and I have yet to hear from Wal Mart about my prior post. Again please contact me Wal Mart!!!!

  86. I placed an order on for a $500 DJI phantom drone on 12/14/16 for pickup at the Dundalk, MD location. The next day, 12/15/16, the payment was taken out of my account and the ordered showed processing on the order history online. As the next couple of days go on I check the order history again to see if the order has shipped yet. the status showed it had moved on from processing to shipped. the next step was delivery and the delivery date reflected Wednesday 12/21/16. I decided to call the Dundalk, MD store on the 20th just to see if it had come in so I could pick it up earlier. I was transferred to a desk where the phone rang off the hook. So I called back and the same lady who transferred me answered again, when I told her the line was just ringing and no one was picking up she yelled into the phone “MA’AM THEY’RE BUSY” I said wow that’s really nice customer service, and asked to speak to a manager. I was transferred to a manager who looked up my order number and tells me it hasn’t been received in the store yet and to wait for the email that says your order is ready for pick up. I asked if he had access to tracking number to which he replied ” we no longer provide tracking information b/c its not accurate but you can call corporate for tracking info as they have it” When I called the corporate number and entered my order number on the automated system it tells me my order number doesn’t exist. I then spoke to a representative who tells me the tracking number so we track it on the phone together only to find out it says Not found on FedEx website. That means I have an invalid tracking number. Had it said label created then we know its just sitting somewhere but it says Not Found so where is my package?How could my account history been updated to show shipped from processing if it was not actually shipped? who is in charge of the shipping labels? She tells me they can re order me a new one. Oh wait, no we cant b/c its no longer in stock. Well, we can refund you, she says but it takes up to 5 business days. At this point I asked for a manager, I was transferred to a manager who says she’s going to email the fulfillment center to inquire about the tracking number and package and call me in the morning. As of 1:30PM EST the next day I received no phone call so I call again. sit on hold for 58 minutes to find out shes at lunch and will just have to call me back when she returns. I said what about the call I was supposed to receive in the morning, the rep says if we get 200 phone calls we have to deal with them before you and the manager is at lunch. Now its 2:39PM and I still have not received any call back shows how much they care about their customers and truly shows that I am not a priority at all. On top of it, they have nerve to send me an email to do a survey about my experience. You have got to be kidding!! I can NOT believe the kind of treatment I am receiving. 3 days before Christmas, I’m now out of pocket $500 so I cant go out and buy another gift, cant re order the item b/c its out of stock, I can re order a new item altogether that wont be delivered until AFTER Christmas which defeats the entire purpose. Plus, why on earth, in my right mind, would I even think about placing another order after all of this inconvenience to me 3 days before searching for contact info for CEO of Walmart b/c this is ABSURD. I will blast my story all over social media, write to corporate, whatever I have to do b/c this is totally unacceptable. and no one should have to endure this around the holidays.

    1. To Wal Mart Head Corporate Office:
      I have a serious complaint. I went shopping last night, I have a child that has learning disabilities. I ended up buying a Inno Tech tablet (learning tablet) with 2 games (learning games) I saw in another secured cabinet 2 other games that I was interested in. 1 a frozen game and the other a Spongebob game. I waited for over 1 hr for your employees and several leads including your store Co Manager named Veronica and another named Yolanda to “find” the keys to open this cabinet. While I am waiting, your rude Co Manager Veronica yelled at your employee name Nycole (that’s how it was spelled) who was with another employee named Joshua that were helping another customer in the bike section, because those employees were helping other customers !! Not only that she reprimands them in public? In front of customers? I found this appalling, isn’t that their job? To help customers? Then as I mentioned earlier it took over an hour of waiting to get inside cabinet, finally the 2 Managers that I spoke of opened the cabinet, the 2 games inside were so old that they were not in the Wal Mart system. I asked if they could give me a price, while I was waiting I looked up the item online to see how much they were going for,$5-10 online, the new games I was buying were $14.88. I showed the managers the online prices of your competetors and Veronica said $15.00 and that’s ” doing you a favor because I could return them to the manufacture company and get full price back for them.Wait they are not in your syatem anymore because they are that old,Really? Then why are these old games still on your shelf? Why would you charge me more than the value of a brand new game? Why would you be so rude when I am buying the entire system plus games? And then tell me you are doing me a favor? I am beyond words for this kind of behavior from Management at my local Wal Mart on 47th street Palmdale CA. I am appalled. Please contact me. I really need to speak to someone about this. I spend alot of money in your stores to be treated like this!!!

    2. Jessica, they did me the same way. I ordered my son a bike on December 15th and it’s still in processing. I haven’t received a refund and they keep sending me in circles saying wait 24-48 hours but today is December 28th now and I just got off the phone and they told me to wait another 24-48 hours again

  87. Dear Customer Service. I am so deeply disappointed and feel very mislead by Walmart. On Dec 19th 2016 I placed a order with my shipping pass. As I understand it that provides me with 2 day shipping. I found an item on Amazon and Walmart. com both the same item and both with 2 day shipping. I elected to purchase with Walmart. The next day I recieve my order confirmation and shipping details. The email says my order will arrive Dec 22 but when I click on the track package tab the information says different…..package coming Dec 27th. Meanwhile I imagine my 2 other children opening their gifts on Christmas morning and my 3rd little guy not. I was told 2 day shipping on Dec. 19th and in fact my 6yr olds gift will not come until Tuesday the 27th. I can not go and purchase another one in any store. So Walmart has ruined a 6 yr old boys Christmas! This gift is all he wanted and now he will be left with nothing. I called customer service and asked about this situation and she said “I’m sorry”. I am sure that there could have been something Walmart, a pretty large company, could have done to save this little boys Christmas. Instead of going the extra mile for a mislead customer, they did nothing. I really thought Walmart would step up and source this item out from anywhere and get it to this little boy on time. Needless to say I will never shop at Walmart again. I feel like I need to warn friends and family off of using and share my story with whoever will listen so that this kind of disappointment will never fall upon another little boy or girl.

  88. I am appalled to hear that Walmart is promoting Black Lives Matter clothing. My family will not shop in your stores until this brand/logo is REMOVED. Who comes to help your stores when there is a crime committed???? I’m willing to bet It isn’t one of the Black Lives Matter individual!!! I will be contacting all my friends to do the same. We honor our police officers & I find it hard to believe Walmart is dishonoring our Police Officers for the love of money. Walmart stands tarnish till this is resolved. Please send me a good working Corporate phone number. The ones that are listed on the internet (1-800-Walmart) & others never connected me to a live person…

  89. The commercial for the holidays shows Walmart helpers helping customers speed up at checkouts, giving candy canes out to kids, I don’t know one store that does that, people see this and say that’s a lie, just tell the truth and show the truth, honesty is the best policy!

    1. I’m so disappointed in Walmart decision to carry BLM products in your stores and online. I am now, boycotting Walmart and Sam’s Club and will spread this to everyone I know. BLM hatred toward police officers and law-enforcement. BLM does NOT know how to protest in PEACE… When BLM Protest, they block roads and highways, they burn down communities, destroy private property and beat up the innocent! As long as Walmart supports these values, I will NOT Shop at Walmart and i will cancel my Sam membership as and buy Costco instead.

  90. I am EXTREMELY disappointed in Walmart stores for promoting Black Lives Matter in your stores! My family will not be supporting your stores by shopping there until this brand/logo is REMOVED.

  91. My name is Wes Williams I Own a truck and drive it for a living I spend a lot of money at Walmart in San Angelo in Midland and big Spring Texas . I purchased all of my truck supplies Motor oil fuel additives And suppliesI bought my groceries and I a lot of my clothes at Walmart . I understand you were not a truck stop however there are a lot of your stores near places that I deliver to and sometimes it is easiest for me to park in your parking lot out-of-the-way. While I do park in your parking lot I do go into your store and purchase items that I need on the road so therefore it is hard for me to understand why I cannot park in your parking lot overnight to deliver a load the next morning close by your store . One instance is in Tomball Texas I deliver to a building contractor of rock behind your store and I park in your parking lot . I went inside and ask if it would be OK to park there till morning I was told OK. About and hour later I tow truck showed up and told me that I would have to move that they had called and I was not permitted to spend the night in their parking lot . There are camper trailers and RVs then spend the night in your parking lots all over the place and I see so what is the difference in a semi truck and RV spend the night there if I’m one of your loyal customers if this is a big problem the park in your parking lot overnight for trucks and I guess I will find a place to do my shopping thank you

  92. I ordered a memory foam mattress from Walmart. I received a BICYCLE! We have called & called to get this straightened out but all we get is the run around!! We were emailed a label to ship the bike back but the label is for postal service. It came FedEx. We have tried for 4 days to get this sent back. It is a very large box & heavy. Neither my husband or myself is able to lift it. We are both senior citizens in poor health. If I were to manage to get it to a local store, I do not have any proof of purchase for a bike. Besides I ordered online for the convenience.

  93. I’m in shock to learn that you now are selling Black Lives matter apparel… speechless in fact … will you sell Blue lives matter apparel ?
    NO you would not!
    Yet you support this group who have raged war on our law inforcement agents
    My HUGE family will no longer shop at Walmart until this attire is removed

    1. Dawn, I think they should sell blue lives matter shirts, with poppa Smurf on it. Get out of here with this foolishness.

  94. I was in your store #03858 located at 22100 S State Road 7 Boca Raton Florida. I purchased a Premiun USDA Choice Chuck Roast for $4.47p/lb weighing 2.82lb totalling $12.61. This Chuck Roast made a delicious beef and cabbage soup. The problem I had with this peice of meat was it had so much fat and silver skin on it by the time I finished trimming it, it only weighed 2.07lb., I had .75 waste. This means that I paid over $6.00lb. I could have done better at Publx or Winn Dixie where I know that the meat is cleaner. Evidently, your butchers do not know how to cut meat, if they need trainning I would be glad to teach them. Sorry, to tell you that I will not be buying anymore meat at your store, but I will continue to shop for my other items because they are cheaper at your store. I did try to attach my recipt but you site would not let me do it.
    Thank you for listening to my complaint

    Audrey DeCillis

  95. I just read that several of your stores will be selling Black Lives Matter merchandise. If this is correct then I will shop elsewhere. Certain stores refused to bake Blue Lives Matter cakes and merchandise that says All Lives Matter. Merry Christmas

  96. You have a person working in your store that’s going around threading people for her boyfriend, who was caught stealing a purse at walmart. Now I spend a lot of money there. Amber is her name, and I wouldn’t like somebody like that in my store and being able to get my card information.

  97. I am writing in connection to my Vision Care Insurance that I have though Aetna. Normally I would go to LensCrafters for my vision care. But not long ago a neighbor of mine went to Walmart Vision to purchase a new pair of glasses. While there I noticed some frames that I liked that weren’t at Lens Crafters.

    I also noticed that she had Aetna insurance for her glasses.

    We both have Aetna but my lenses are covered up to tri-focus, frames up to $120, Transition Lenses are covered 100% as well as my eye examine.

    What I was wondering, what does WALMART cover. I tried calling your local store and I explained to them that I was inquiring about their Vision Plan. Your person asked me what kind of TV I had. Again I told him my call was about eye glasses not TV’s. Bottom line he could not provide me any information.

    My friend ended up paying full price for her glasses.

    I contacted my local Walmart store and the customer service Employee told me that the online store and the brick store may have two different plans.

    So I thought I go straight to the main office hoping that you could tell me what you cover under the standard plan as well as the higher level Aetna plans?

    I also would like information that I could share with all the men and women who live in the same Seniors Apartments as myself.

    Thank You.

  98. I was recently employed at walmart and within a week I was put in a situation in cap 2 that led to me being threatened by an employee to fight. I went to get help as the pathways instructed us to do.This was not resolved.The main store manager was a match to the gas as it blew way out of proportion.I am going to talk to the main store manager and tell her what I think.The angry employee that wanted to fight me, has never met me or known me showed anger issues but was not terminated.This employee also has a brother and was informed as such now I have two instead of one.Always like a fair fight.I think both of these young men would be very surprised if it went to blows.I am going to give notice as not to burn bridges but very unhappy with walmart at this time of love and joy.This store was the first time I have seen a women as Santa. Way to go all out as I am called Santa all year round.Some businesses think that they are too big to fail and I am afraid walmart fits or is working that way of thinking and as a stand back and look at this whole thing I dont know what to think.I am pretty sure that I will be working somewhere else along with shopping elsewhere. VERY VERY UNHAPPY,DISAPPOINTED,AND I AM SO MAD I CAN’T THINK STRAIGHT. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I HAVE EVER POSTED ANYTHING ONLINE. I AM A FACE TO FACE PERSON AND I DONT KNOW IF THIS WILL DO ANY GOOD BECAUSE I WANTED IT TO REACH THE RIGHT PEOPLE BUT HAVE LITTLE FAITH IN THAT HAPPENING.WAS HOPING THAT I WOULD GET STRESS RELIEF BUT DID’T HAPPEN EITHER SO READ THIS AND TAKE IT FOR WHAT IT IS. Would have slept better if I had confronted that young man, but he did’t have more than shoe size IQ

  99. December 10, 2016

    Dennis Philips Manager
    Walmart Eastgate
    4370 Eastgate Square Dr.
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45245

    Jessica Shinners Manager
    Walmart Amelia
    1815 E. Ohio Pike
    Amelia, Ohio 45102

    Re: Michael of Eastgate,

    Dear Sir or Madam:
    I wish to share my Thursday December 1, 2016 experience. My initial goal was to get my cars oil changed at Walmart in Eastgate.
    Oil was changed by Michael without incident. However Michael informed me that my right front tire was in very bad shape and could cause a major blowout problem. He suggested replacing it with an H speed rating Douglas. However, he had none in inventory and suggested I call the Amelia store. I called and Rick answered and told me that they had 14 tires in inventory. I told him I would be there within an hour to buy the 2 tire needed.
    We got there about noon and completed the paperwork. They said 3 tire jobs and 2 oil changes were ahead of me and the wait might be 1.5 hours. We decided to wait. Around 3pm they said they were going to start on our tires. A heavy set woman came out and asked if we had any locks on our lugs. We really did not know but suggested they look in the glove box to see. She came back in about 30 minutes and said they could not remove the lugs so I would need to take the car to the dealer or a tire specialty shop.
    We left and I went back to Michael at Eastgate. He looked at the rims and bolts and said we remove this type every day. He suggested we go to Amelia and buy the tires. He said he would get them mounted without incident as long as Amelia Walmart did not round or mutilate the bolts.
    This was about 6:30 pm and we rushed to Amelia bought the tires and brought the tires to Michael about 7pm. He took a closer look and said he doubted any will be a problem. He said it was a long day and he would get me in last.
    Needless to say, I would recommend Michael to everyone. He is just what everyone needs when getting car work done. Michael is someone honest and willing to help in any way to complete the task and please the customer. He and his people went above and beyond the call of duty to get front tires on my car.
    Another interesting subject is the lack of competence of the Amelia car repair. They said that the most they do is put an air ratchet on the lugs and if they do not come off easily or if the standard socket does not fit, they recommend the owner take his car to a dealer or tire professional. Seriously, this is all they do. Make a minimum attempt not a competent attempt. My lugs have chrome covers pressed on the bolt heads and someone not knowing that could round the bolts or mess up the chrome covers.
    Michael said that my lugs looked good and might require one or two to be hammered onto the lug simply because Amelia rounded a couple. But in the end he had no problems getting all of them off and just laughed when he thought of what Amelia said. He said they would never sell any tires if they operated the way Amelia operated. The worst case scenario would be to replace all 10 lug nuts but Michael was able to do it without replacing any lug nuts.
    Bottom line is Michael is a hero to me and Walmart should have the Amelia tire store report to Michael with a nice raise. You will double sales and have many, many more satisfied customers because Michael knows what he is doing and won’t need to send most all tire replacements to dealers or tire professionals. He and his people are true tire professionals.


    Jerry Kuhling

  100. Yesterday I placed and order for pick-up and two of my items were supposed to be ready yesterday for pick-up. I never not an email or text so I went today to see if my items were ready for pick-up. I was told by an employee that due to the huge income of pick-up orders they had not yet pulled my items from the shelves. She told me to cancel my order and just go get the items myself. I asked how to cancel my order and was told that in the email i will have an option to cancel my order. But I never got an email. It took my a while to figure out how to get this issue resolved. When I was on a live chat with Lesdly G it took a while for her to eventually cancel my order when it was the first thing i asked. Now I have to wait 7 business days for my refund to be credited to my account/credit card. I will not be recommending to anyone to use Walmart’s pick-up service! I need the money I can get cat litter and water foutain for my cats. This was a complete waste of my time!

  101. As I was at the self checkout yesterday December 6, 2016 I was watched when I was checking out my items. Also the employee went through my bag to check through it. He only checked my bag though. All the other customers did not get their bag checked. When I came back later to get some more things, this same employee went through one of my items that was in my final bag as he claimed it was protocol. Once again he did not do this for any other customer that was checking out their items. Any other time I have brought something I have not had this problem and I know this is not protocol. This happened in La Vale, MD.

  102. A product I wanted showed online that it was available for pick up at a local Walmart store. It was a little bit further than my usual store but I figured if I could get it that day I’d drive the extra distance. When I got there I was informed there must have been an error with the store inventory and it was back ordered. I was only mildly annoyed but found a similar item on their website that had free expedited shipping. It was a little bit more so I called the customer service # to see if I could get a promo code or maybe a 5 dollar discount for my troubles… this is when things took a turn for the worse.

    After explaining the situation and giving my order #, the customer service representative proceeded to look it up and instead REPLACE THE SAME ORDER! I was baffled at this point and calmly tried to reiterate my wishes, and that reordering a back ordered product put me in the same situation and wasn’t going to do me any good. She then gave me a plethora of excused why Walmart couldn’t give a discount ranging from holiday prices to products not being guaranteed to be in stock (which if I wasn’t told it was available for pick-up/ waisted time and gas to go retrieve I would except as an excuse) but the simple fact is; it was an error on their part that resulted in a poor customer experience. Simply put, I am absolutely baffled they would not do ANYTHING for me, especially when I was willing to order something more expensive from them as an alternative!! I wasn’t asking for the moon and stars or even for them to match the original item price.. just something to appease the situation a little. Pretty disappointing.
    Update: Picked the product up at Menards. Gentleman helping me found it laughably amusing as well.

  103. Horrible company stealing peoples checks and not giving them the money they earned for working ! Lawsuit coming soon ! Wait on it

    1. Yes they did this to my daughter also ripped her out of a final check had her sign a paper after her boss called her a Low Life. I will be getting a hold of them but first starting at the bottom, going to work our way up to corporate if nothing is solved then lawyer time

      1. Tereza,trust I know the feeling, they’ve treated my son just as bad. I keep trying to get someone to call us back but so far no reply. He was fired at the end of October, why? The manager Sydney kept putting him on the schedule at the time he had Class. Sydney never fixed it and my son was fired because the manager did a typical “CYA”

  104. I’ve always bought my organic spinach and spring mix (Great Value) from Walmart. The last two or three times I have bought them they are so wet they will start to ruin with in a day or so of opening. I’ve always open and layered with paper towels to absorb any moisture after opening. Now there is so much moisture it doesn’t work. I quit buying the spring mix. I’ve taken pictures of today’s package. I guess I’ll wilt the spinach and look for another source to buy my spinach. I live in Magnolia, Arkansas. But it has to be a problem in every store.

  105. I have shopped at Walmart for many many years and have always been satisfied with products and pricing. Walmart had always been my go to store until now. I am really disappointed and don’t understand how this company can justify increasing a product by almost 450%.
    I am talking about the Hatchimal toys, before it became so popular your price was $48.99 now it’s on your website for nearly $250.00 to $300. The worst part is your actual cost for this item.
    I am not sure if this email will get to the appropriate people or if I’ll even get a response but I hope this type of business practice stops because it is not the right thing to do.

  106. My wife and I bought 5 phones for our family to replace the old ones on line. This order was done on the night before Thanksgiving at 11:00pm like you’re web site stated we could. You’re web site never indicated that we can not purchase more than two phones. The order went through and we got a confirmation number and date we would receive them. A week later we received a Walmart cancellation on all phones. We could have purchased as many phones that we wanted at the store, and if we knew how Walmart was going too treat us we would have done that. You should state that on you’re site and especially during checkout it would reject and explain the reason so that the buyer could correct his or her order. These gifts are for our children. We been a loyal customer spend thousands of dollars a year just for my family, but we spend several thousands of dollars with you for our business. This could change how we go too Walmart now. We called customer service and got different answers, then got a hold of Vonda is the name she gave us and as we were on the phone with her we only bought two phones order went through then it was cancelled by Walmart again. She said that she would make it right and we would receive the phones for the price that we bought them the first time, but she said wait for 40 minutes then reorder we tried too reorder, but tehn the items were sold out. She said that she would call us this morning, which she never did. Please give me a call or email reply back. It is bad business practice to treat you’re customers this way. We also are a Sam Club member.

  107. The Green acres Mall NY store is full of a bunch of lazy people who do not do their job. My son went to pick up a bed that he bought and paid for online. They kept him waiting 2 hours. They kept telling him your bed is on the truck in the back. He finally took it upon himself to go to the back to see this truck, he saw a big truck and 3 guys hanging out with each other and not working, no one was getting his bed. finally after 2 hours of waiting he left, went online and cancelled his order. never again will we buy online to pickup in store. By the way this was after the black Friday sale. A bunch of other people were waiting for their things, all complaining that nothing has come off the truck for hours. most cancelled their orders too.

  108. I would really like to know who to contact. I have been an employee with the company for about 4 weeks. There have been about 3 instances where I am clocking out to go home and my manager comes up to me with a schedule change. I am a full-time college student at the local university. Although I clearly mentioned that I couldn’t work on school days, the manager that hired me never signed off on the paper so I was scheduled an evening I had been in classes. Besides that I haven’t been properly trained by any member of management nor have they tried to have me trained as far as the correct CBL’s. In the mist of all this I was just diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis. Foot pain who cares right? Wrong! I’m attempting to transfer departments to an area with a lower impact on my feet until I can successfully have this treated. The biggest deal breaker of this job… My pay was reduced without notification. Which in NC is illegal. But I have no clue who I can report this to without losing my position all together or risking not being able to transfer. Not everyone likes to be called on their actions.

  109. Thanksgiving Day I spent in Jax, Fl went to new walmart 7075 Collins Rd, Jax Fl 32244. Was in line for 40in TV at 5:20 PM with my children. To my surprise the Store Assistant Manager James informed me and a few others in line the TV’s were sold out at 4pm. An arm band was given out at 4pm, so at 6pm when the sale started per Walmart’s flyer, the 40 in TV’s I was in line for were sold out. False Advertisement. Then to top off the situation, at 6pm I was still in line and the people that were given wrist bands to buy the tv were not there and, James the Store Asst. Manager stated they have until 7pm to get back to the store to buy the Television. I waited until 5 mins to 7pm when the last person showed up. I made sure I took pictures of all this and time stamped it so I can send this to Walmart Corporate office. This was unfair and false advertisement. I am disappointed in Walmart’s customer service at the store at 7075 Collins Rd, Jax FL 32244, The store’s assistant Manager was rude and condescending when I questions Walmart’s Black Flyer Ad that states, SALE Begins 6 PM Thanksgivings Day. Not 4pm.

  110. I ran into an issue with an order. I received my confirmation and then later my order was cancelled. I then contacted the customer service line and spoke with a gentleman that told me to replace my order, call back, and then the adjustments will be made. I did so and when I called back I was told my price could not be matched. I was unable to get last names of the manager and associate I spoke with because of “security reasons”. The price is almost an $150.00 difference. They clearly see both orders and comments in the system and still wont grant my price match.

    This is unacceptable and I need this issue resolved. Who do I contact when customer service is the issue.

  111. Wal-Mart DC 6096 the worst .
    You set for 2 hours a least before a door, then 2-3 while they unload you and wait for hour plus for paper work. I get paid % so when I set I make nothing and lose my other load . rude careless . no respect .

  112. On 11/20/16 @10:20am I was verbally assaulted by a Walmart employee over free samples of preztels. This employee told me and my husband to kiss his white *** I filed a complaint and no one has contacted me yet, so I’ll let my Lawyer handle this and by the way I’m a Black Women this store is in Winston Salem, NC

  113. Your lower pricing stinks. You took away the competition pricing. Last week because of that stupid decision you managed to loose $15 on that trip alone. Oh, I’m in Galena’s store at least 2-3 times a week. Now when I go and get “sales” in your competition stores I manage to find things that I would have picked at Walmart. Shame shame. Walk in the shoes of Social Security people and you will understand. Every penny counts.

  114. Ok I just walk in to Walmart to find a charger for my tablet and one guy let me in. In fact he was helping me look for a charger when I notice this cover that protects your phone and you had the security wire locked around two boxes and it said $12. I asked the guy and he said wow that’s a really good price. It was for an s4 then I seen another one for an s5 and I asked him for that price. I need them both s4 and s5. He said can’t beat that price. The lady at the register said no. I said what do you mean, they just said yes. I told them every box always has one security cable on one box then why do they have both boxes tied up in one security cable. I want them both, that is not my fault. The manager just came up and just said no. That’s completely wrong. Every place I gone to, if the store made the mistake, they sold it for the price that was marked. I stood there for at least 15 min waiting for them just to say no!

  115. What if my complaint includes customer service? I need to talk to someone besides customer service. Really. Going back to customer service is not the way to go!

  116. Can I use negative numbers? Seriously, I need to speak to someone at the Walmart corporate office. It very important to me.

  117. My daughter had a job at the Walmart in Dechard,Tenn. Her schedule showed that she did not have to work on November 10th. So she did not go in. She is 17 and she got a phone call on friday the 11th and was told not to come in and that she was a no show, no call. Walmart said that her schedule showed 2-10. She is still a student. And that she was just probably a seasonal. I really dont think that this is fair this is not a really good showing for the younger generation. I think that this needs to be looked into. My daughter really liked her job there and she was hurt by this.

    1. I used to work for them,they don’t care about their employees. And they will do everything they can to get you fired,If they don’t like you.

      1. I did not mean to hitt the dislike button and I couldnt go back and change. You are right. I was hired with a set schedule and then they changed it knowing that I would have to quit but they will go to bat for employees that do not care about their company.

      2. Pamela, I work at Walmart and I agree with you 100%, I am a criminal Justice student, it makes me sick that I need this job so I can afford school otherwise I would be gone.

  118. I live in Fitzgerald Ga. It has a store 5 miles away from my home. There are two other stores 30 and 40 miles away with a much better selection of items, mens clothing, each season Can we please get a better selection of items or a Kmart and Military Base. Thanks

  119. Why is it that every time I go into Walmart to get WIC, your store always deny selling any item that is on the WIC pamphlet? I don’t understand what the problem is with compliance. I’m going to report your stores to the state every time. I hope they pull your ability to accept WIC vouchers.

  120. I am really tired of people bringing their dogs/pets into the stores. I am not talking about service animals. These people handle their pets then handle produce etc. When I asked a clerk about it, they told me a manager has to deal with it. So why aren’t they?

    1. Because managers can’t be found. They go off into the backroom and the employees have to go look for them, they won’t answer their walkies or pages.

    2. Well, you little dog hater, I’m sure You washed your hands right as you walked in the store…NOT, you were most likely picking your nose. Us that need help from our dogs see in you a petty priss. grow up.

  121. Walmart employees are rude and as they have protection they think that they can do whatever and say whatever because they are in charge. Trust me walmart will be sued!

  122. I would really like to know who I contact about a woman working there having an affair with a married man who works there. It is the [BLOCKED] office. I have contacted them and spoke to a man named Steve. And he has gracefully told me Wal mart has no policy on a married man having affair there. My daughter also works there. And she has explained that these two employees go off together with doors closed on company time. I am totally disgusted that this is allowed. My daughter is working with 2 people that are doing inappropiate things at the store and there is no problem with that. If this continues Walmart will lose my business. I thought your rules about things like this. But he has informed me no that it’s allowed.

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